Brawl At Baby Shower Included Women And Men

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Brawl At Baby Shower Included Women And Men
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The lesson to be learned here, perhaps, is don’t show up at a party uninvited. Even if it’s a baby shower.

While one doesn’t necessarily think of fists being thrown at a welcome party for an infant, that’s exactly what happened over the weekend in Boston when several people became involved in a knock-down-drag-out fight which included furniture being smashed and, according to one site, bottles being thrown. Would that be baby bottles?

Three men have been taken into custody and one juvenile was taken into custody in the melee, all accused of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and assault and battery on a police officer. Police say as many as 200 people were involved in the brawl, including women, and that the scene was a “nightmare”.

“The behavior was appalling. It was absolutely appalling. There’s just no other way to put it,” Officer Robert Devine said. “The worst part was there was a lot of children. Our officers were concerned about the safety of the little ones, while the people who were fighting apparently could have cared less. They were swinging chairs and smashing bottles.”

Police say they had to call in reinforcements, but no one was seriously injured either in the fight or the aftermath.

Image: WCVB.com

Brawl At Baby Shower Included Women And Men
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  • Gina Sitaras

    They were probably playing ‘Guess who is the real baby daddy’ at the shower

    • angela bergner

      That’s about it these days.

  • angela bergner

    White women are going to these guys because of the stupid rap (so called music). They are being brained washed into thinking this is cool and it’s all the young ones that aren’t mature enough yet to realize it. You don’t see to many mature women doing this.

  • Ray

    Black white brown no difference talk about the act not the color of those who protrayed the act. People are pieces of crap no matter what color we need to talk about how to fix people not how to pigeon hole someone by their color or ethnicity.

  • Jeff H.

    Why am I not shocked that the comments are black vs. White people. Crap like this bore me because it’s so typical for a American comment to be this way when one races of people act up. By the names, they are from a races of Central or South American descent, but the sad part about it is that people are making this into a racial thing and it’s getting old.

    • Gee


  • Billy

    I was going to go to the shower but my baby mama told me I couldn’t because I had two other baby mama’s there from my two other children. I was told people were getting mad because they charged a $5.00 cover charge for the baby shower and ran out of beer and weed.

    • Gee

      Sounds like a trailer trash party to me. If you’re gonna make racist comments, at least be accurate F@G. We’re not really big on drinking beer…now if you would’ve said Hennessy and weed, I probably would’ve gotten mad at you. Being that you show a great lack of maturity…all I could do was laugh and correct it.

    • Hondo Gamba

      You could have done 2 things.

      Did a shoeshine monkeyshine dance for free admission.

      Came dressed like a transexual and you could have gotten in for free,long as you would been ready to sck on rubber duckey or give up some doo doo.

  • Hondo Gamba

    These day’s it’s good to stay away from these wack events and the wack music that is played at these wack type events.
    Most of the time it’s the drank,the weed and the wack trashy rap music.Then they love to call each other n$gg$$ like in the crazy django movie.
    Maybe if they get that plantation out their head,they might stop acting like coons and updated minstrels.

    • Gee


  • Pam Nielsen

    High class bunch of people! I’m so glad they are propogating their kind. It speaks well for the future.

    • Pam Nielsen

      No, it is not about color or ethnic background. It is about responsible conduct and self respect and respect for others, which is true for any human being.

    • jim

      More Obama supporters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Gio

    Cape Verdeans…..it does not surprise me, these people have destroyed New Bedford and Fall River

  • johnson

    ill just say this: 1st, many of these comments come from naive people that dont understand that people in cities(esp. boston-no offense) can be just as rowdy as any country boy or hood rat..doesnt matter if ur african, american, latino, biracial, italian ,irish, whatev…

    2ndly, the reason why some of these people cannot see the distinction between african american and latino is b/c the racist mind, mostly b/c of the good ole boy system that is much the American Way, is not evolved enough to tell color from ethnicity, even in the last name LOPES is glaring in their face. People that have things handed to them for scores and scores of years dont have a need or reason to mentally evolve enough in order to be able to distinguish between , white/irish, black/latino, biracia/black…But NO WORRIES, it just informs you of their ignorance…

