Booze And Bikinis “Welcome” In Egypt Now

    May 6, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Booze and bikinis aren’t the first things that spring to mind when one thinks of Egypt, but the tourism minister says that despite a previous ban on both, visitors are now welcome to bare some skin and imbibe some spirits.

Hisham Zaazou is looking to ramp up the tourism trade in the country after stories of Muslim groups calling for a ban on all the things people on holiday love began to circulate. Travelers have been wary of making their way to Egypt since the 2011 uprising that took down President Hosni Mubarak, fearing for their safety.

Still, Zaazou admits that not everyone is okay with allowing tourists to do as they please.

“We had talks with these Salafi groups and now they understand the importance of the tourism sector, but still you have some individuals that are not from the leadership saying these things”, Mr Zaazou said.

Tourism has always been a huge part of Egypt’s economy; in 2010, 14.7 million visitors made the trip, generating $12.5 billion in earnings. That dropped to 9.8 million the following year, making income earnings just 8.8 billion. Still, leaders are optimistic that some changes will encourage travelers to rethink their worries. Their goal is to hit 30 million tourists with revenues of $25 billion by 2022.

  • Sarge

    Finally admitting they like to look at beautiful women and imbibe in a little refreshments once in awhile. Great, we are living in the 21st century.

    • Kareem

      Alcohol has NEVER been disallowed in Egypt!!
      Where do these idiots get their facts?!
      Egypt has breweries (we invented the stuff) and wineries. Infact, more bars and clubs have actually opened in the last year than in the past 5 years combined

      • robert

        they allow booze and wine but god for bid if a Coptic Cristian wants to worship the christen god i call that 2 faced and only worried about making money.

  • Alfonso Rodriguez

    Bozze and liqour are adimitted now? I still like to see the first American couple, to get drunk and wear a bikini, and don’t get arrested. Then I’ll believe them!

    • babaOriley

      They are not stupid–now they have another way to raise revenue from fines, etc. And the beat goes on…..

  • Kyle

    If your an American taxpayer visiting Egypt you should be able to stay and eat anywhere you want for free. The billions of dollars our government has given their country is already from us.

    • Tony

      be sure to wear your running shoes just in case the crazies show up…

    • Kareem

      First, Becky’s comments are spot on and very well said
      However, that can’t be said for most other comments
      Typical stupid comments from Americans who’ve never been out of their home state!
      First of all, you should blame your own government for dishing out this money just to support their own (and those of their dear Israeli allies) interests, getting access to free torture-for-rent by the Egyptian Intelligence before realizing that “Oh well, we will just control Islamism by installing a so-called ‘Islamic Political regime’ in place”
      Now while I cannot accept the notion that the US policies (as opposed to the mostly-good American people) are the reason behind everything that happens in this part of the world, it is surely the root of a lot of evil
      It’s all about the dollar, the oil and the protection & welfare of Israel

      • http://Yahoo Jack

        Yeah, and, if nothing else, Israel should be protected because it is the only democracy in the middle east.

  • Marc Rauch

    Of course, you should be prepared for a deadly attack by fanatical (aren’t they all) muslims while you are baring that skin.

    You really might want to consider Curacao or the Cayman Islands.

    • Tony

      I don’t want to give any money to those aholes…vacation or any other way…our government already gives them too much of our money…

      • Kareem

        Why did you refer to them as aholes?
        I wouldn’t think you’ve ever been affected by anything in Egypt and I doubt you’ve ever set foot there
        You’re the ahole if you ask me

        • robert

          uh well don’t the muslims refer to us as the great Satan or something else like infidels or other derogatory names aye i know it sucks but uh well life

          • babaOriley

            aholes, shmayholes. WE didn’t do 9/11. Never forget.

  • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket


  • Becky

    I am not a Muslim; but, I feel compelled to respond.

    I was in Egypt in March. I saw both bikinis and alcohol being employed. No one was attacked by extremists, no one was overtly ogled by locals, and no one was arrested. I will be back in Egypt in July. I will not exercise any rights they don’t freely allow me to exercise under their legal system. Nor will I flaunt their new tolerance of Western life styles. I will dress conservatively by my standards, but not so conservatively by their standards. I will eat halal foods, cover my hair when I visit mosques and other sites they hold holy, and conduct myself with grace and dignity while a guest in their home nation. Maybe if we, as citizens of the United States, could remember that our life style is only one life style in this world, we would be less inclined to make inflammatory remarks concerning issues about which we have no first hand knowledge.

    Finally, I will proofread opinions I write before allowing them to be published online.

    • Geoff

      Sounds good, Becky. But did you mean to say “flaunt” or “flout?”

    • http://sawyertms.wordpress.com dp

      Spot on Becky! That’s the right attitude. The wonderful people you meet with come to enjoy your company and gain a sense of your respect of their ways. Enjoy! DP

    • Becky

      Flaunt. I won’t dress and drink–in accordance with their new policies–in an exaggerated manner hoping for a reaction. Flout would have worked as well.

    • http://Yahoo Jack

      All good points, but… Try going to Israel where you have the same amenities and the only chance of being attacked may come from Gaza (populated by “peace-loving” Islamists!)

    • adam

      Hi Becky, Think you are spot on, feel if everyone lives and let lives this world would be a much better place.

    • Sheila

      Are you just visiting or do you work there? I would love to go, gotta save some money, it looks beautiful and I have never been out of the US. People keep telling me it isn’t safe but my Arabic teacher says it is like anyplace, there are certain places you don’t go. I am assuming he is correct…

  • Ronde Striegel

    I still love UC Santa Barbara beaches, where about five years ago, I was enjoying some sun on the beach at sunset and a college hot stuff chick comes running out of the ocean. She only had a fish net upper top and you could fully see her naked breasts! Nothing like higher education to put you in a good mood forever#####

    • robert

      i agree our country is broke and well I cant afford to go to Egypt any, but yah you know why not stay here were u know the laws and ur fairly safe know some crazed muslim isn’t gonna have a fit over the some skin showing and blow u and every up around u i mean why go on a vacation where ur gonna have to have eyes in the back of ur head what kind of vacation is that ?

  • robert

    but the slaughter of the Coptic Christians goes on wow 2 faced its all about money !!!

  • robert

    in other word we on both side of the ocean we all have hypocrisy in our blood!! it the condition of human nature

  • http://yahoo hombre

    who would be dumb enough to pay thousands of dollars to get a tan in a foreign country when you could get it at home rent a tanning machine

    • brit dickens

      Egypt is a beautiful country and the antiquities are unbelievable!