Boa Constrictor Kills Two Children

By: Lindsay McCane - August 5, 2013

On Monday, a boa constrictor escaped from a pet store in Campbellton, New Brunswick, and killed two children.

The snake reportedly escaped from a pet store, named “Reptile Ocean”, and made it’s way into the apartment above the store. The report doesn’t go into much detail, but police believe the boa constrictor possibly traveled through ventilation ducts and into the apartment where the 5- and 7-year old victims were living.

The owner of “Reptile Ocean”, Jean-Claude Savoie, said that this was a tragic incident. “My body is in shock. I don’t know what to think,” he told Global News. “I feel like they’re my kids,” he said. Savoie discovered the boys in their apartment on Monday morning. “I thought they were sleeping until I saw the hole in the ceiling. I turned the lights on and I saw this horrific scene. The snake went through a ventilation system. I don’t understand how it did it. It went through the ceiling…and the snake fell through the living room from the ceiling. I found the snake. It was in a hole underneath. I pinned him down and put him in a cage and the SPCA took him,” Savoie said.

RCMP Const. Julie Rogers-Marsh said, “It’s believed the snake escaped from a pet store called Reptile Ocean. The victims were boys aged five and seven. They were in the apartment above the store… The preliminary investigation has led police to believe that a python snake escaped its enclosure in the store sometime overnight. It’s believed the two boys were strangled by the snake.” The boa constrictor that is responsible for the deaths of the children has been found and captured by police.

The “Reptile Ocean” Facebook page made the decision to temporarily shut their page down due to the hurtful comments that were being posted. “Deepest sympathies goes out to the family of the children. A terrible accident without a meaning. This page will be shut down temporarily to avoid any further demeaning comments. You should be ashamed of yourselves. We all have a heavy heart today. As anyone would. And attacks on the animals owner are unnecessary.”

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  • S. Yvette F.

    My heart goes out to the parents of those precious boys, as a mother I can’t bear the thought of loosing a child…surely the grief of losing two children at once brings unimaginable heartbreak and complete devastation which no parent should experience in their lifetime…the natural order is that our children mourn our deaths and not we theirs. May God bless, comfort and keep the parents of those boys and may He provide them with the divine strength that only He can give to sustain them and their extended families after the sudden and odd beyond belief deaths of their babies.
    I would also like to express my sympathy for the pet store owner and caregivers of the boa constrictor responsible for this unforeseeable tragedy. Unless it is revealed that they were grossly negligent in the handling of the reptile, they are no more at fault for the boys death than the parents are for living above the pet store. I am sure that they feel responsible and that they’re consumed with guilt because of this. I pray that they can someday forgive themselves and move forward.

  • TIM


    • Allen

      All too often I see the tragic results of improperly housed or cared for exotic animals, Pyrhons and Boas are beautiful animals and will very quickly exploit any weakness in their enclosure, the results can be tragic for the animal or humans, I am dismayed that a pet shop would house an animal in a manner that escape is possible, more often than not it is the animal that suffers or dies, in this case 2 children, IMOP pet shops in general need to know the source of their animals, wild caught snakes can pose additional risks, and as seen in Florida with Pythons animals that get loose can cause havoc to the enviornment, local species and humans alike, this tragic event could have been prevented and should not have happened, I have adopted several Boas and Pythons that were improperly cared for and needed special attention to recover from being mishandled, I am also of the opinion that anyone caring for or keeping large reptiles should have the knowledge, experience and precautions in place to prevent this kind of tragic event. My advice to all who may consider keepibg large reptiles would be to make 100% certain they are properly housed and cared for, this should not have happened.

  • PAMM

    Very sad! I want to know why the snake would kill them if they were just sleeping? The boys weren’t threatening to the snake. And if the snake was hungry why didn’t he try to eat them? I don’t understand. It makes my stomach turn. The Owner should be held liable.

    • Gabs

      Well I’ve read that sometimes snakes just confuse the bodies for tree trunks. So thinking they’re in their natural habitat, they wrap around and squeeze =/ another reason why wild animals shouldn’t be kept as pets!

  • Russ

    The death of the two boys is tragic, but being a snake keeper myself, something doesn’t make sense. These snakes will not constrict unless they’re hungry, and to just strangle two people is totyally out of character for this type of snake-I hope the investigation includes other possibilities-not that its impossible, but it doesn’t make sense.

  • Dena

    This is a case of “you knew what I was when you picked me up”!!!!
    The snake should be killed. The store should be shut down! The owner should be charged for the death of these two innocent little boys!!!
    Why is it legal to have a snake capable of this??????

  • Al Bivens

    The snake responsible was an African rock Python. Not a boa constrictor totally different snake. Very sorry for the family. Very irresponsible owners African rock’s belong in zoo’s not public

  • S. Williams

    The snake was not a boa constrictor, but an african rock python. Boa Constrictors rarley even get large enough to hurt anyone.

  • talonntwinkl

    Thank you for causing yet more harm to the reptile community by improperly reporting the facts. Why are news sites etc not held accountable for releasing misinformation. As stated it was an African rock python, yet no attempt was made to change the article, thus causing harm forever to the boa constrictors’ reputation

  • mohammed

    Condolences to the parents of the kids,really really sad event,however i havent seen pics of the snake responsible but absolutely certain it could never have been a boa constrictor.Only snakes capable off the attack could have been a green anaconda,yellow anaconda,reticulated python,burmese python or african rock python.Very strange though that the snake killed the kids and didnt attempt to swallow them,i think theres definetly more to this sad event that should be looked into more thoroughly.

  • KMF

    Snakes don’t kill and then wonder off to hide. Story is complete bullshit. A snake will strangle and kill what it will eat.


    fuck you fuck you fuck you that was an african rock python not a boa how dare you ruin there rep assholes why the fuck would you ban them you mother fuckers