Bobbi Kristina Engaged to Brother?

    March 19, 2012
    Heather Campobello
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19-year-old Bobbi Kristina was spotted smooching and holding hands with 22-year-old Nick Gordon; it is rumored that the two are engaged and living together. Gordan was raised by Whitney Houston since he was 12 years old. The pair grew up as brother and sister, but Gordon was never formally adopted.

Bobbi Kristina has been through a lot since her mother died; she has been hospitalized twice in the past month for anxiety and other reports claim that she received care after combining alcohol and prescription drugs.

Following her hospitalization, Bobby Brown released a statement obtained by OnTheRedCarpet.com which read, “My daughter Bobbi Kristina is doing much better. We continue to provide love and support to Bobbi Kristina. She is dealing with the tragedy of her mother’s death and would prefer to do it outside of the public eye. I ask again that our privacy be respected.”

ABC News reported on Wednesday that Gordon said he and Bobbi Kristina were not dating, “We’re just close — just going through her mom’s passing and grieving together.” He went on to say that Whitney considered him her Godson.

Gordon reportedly talked about his relationship with Bobbi Kristina Brown on his Twitter page, however, the account has been stripped of nearly all of its Tweets.

In the following picture you can see that Bobbi is wearing is wearing a large diamond ring that signifies that she is engaged:


But a family friend of the Houston’s said, “Yes, they are engaged, but the family is trying to coax her away from it.”

The couple supposedly became engaged on March 10th.

Cissy Houston, Bobbi Kristina’s maternal grandmother, is furious about the relationship, according to TMZ she thinks, “What they’re doing is incestuous.” In fact she is so mad that she is taking steps to evict Gordan from Whitney’s Estate.


A source said: “Krissy has told her grandmother that she doesn’t need her blessing to marry Nick, and the more Cissy objects to the relationship, well that only cements Krissy’s decision,” Star magazine reports. Bobbi Kristina has had several heated arguments with Cissy about the engagement, and the 19 year old has said “my mother would have approved of me marrying Nick, and I’m going to do it.”

Bobbi will inherit her mother’s fortune which is approximately $10 million. Hopefully this isn’t a get rich quick scheme for Gordan.

  • lin

    it’s so sad that it’s seems like she have littler respect for her mom mother which is her grandmother she young and pretty dum blind sided and can’t see the back end of her tail if her mom would have approve of it why did they wait until death came before anybody else knew about it i believe her mother knew about it but wasn’t going to let the people in with they comment Bobbi knows in her mother heart she never approve of it and it’s so sad that she would have said such a lie. yes her mom found out but she was disappointed about it and it went no where, until her death and Bobbi Kristina knows that’s the truth, she have to live with these lie’s she telling and that long dark road she will be going down without the woman that loved her so much that she would have gave anything up for her. I just want to say that you not going to be able to love no one truly until you learn to love your self

  • Deborah

    My first thought to this was why now after all this time I am thinking that this guy is after Bobbi Kristinas fortune it’s obvious that’s what he is after he catch her when she is down still grieving for her mother oh my God who does this.

  • Violet

    My prayer is that God will open up her eyes so she can see the big picture, she wants love @ this time, and he knows it. Pray for them both.

  • warriors

    What’s the big deal? They aren’t blood related. He isn’t fully adopted. They have known each other for over 10 years so they have built a level of trust and love. Bobbi knows his history. Why not? It will be difficult for Bobbi to find anyone else that she can trust with her fame and fortune. So why not Gordon? She is an adult. Leave her alone. Whitney trusted Gordon enough to be with her family, so she probably would approve.

  • Synovia Jackson

    Cissy just need to leave Bobbi Kristina along, because I have found that the more a person objects the closer the two is going to grow together. It will be better to leave them alone and let it work itself out. I have been through that, so I am speaking from experience. God bless Cissy, but try leaving them along! And you will see a different in Bobbi behaviour. Love you Cissy and understand your heart break, but try my method leave them along.

  • http://yahoo.com KB

    Let them get on with it.

  • Tatiana

    Everyone is making this a big deal that’s is not her real brother they should just stay out her life and let her live her life. if that’s what she want to do then let her do it u have live and learn even if its not the right thing.

  • Latrice

    I say “Girl go get your man!” I really do believe Whitney would give her blessings. If you were both there friends on twitter you would know that they were sleeping together way before Whitney death. Her Ex-boyfriend slap her and Gordon act very fast in protecting her(he pulled a gun out-not saying that is good either). When contacted by media prior to Whitneys death they ask this young man to do tell all and he will gain extra funds>>He Declined! If he was after money he would have been did a tell all on whitney and bobby and had alot more than 10 million dollars!! I said Gone girl get your man, but make sure he sign a prenup to shut everyone up!!”

  • Green Brown

    That boy gone marry her naive ass for the money abd then leave her .

  • CJ

    well being adopted, i just feel that she is hurt and alone and he is the closest thing to her at this moment , see we left whitney alone and look what happened it takes a village to raise a child and she needs help and guidence at this time …. she needs to focus on her and not a boy that shouldnt be focused on him slf and his needs . she needs to focus on her and not going off the road, just like her mother going aftr the wrong kind of man. we all need to pray for her and her fam…..

  • http://yahoo karon

    she 19 so let her make her choices if it the wrong one it will be her own problems

  • DallasC

    PRENUP! Hell he’s not her real brother!

  • DallasC

    Perfect!he is NOT Blood related or if anything related at all! They have the right to FALL in Love…the best time, and more than likely they know more about each other than anyone else…Ironiclly this situation happen for a reason, and is they are comfortable with it–than so should the public, friends,and REAL family members. They more than likelly been PUPPY-eyeing each other from distance and for a while, but they were too young to understand and react upon it. It’s better him than a total stranger whom may just try to take advantage of her, and her wealth!Look Bobby Brown is her real father! so don’t think it’s not going down without Bobby Brown-He will do the James Brown like funky town-on that clown!

  • mme

    Pls Bobbi, take time n heal first, if he is the right man for you, he will still b very much around when u are ready.

  • Sam

    I remember reading about it here first: http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2012/03/bobbi-kristina-engaged-her-adopted-brother also gives a good look. Man, I dunno. This is really freaking weird and probably should not be messed with.

  • corners

    i doubt Whitney would have approved of it.

    They were RAISED as brother and sister. How do you get away from that? I dont think you can