Brand Fans On Facebook More Likely To Make A Purchase


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Facebook users who like a brand's page on the site are thirty-three percent more likely to buy a product, and 92 percent more likely to recommend a product to others, according to a new report from DDB and Opinionway.

The report also found that brands should closely monitor their content and communication on their Facebook page because those same fans quickly disengage.




More than a third (36%) of brand fans have unsubscribed from a brand's fan page, and that and that number could increase as Facebook markets mature or if brands fail to correctly identify frequency of communications or fall short of providing quality content and sustaining interest.

“Fan status is indicative of high purchase intent, especially when compared to any traditional form of advertising, and is an even greater predictor of advocacy with over 90% noting that being a fan has a positive impact on recommending a brand to friends," said Catherine Lautier, Director of Business Intelligence at DDB.

"But unsubscribers, at 36%, are something to watch out for. And though the majority of fans now unsubscribe by deleting a brand from their friends list, brands, when trying to measure the value of their community, are going to need to be more mindful of those who just hide the brand's message in their newsfeed," said Lautier.