    3rdly, for those who say black people are always the ones getting Arrested…mostly TRUE
    the people that fill up the jails are mostly black, and the ones getting arrested/detained are mostly black…but this is PER THE SYSTEM that does not vary much from the way it was since the birth of our country when slavery was still (overtly) the American Way…so yes, most people in jail or in trouble are black, but the laws are slanted and have always been slanted against blacks, AND problems have been purposely sent into black communities to let fester, in order to combat the progress of desegregation, and even before then, much like the U.S. gave smallpox blankets to the NATIVE americans…

    …so are you surprised that most people on welfare and living in ghettos are black IM NOT…it per design, part of the fabric of this “great” nation…

    It can be hard to get on your feet as a people when the govt and its people are seemingly constantly putting you in and out of jail and making and deeming you not good enough for the country…branding you w/ that SCARLET B. …’Keep Some Down, Raise Some Up’.

    And i really dont have to time to address the issue of ‘which people typically create the worst crimes’…and trust me, if the govt had a problem w/ Blacks and crime, and ghettos, they wouldve taken care of it a long time ago, kinda like they are so quickly acting upon the tradgedy in ct by changing our nations LAWS & POLICIES (which i agree with), although there is a mini civil war going on in chicago in which children are getting killed All of the Time…OH, BUT they arent quite the types of people that demand swift action, or law change, or even a LASTING discussion


    did i forget to address anything? if so, lets just pretend i took you to school on that too.

    GOOD DAY, BUENOS DIAS, Guten Tag!, mah-Tah-neh, konnichiwa, Holler!

    • Chris

      OMG your so right… All of these blacks are being put in jail for such stupid things. Like seriously, Rape, Murder, Stealing. These silly reasons put the blacks in jail. The White people obviously made them do it

  • jason

    trash thats all them 3 are

  • Mr.Greger

    How did I know it would involve blacks without even seeing the picture? Same story over & over again!

    • ROB[N


      • Richard Gleason

        Ps. None of them are black

    • really

      they are not black…stop trolling sites making racist comments and don’t say you’re not racist because you have a black friend because that makes you sound more racist.

  • Tom

    They do not look like stellar citizens. What ever happened to ladies only at showers. We are all made equal but not the same. Real men do NOT attend a baby shower. Maybe their fathers need to have that long talk with them.

  • ROB[N


  • Madeline

    As much as I have to say, I’m NOT GOING TO SAY anything! I’ll let you figure out the reason why?! I didn’t even watch this trash but I’m sure I know how it turns out…disgusting!

    • Madeline

      Nope, changed my mind – I read it and when I learned that “children were present…” OK, “MEN” especially black men…it’s time to be an example for your children! The % of black men behind bars, unemployed, drug dealers (all of this DOES INC. all nationalities, race etc.) But right now we are talking about black men. Let me say an OLD cliche’ “any man can make a baby” BIG deal, it takes a REAL MAN TO RAISE ONE AND HAVE IT TURN OUT TO BE AN UPSTANDING CITIZEN!!! Remember “anyone” can grow up to be president!!! Grow up for goodness sakes and earn the right to call yourself MEN!!!

      • Madeline

        And mostly to be called A FATHER is an honor/gift from GOD!!!

        • Richard Gleason

          Just an FYI Madeline…. None of them are black they are all Hispanic

          • Ryan

            black hispanics or white hispanics?

          • Joia

            Im glad someone else took the time to realize that. Thank you Mr. Gleason!

          • Richard Gleason

            LOL.. Ryan.. Hispanic, neither black or white.

  • Joia

    Even though they look AFRICAN AMERICAN, they are PORTUGUESE

  • monde

    none of them are black for sure.

    • really

      they aren’t black…racist idiot!

