Bronco Bama Girl Is Happy That President Obama Won

    November 14, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Remember that cute little 4-year-old girl who became the country’s unofficial spokesperson for how sick we all were of the 2012 Presidential election? Sure you do – her mother uploaded a video of her crying over how tired she was of “Bronco Bama” and Mitt Romney, and we all let out a collective “I’m with you, girl.”

Well, here’s the followup. Unlike some Americans, Abbie the “Bronco Bama” girl seems happy that the President was reelected.

“Abbie is a most amazing little girl–brilliant, gorgeous and hilarious. I am so proud of her, and cannot believe how privileged I am to have her as my daughter. This has been a fun ride, and we are amazed at all that has happened. I am very pleased knowing that Barack Obama will continue to lead our beautiful country, and look forward to the incredible future ahead of us!” says her mother.

Of course, she’s getting some hate on the YouTubes – which is to be expected. If you want to revisit the exact emotion the entire country was feeling a week before the election, check out the video that started it all:

  • http://2011Tax.org Steve

    I would have watched 2 more months of ads if more people would have realized what a mess this country is in and how we aren’t heading anywhere with this administration.

    • Derek

      I agree. Problem was, Romney was the candidate. He had big, general ideas but at the end, couldn’t really detail them.

      People will stick with the devil they know in that case. Hopefully, we get a three party system and all three of the next candidates learn that details matter.

  • Bobby

    Geez Louise. Who the F cares what this retarded little girl thinks?

    • Lord Bearclaw

      Put the blame where it belongs. I highly doubt she’s “retarded” – the parents act that way however. This is just a prime example of bad parenting compounded by exploitation of their daughter’s emotional state to get “famous”.

    • edward

      You have no shame, attacking a little girl…it just shows how low you are, I hope you don’t have kids.
      ‘L.B.’-I do agree this is bad parental Judgement

      • Derek

        So they posted a YouTube video to get famous. Yeah, that’s plausible.

    • Derek

      I was just thinking the same about you.


    • John

      You’re calling a 4 year old little girl retarted ? That’s a pretty heartless thing to say about her. I sure hope you don’t have any kids.

  • Lord Bearclaw

    This is a complete non-story. When I was her age I was watching Superfriends and Land of the Lost, not listening to NPR.

    If she was in a room where the parents were literally force-feeding her the NPR broadcasts, and she was getting upset by it, then they as parents should have turned it off. Or placed her somewhere where she could play in peace. What is horrible is filming their daughter’s emotional upset just to become a “web star” and get their “15 minutes” of “fame”. I would never do either of these things to my children, especially not to put them out there for near global exposure during an emotional episode. How heartless.

    • HM

      Thank you.

  • http://Thisone Joe Six Pack

    Four years old and totally brainwashed. Should ask her parents,
    ‘-Are you going to present her as a …. holiday.. gift,
    her first packet of birth control pills? Even wide eyed,
    impressionable little girls have rights you know.

    Witness the demise of the United States of America.

    • Derek

      Everything isn’t a plot to destroy America, genius. Had Romney won, she’d be celebrating that too. She’s a four year old child.

      What’s your excuse?

      • http://yahoo! kate

        Derek, lol

  • josie

    what a dumb kid or should i say parents…yea raise her like another brainwashed LIBTARD! shame on you bamboozled parents..hope you enjoy the next 4 yrs of misery

    • Matt Huisman

      She’s 4, jackass

      • http://yahoo! kate

        Shame on you for that comment, Matt!

        • http://yahoo! kate

          Oh, sorry Matt, I meant the ‘jackass’…lol

    • edward

      Hmmmm….look who’s crying now…by the way, ask Trump when is he going to has his “March” or Ted Nugent when he going to “die, or be in Jail?”, so you can join them…you can March all the way to Canada.

    • John

      Calling a 4 year old girl dumb is pretty low class. Get a heart.

      • jbsilver

        I agree. I think she is very aware for her age. And that’s a good thing. In my book that spells smart. However it puts a strain on the parents as now they will have to pay very close attention to her so that they can correct any misconceptions.

  • Derek

    The people insulting a 4 year old are exactly the scumbags that were rejected this election. Period. I could care less about politics really, it’s one big machine.

    That being said, I firmly believe hanging yourselves in protest of the election may get your point across. Please do so at your earliest convenience.



  • http://www.integra.com Jay Moser

    I can’t believe that the parents of this girl allowed her to get involved with politics to the point of it making her cry! She has no clue at 4 yrs old what is going on! Parents should be protecting their children from the evils of this world until they are mature enough to handle these things!!

  • Christopher Wellin

    Wait till she inherits his deficits.

