Bing Gives Image Search A Makeover

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Microsoft announced that it's rolling out a new user experience for Bing Image Search, which adapts based on query, resolution, and interaction. Here's what it looks like:

Image results will now expand to the full width of the screen, and will include exploration suggestions dynamically according to screen resolution.

"This means an uncluttered first page where images are the hero. You’ll also notice that images have higher fidelity and are cropped and altered less to better inform your click," Bing says.

"The experience is great with touch," it adds. "On your Windows 8 device or iPad, try swiping through one of the inline carousels (more on these later) or clicking on an image and swiping your way through more. Everything is touch friendly, responsive, fast and fluid – look out for a post next week detailing Bing’s touch and iPad friendly features. These improvements will soon come to Kindle and Android tablets as well."

It also now has a mini-header that slides in after you scroll down, and gives you ways to change a queries or topics. Suggestions change as you scroll. There's also a new hover experience, and it shows a link with a search glass icon for many images. This gives you a way to search for more related to specific images.

In other Bing news, its ads now include Dynamic Sitelinks like Google's.

Image via Bing

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