Brandi Glanville: No More Drama For Ratings

    August 24, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Brandi Glanville is throwing in the proverbial towel on her go-to strategy for keeping viewers.

One of the most popular stars of Real House Wives of Beverly Hills, she has become famous for her unbelievable skill in making mountains out of molehills.

But, those days are over, according to Glanville.

Can Bravo keep RHWOBH viewers now that the drama will be significantly curbed without Brandi Glanville’s antics?

Time will tell, but Brandi doesn’t seem stressed about it.

Brandi Glanville finally made up with Lisa Vanderpump earlier this year, and seems determined to keep things civil between her and her Housewives co-stars.

Glanville and Vanderpump had a huge fight last season after Brandi accused her former best friend (Vanderpump) of being disloyal. She was mad about Lisa’s friendship with Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie, who has said before that she had an affair with Glanville’s famous cheating ex, Eddie Cibrian.

That falling out seemed like it would be really hard to overcome for the two of them, but apparently not too hard. Brandi Glanville reportedly invited Lisa Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd, to her housewarming party Friday night.

A source said of the scene, “They approached Brandi and chatted with her very cordially. I wouldn’t say things were as good as they used to be, but fences seem to be mending.”

Now that Brandi Glanville has a new outlook on life, will this stop her from insulting ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and his new(ish) wife, LeAnn Rimes? Probably not. Especially now that the couple, of LeAnn & Eddie fame, seem to be ready to start a family.


Maybe the Real Housewives drama is calming, but I can’t help but feel like the real life drama might just be getting started.

What do you think? Can Brandi Glanville stay peaceful with her co-stars or will she give up and fall back into her old habits?

  • Patrick Keen

    I believe Brandi will change. I’m sure she’s damn tired of all the negative backlash, and wants to be seen in a different light. It’s never too late to be brand new, so good for her! What’s funny is that as soon as someone says or does something positive, there are no comments in the message boards…interesting, and sad.

    • Bette

      Patrick you too kind .. this will end badly like all has been stories she is a sad old drunk – to be sorry for I really don’t dislike her but she is just not a fit mother – someone who has made her living on her looks that are fading …is sad she needs to find a good rehab to go to for best interest of her children.
      She needs to admit she is an alcoholic with no talent other than hanging on to people for her own benefit . She needs to try to rise above her White Trash self.

  • IndyGirl 5555

    That’s because people have lost interest in this woman. Let’s face it, her making up crap back fire on her last year. She is lucky Bravo has lost their desire to get ratings.

    • A_lawyer_who_knows ☑ ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      First time there’s a minority on the show, Glandville will attack her… never fails.

      All of Glandville’s hostessing work dried up when she was exposed as a racist.

  • Frank N Furter

    The fact that you ever manufactured drama is, in itself, a pathetic act of a desperate woman……. and for an “Adult” to announce she’s “Done with Drama” is pretty laughable……….

    • mariposa69

      Exactly, she just proved that she was willing to destroy friendships for money/ratings. She also proved that everything she did to Lisa and how she jumped in with those who were against Lisa was solely for ratings. Friends beware.

      • Bette

        So true she is a user she had nothing and thought Lisa would introduce her to a better quality of friends but .. truth be told she has “No Class” never will -Sadly she an alcoholic has been clawing her way up -only to be found out to nothing more than the White Trash she truly is.. end of story Again my money is her story will not end well. Unless she gets help for Drunken self. At least she owes her boys that much.

  • Stew DeCrabbe

    Brandi needs to stay off the booze! She drinks too much and starts running her mouth. I used to like Brandi, but she has played the victim, way too long. I used to believe that Eddie was the problem in her marriage, but now, I think it is probably a 50/50 split!

    • mariposa69

      60/40 Brandi wins.

      • Bette

        How do figure Eddie has a stable woman who is a true star Leann …not one who made her fame as a drunk slut – Brandi is such a sad pathetic soul who ha no capacity to forgive and she envious of anyone who has a great marriage. this girl needs help , although you cant polish TURD there might be hope for her to get clean and sober enough to be half way decent mother. I pity those boys a mother who needs to screw her way into a good real estate deal … and is playing out of her league. Brandi get help for you and you boys, YOU ARE THE POSTER CHILD FOR DRUNK BITTER BITCH . Start over get some education ( not on BJ’s) but real education. In your case the WANNA BE LADY IS TRAMP !!!