  • E Dubb

    WOW….. from the party to the comments. Ignorance is bliss!! They’re not black, they’re hispanic!! Unfortunately, stupidity plays a part in EVERY ethnicity.

    • Chris

      Black and black hispanics are pretty much the same thing

      • Richard Gleason

        LOL… please explain this??

    • Lauren

      They can be both. Not that it matters.

  • #JustSayin

    You are all wrong they are cape verdeans, not that it matters

  • http://yahoo Cindy

    A damn shame…Poor kids being born into that family will have an uphill battle…

    • Mitch

      it is a shame… i feel soo very sorry for that child.

  • Chris

    Black enough

  • James

    Worthless ghetto scum.

  • Lauren

    They’re black, they just aren’t African American. They can be black AND Hispanic. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

    • http://Yahoo Rev. John Smythe

      They are African?Portogeeses, not the Spainiard breed.

  • J

    I guess if would have been better if they were white and walked into a school and shot 20 children

  • Yowza

    I live not to far from there and according to what I heard women were fighting as well. I just cannot fathom a baby shower that large and that late. Unfortunately the fighting and drama is pretty notorious for Brockton which is where they are all from (I live in Brockton as well and have seen it all but thankfully have never had any problems of my own. I end up spending my free time in surrounding towns to avoid people like this.) I hope this doesn’t happen again in the waiting room of the hospital. So embarrassing. And the children who witnessed it will most likely end up just like their parents. Its a vicious sad cycle

  • Sexycat

    First of all when did men start going to baby showers! There’s the problem right there. The focus should have been on the arrival of the newborn baby to make sure everything was bought and etc.. I know darn well that weren’t drinking there. Also, why did so many people attend someone should’ve called the fire dept. What about the the kids people someone should’ve whisked them away from the scene for protection. The race of the parties involved doesn’t matter people you missing the whole story here! Just flat out ignorance!

  • kffgglplgf

    of course they are balck

    • kffgglplgf


      • Mad and you know it!!!

        First of all, let me enlighten you on something- It doesn’t matter what race it is when there is a fight or anything else that goes on this world. I can’t stand people like you that think that you own the world and judge people by the color of their skin. I really feel sorry for you because its your kind that makes this world like it is right now and it will continue because of stupidity and ignorance. Yeah, I said it!!!!

    • Michelle Shaw

      What in the hell are you trying to say??? I get it– you must be white and racist!!!!

    • http://Yahoo Rev. John Smythe

      They are African/Portogeeses, not the Spainiard breed of Africans.

  • MIMI

    As this world goes around, life gets worse. Why is it that the only people caring about the children are law enforcement? A few of the mothers should have been arrested, if for no other reason, because they had no problem with their children being around this kind of behavior, but then that says a lot about the people that they are.

    • lori

      im a little put out by ur remark that the only ppl that care about these kids is law enforcement…………….my sister is currently in trouble (facing up to 17 YEARS) for trying to help the abused children that live next door to her the parents got into no trouble the abused kids that have run away at least 10 times in the last 4 months were HANDCUFFED and returned home (these kids are 11 and 13) but because my sister tried to help them she’s been arrested placed on a $5000 bond and is facing up to 17 years plus fines, court costs,probation and everything else..isn’t it an amazing justice system we have instead of investigating these worthless parents that dont/cant take care of their kids the police choose to investigate my sister now when one of these kids end up being beat to death who’s fault will it be? my sister’s?sad sad sad world we live in and people wonder why nobody tries to help others anymore. No sorry its not that law enforcement is is caring about these kids (not around here anyway) they are worrying about making money and making it at the expense of the innocent.

      • lana

        Sounds like your sister was harboring runaways. Are we to believe she should be praised for that rather than arrested like she was? If I found your sister keeping my missing children in her home she’d have more to worry about than 17 yrs. just sayin../.

  • Mike Jones

    Of course they are Black or Hispanic, it was a fight. If they were white, then you would read that they randomly shot their whole families to death and several people in the neighborhood before turning the gun on themselves.

    • LOL

      or you would have read nothing at all.

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