Breast Cancer: Forces Unite For Powerful Cause

By: Jennifer Curra - September 30, 2013

One organization devoted to fighting breast cancer is a force of good, but three organizations coming together to research the side effects of treating the disease is a force of power.

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation (DSLRF), Susan G. Komen, and Young Survival Coalition (YSC) are all combining forces to research short-term and long-term ramifications, both emotionally and physically, of breast cancer treatments.

All three organizations had members recently speak about the union. Dr. Susan Love is the Chief Visionary Officer of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and she recently spoke about the far-reaching problems current sufferers of breast cancer presently face.

“There are more than 3 million people in the United States living with a history of breast cancer, but the cure comes with a cost. Whether they are people living with metastatic breast cancer, people whose cancer is in remission, or carriers of genetic mutations who choose to undergo prophylactic treatment, the side effects of today’s breast cancer treatments are wide-ranging, often debilitating and generally overlooked by the medical community. The price of being treated for breast cancer, though often effective at keeping the disease at bay and prolonging life, is physical and emotional as well as financial,” Dr. Susan Love said.

Nancy G. Brinker from Susan G. Komen mentioned the importance that the union may bring to the larger medical community.

“We were pleased to join with Dr. Love to find answers to these critical questions. The information gathered here can help the medical community better serve breast cancer patients today, and the larger HOW Study will give us information that could identify causes and preventive strategies for this devastating disease,” Nancy said.

The following image depicts pictures from a combined PET and CT study of breast cancer. The four pictures are listed as follows: upper left image shows a MIP PET, the upper right image shows an axial PET, the lower left image shows an axial CT, and the lower right image serves as a fused image.

Jennifer Merschdorf is both a survivor of breast cancer and the CEO of YSC. Drawing upon her own strength at overcoming personal obstacles from the disease, she spoke enthusiastically about the union.

“This powerful collaboration will ensure that the right questions are asked, including those specific to young women and breast cancer. It is paramount that young women are well represented in this study since the collateral damage from breast cancer treatment more significantly impacts their personal and professional lives, including their ability to bear children,” Jennifer said.

[Images Via Wikimedia Commons And Courtesy of John Hayman And Hg6996]
Jennifer Curra

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