    • Bette

      youdontknowitall … seems like Eddie was the winner in this split – Brandi s a as sorry drunk slut who really needs n intervention worse than Kim

  • Ox

    definitely some serious porn material. i’d like to see her and vanderpump pump it up

  • Babs Phillips

    No one hold your breath!!! Now if she’d just do the same with Leann Rimes! She such a drama addict, there’s no way she won’t create more of it–guaranteed!

    • betty

      Leann is the one creating drama > Brandi has kept mum about those losers and them bashing her has not help the rating for their flop of a show.Brandi does need them for drama they need her to create some.

      • Bette

        LMAO kept mum because she usually has someone s penis in her mouth to make a living as has been want a be D level model . Face it she is over the hill there is nothing sadder than an old whore trying to make it , off the fact the her only claim to fame is being dumped by a D level actor who – married a really good voice who lives off royalties’ The whole thing is so laughable.

    • Bette

      But at least she didn’t make her money on BJ’s and on her back … really Brandi what have you got other than the same old woes is me song really -You don’t even live in the 90210 . Give it up girl get into rehab and become someone. You are a sad never was… you have made enough money trashing someone with true talent. Enough of this Drunken vindictive slut

  • jacksonm

    If you believe this lying psycho is going to dial it back, I have a bridge to sell you.

    • Bette

      right on ! She is Psycho low class whore !! No wonder Eddie got tired of her

  • Salvador Rivera

    Just fire her. Please. Spare us this season.

    • Bette

      so true enough of watching a drunk slut – if I want to see low class woman with no self-esteem I could watch porn. Which the only thing this poor soul is qualified for… she has made her name by bedding or blowing famous men Eddie had the bad sense to actually marry her . at least Gerard just screwed her and left her. How sad she needed make herself important by saying she blew him in the bathroom. : ( Sad Slut

  • tym2go

    Leann and Eddie are really s****ed now that Brandi won’t cause any drama. Oh ya, they were already *******.

    • Jodi Limes

      No kidding. I can’t believe they got a show. Yuck.

      • Bette

        Why if the low class HO with no talent other than BJ and screwing famous guys in the bathroom , got to be on TV why would you not believe one of the best voices in the 21 century and a great , hot actor got a show why would you watch he fall of a no talent slut over seeing decent people with talent and class

        • Jodi Limes

          I don’t consider LeeAnn that great a talent. I saw her on X Factor and she pretty much sucked and ruined the chances of the girl she was supposed to help.
          When you’re trying to make a comeback, you don’t do it by tweeting things to the REAL moms that are going to start arguments. There’s nothing classy about that. I actually won tickets to see LeeAnn where I live and never picked them up. Not much of a prize to me. She’s no better than Brandi, she just does it different.

        • Jodi Limes

          And if Eddie is so classy, why didn’t he divorce Brandi before he started up with LeeAnn?

  • Bette

    Brandi is White Trash end of story … she is drunk , slut !!!!

  • Bette

    She is not fit to be a mother … Hi everyone this is my mom the drunk who screws anyone and tells to sell books .Another pathetic story of a whore who screwed her way to being famous. I feel so sorry for her kids their mother is pure trash who needs to be in AA . She screwed her Realtor for a good deal – she screwed her husband and somehow managed to get this intelligent man to marry the low class” Ho ” I crown her a poser who’s BJ got her to where she is today. I pity you and your low socio-economic place in life. Just because you as scrap hang around with upscale people doesn’t make you be better but your presence lowers the people who chose to be around you . As my grandmother used to say if lay-down or associate with PIGS you end smelling like one. ..PIG this case trailer park white trash- TA DA Brandi Glanville

  • Bette

    I call all thinking females … Why are wasting our 28000 days on this planet watching a whore who’s only claim to fame is screwing and marrying a B actor who left her for a country music- Leann Rimes who is a one of the best voices of the 21century- Lets get this piece of crap off Bravo she has exhausted anything that could be the least interesting to anyone who even has the IQ of their shoe size

    • dboc

      Please, you are being too generous calling Eddie a “B” actor. I am thinking he is on the “D” list.

  • ATL_Pussywillow

    Bye, Ashy.

  • Alan Rubin

    Did Brandy ever consider that the reason Eddie Cibrian left her was because of how she acts in public? He was probably thinking that she was a major embarrassment to him and she could ruin his career. I don’t think Eddie cheating on her was smart either, but I could certainly understand it. Just look at how Scheana Marie and LeAnn Rimes act in public vs. Brandi Glanville. Brandi Glanville is still obviously bitter and won’t let it go. If it were me in Eddie’s shoes, I’d leave her too.