Breaking Bad Is the Best Show on TV...According to Guinness

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Walter White - the one who knocks, the danger, and the force behind the highest-rated show on TV?

In the upcoming 2014 edition of the Guinness World Records, Breaking Bad will have its own entry. It'll be in there under the record "Highest-Rated TV Series." So I guess Guinness just settled it - Breaking Bad beats The Wire. Now everybody can stop arguing. Sorry Omar. Sorry Bubbles. Sorry Snoop.

Apparently, Guinness looked to reveiw aggregation site Metacritic as the source for their record. Breaking Bad season 5 currently boasts a 99 out of 100 score on the site. Apparently, Guinness is only referencing the latest season when they say "highest-rated," as Breaking Bad's scores for seasons 1-4 are 74, 85, 89, and 96, respectively. That's an average of 88.6 for the whole series.

On the other hand HBO's The Wire, which many TV lovers will tell you is the only other show that stacks up to Breaking Bad, has a 91.6 average rating over its 5-season run. But it's highest score for any particular season was only 98.

Other shows in the canon like The Sopranos don't feature full Metacritic scores for seasons 4 or 5.

So what have we learned? Well, Guinness says Breaking Bad is the highest rated, but they're only looking at the latest season. Overall, The Wire edges it out in terms of average score throughout the whole series.

In other words - keep arguing, people.

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