Black Ops 2 Crushes Amazon Pre-Order Sales

    May 8, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has broken the Amazon single day pre-order sales record, The Inquirer says. In fact, they demolished it, tripling sales of the previous record holder.

Activision revealed the game last Tuesday with a trailer aired during the NBA playoffs. In the first 24 hours, pre orders on Amazon smashed that of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the previous record holder

And Amazon didn’t even have the best Pre-Order bonuses, even though they are well-known for having the goods in this regard. It will be interesting to see the pre-order sales figures from some of the other retailers. Best Buy is offering free dogtags, and Gamespot actually has four tiers of prizes, encouraging gamers to buy early.

“Set to be one of the biggest games of the year, it’s great to see so much enthusiasm and anticipation for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2,” said Amazon UK video games manager Graham Chambers in The Inquirer: “Bolder and better than before and with everything from a futuristic storyline through to single player mode, Zombies and multiplayer”.

See the trailer below, and visit here to read about the Black Ops II viral campaign with an Anonymous tie-in.

  • josh

    hopefully with treyarch involved again it can cut down on hackers and quick scopers by doing so it would make the game even in on online play maps like nuketown are good but so are big maps like zoo and such. I expect it to be one of the best first person shooters in the gaming community

    • brock

      you don’t like quickscopers? are you jealous cause you suck with them. get a life. they put snipers on there for quickscoping. it takes skill to use a sniper. stop your babying and go play crossfire you noob.

      • Jonny Rebel

        That is the most pointless, moronic, and ridiculous post I have seen in a while. Hopefully Josh takes it with a grain of salt, as your provide enough evidence of being 14 at oldest. Quick scoping ruins the game for everyone who are actually old enough to play the game. If it was up to me the “sniper” would be just that, and take at least a second or two just to look down the scope.

        • http://na SCott

          Quickscoping will be in BO2 get over it people its part of COD always has been always will be. If u want to cry about it then quit playin COD. I hope for the love of god get rid of that LAG comp crap that ruins the game. MW3 Lag is so bad. IF Everyone can do it would everyone be doing it. Not everyone can do it so thats why its in the game. COD is an Arcade type game if you want it out go play BF3. What do you think perks are. Perks are cheap cheats thats it. Am i looking forward to BO2 sorta. Im wanting The new console COD thats going to be the game to buy.

  • http://none rodney

    i hope that the graphics are like modern warfare 3 and zombies are better and tha mystery box dont have weak weapons

  • Cesar

    I think weak weapons in the mystery box are perfect, you can’t always get a powerful weapon. Zombies is made to make you loose not win.