Britney Spears Ad: Star Takes On Duel Roles

    October 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Britney Spears may have a solid gig on “X Factor”, but that doesn’t mean she’s content to just have the one job. She’s still creating scents, and her latest, “Fantasy Twist”, has a glamorous new ad that just dropped and is receiving quite a bit of attention.

The promotional poster for the scent shows Brit decked out in shiny gold feathers with a modern take on a Cleopatra headband; beneath it, however, is the star sporting a very different look with a dark, blunt bob and black sequins. She looks to be channeling some silent-movie era stars here, and the look works well for her.

The idea behind the double-image campaign is that her perfume is two scents in one–for both day and night–packaged in a sleek and sexy bottle. The top scent is a light and floral scent with hints of fruity notes; the bottom, a musky mix of black cherries and freesia. It’s an idea that will probably fare well for the businesswoman, as she is relying on her dramatic, over-the-top look to balance out the simplicity of the bottle. The packaging is well-done; considering it’s a bit gimmicky to have duel fragrances in one bottle, she’s gone the right route in keeping the look clean and unfettered, leaving the drama to her print ad.

britney spears ad

The commercial for the perfume has finally gone live, as well, and features Britney dancing down a hotel hallway in various costumes, doing that seductive thing she’s famous for. The singer has done a good job of keeping her fans interested in her latest project, giving sneak peeks on-set well before the ad actually premiered. Now that it’s here, she’s getting good reviews from fans and detractors alike, who all have to admit she’s come a long way in the past few years.

Peep the ad below:

  • WoodyD

    Umm, unless she’s facing off against herself with old-timey pistols, that should be “dual” roles.

  • JKeS

    So much for reporters having a solid basic education. They are starting to lose the ability to spell even the simplest of words.

  • ShoelessJoe

    I’m a professional. I know my craft inside out and back. Proper spelling in electrical engineering is very important. Mho is different than ohm. I’m in the belief that the writer of this is only an amateur, as this may pass spellcheck but not a thesaurus. Be diligent. You’ll get better.

  • steve

    As far as I can tell, this story is not about fighting.

    I think you mean “dual” roles

    • Rob

      Good catch, Steve.

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