Birdman Buys Mansion/Former Drug Den

    October 16, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Birdman, rapper and record label exec, has parted with $14.5. million in order to buy Scott Storch’s former home in Miami Beach.

Storch, a producer, lost the home in 2010 to foreclosure; he described it as a “drug den” and said he blew through $30 million in six months while living there, mostly on drugs and expensive trips.

“We’d be at a club and I’d decide to take everyone to Las Vegas,” he said. “Do more coke, f**k a bunch of girls. Be up for two days and decide at 11 in the morning to go buy a Rolls-Royce. I probably bought 10 cars when I was high.”

The home, which boasts 19,000 square feet, includes 9-bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, 25-foot-ceilings, a below ground pool, an outdoor pool with cabana, a theater, a gym, a spa area, an in-house massage room, 100 feet of waterfront, and a private dock. It was flipped to Birdman by the inventor of RockStar energy drinks after he snatched it out of foreclosure for a mere $7 million.

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