    • jbsilver

      Like Obama inherited Bush’s deficits. Seems nobody especially Republicans are owning up to the bills he created.

      • http://yahoo! kate

        Jb’, so true. We didn’t ever have a deficit like Bush’s til we had it. And at least President Obama’s deficit stopped Bush’s recession and ended 750, 000 jobs a month from being hemorrhaged. Created 5.4 million jobs and saved the manufacturing industry. Some jobs will never come back as we are now in a technology era.

  • Dean Wilson

    This is one of the Major Problems with our country anymore. We listen to kids. Children should be seen and not heard, except in cases of abuse. Too many parents think their children should be allowed to make decisions, should have their opinion heard, WRONG.

    • jbsilver

      Get real. Children do think and I don’t think they were using the child for a political statement. Thats just what was going through her mind. However I agree with the fact that too many parents allow their children to make decisions. But they will have their own opinion like it or not.

      • http://yahoo! kate

        WHAT???? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
        Hope you don’t have kiddos, ever.

  • Liam

    People are seriously calling a 4-year-old retarded and brainwashed? Parents don’t need to sit their children down and shove political talk into their ears since everyone is bombarded with politics during election season. And this has been one of the most expensive and heated presidential elections in recent history. She would have been just as relieved if Romney won because it means this crap is OVER. People berating a child need to go outside and get some fresh air. It’ll do you some good.

  • JimmyJack

    She didn’t look so sure at the end there!

  • Rod

    Well I see all the REAL retards from yahoo are now hating on a lil’ girl! Yo losers get over it, Obama is still the President…and maybe this lil’ girl will grow up someday to be a doctor who will recieve Obamacare to take care of all of your old MENTAL RETARD asses!

    • Brian Teter

      Careful, people with mental handicaps and their families believe the word “retard” is as much a slur as the n-word.

    • http://yahoo Harold Powell

      Well Rod she will need that job to pay the biggest deficit that this president has put on the backs of our children. Hopelly America will still be a country they can be proud of because right now America is not.

    • http://yahoo! kate

      Cute! Cute! Cute!

    • John

      Come on Rod…NO ONE will want to be a doctor by the time she graduates from High School. After Obamacare devastates the medical industry, drowns it in bureaucratic red tape like we’ve never seen, and reduces doctor and surgeon pay to that of the local garbage man, who would WANT to be a medical professional?

      By the way, just reading some of the comments here and I’m noticing that, like good liberals, you guys can’t focus on the actual issue and are trying to vilify people by accusing them of bullying and picking on a little girl. The comments I’ve read had NOTHING to do with the girl….just the fact that anyone in their right mind would think this garbage was news worthy enough to post it anywhere. It’s a completely different issue and has nothing to do with the election, or this little girl, or her ridiculous parents that were exploiting her for a little attention on the interwebs.

      God help us all…..

  • Koob

    When you’re four years old, it’s hard not to root for a guy named Bronco.

  • Brian Teter

    Rafalca – Daddy, you lost the presidential race big time.
    Romney – I’ll tell you what, 10 thousand bucks? “$10,000 bet? Bronco Bama would outrun you too.
    Rafalca – you know I’m in the 47% and I can’t bet $10,000 any more than the average voter can.
    Romney – Keep it up and your next test will be doing Pirouettes on a Cadillac at 60mph for 12 hours.

  • Impeach this jackass
    • Aleister

      Oh, you poor, poor sap. Thanks for the laughs!

  • http://www.stephenbrayton.com Stephen Brayton

    This is one article that never should have been published. This is news? WHO CARES? The girl is four and has absolutely no clue who Obama is or has done. She was barely even alive when the goofball first took office. Nobody cares. This is non-news. This is stupid. Her parents are obviously liberal because she couldn’t have formed her own thoughts about being satisfied with the election results without her parents’ prompts. Are we so lame that we care what a four year old girl thinks about an election? Really? Seriously?

    • KayCee

      Uh, let met guess! The election didn’t turn out like you wanted? So you have to lash out over a cute story about a cute four-year-old??? Who said what most of us were feeling about all the election BS??? What a goofball! Why don’t you act like an adult & if you just can’t resist the urge, pick on another adult instead of a little kid, you big bully! GOOD FREAKIN’ GRIEF!!! In fact, try me. Think you’re up for it, big guy??? GO FOR IT if you think you’re big enough. Just don’t forget, I’m “obviously liberal”. Like the conservatives used to say back in the ’60’s & ’70’s: America, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!!!

  • tom black

    Stupid Little SHIT

  • John

    I’d cry if I had to listen to NPR too…..

    • John

      And if you think she’s crying now, wait until she’s old enough to understand that her tax dollars go to PAY for that crap! LOL!