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Brandi Glanville has seen her share of drama as one of the stars of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills", but it's her love life that held the public's attention for so long; after husband Eddie Cibrian had an affair with country singer LeAnn Rimes--and subsequently married her--Glanville and Rimes began a very public battle that played out over Twitter and several other social media sites. Now, she says she's moving on from the relationship she detailed in her memoir, "Drinking And Tweeting...And Other Brandi Blunders".

"There's a lot of women out there that have gone through heartbreak and cheating and divorce and I really think that's who is kind of holding me up and got my back and saying, 'Listen, she's allowed to mess up. We've been there', says Glanville. "Also, even if I had a ton of money, I don't think I would ever live the way that some of these people live (on 'The Real Housewives'). It's unnecessary. I have kids and I want nice things, don't get me wrong, but I think there's a point where you don't need to spend $6,000 on a vase. It's like, what are you doing?"

Glanville is planning on a follow-up to her memoirs, due out in 2014, and while it's not known whether she'll detail her rocky relationship with Rimes in it, she says that she doesn't have any issues with her ex and his new wife now and wants to have a more civil relationship with them in the future.

"I honestly hope so, you know. I don't have issues with them anymore," she said when asked if she thought that was possible.

The reality show actress and Rimes have had a well-documented feud over the past couple of years, with Rimes accusing Glanville's friends of bullying her over the phone, which led to the country star seeking help from a rehab facility to learn to cope with stress. Glanville, meanwhile, has accused Rimes of keeping various medications around her home, which one of Glanville's sons accidentally ingested thinking it was candy.

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