Bindi Irwin Turns Sweet 16: Is She Dating a 24-Year-Old?

    August 6, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Bindi Irwin, the daughter of Terri Irwin and the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, just recently enjoyed her ‘Sweet Sixteen’ birthday celebration. Is she dating someone who is eight years her senior? Rumors say she is dating 24-year-old British hunk Luke Reavley, who is employed by the Irwin family as their executive assistant.

“Absolute nonsense,” is the reply given by a rep for the Australia Zoo.

The pair were reportedly spotted together recently at Splendour in the Grass–an annual Australian music festival.

“He was being very protective towards her and looked at her with such adoration,” a source said.

Bindi Irwin even posted a picture of herself with Luke Reavley to her Instagram account, wishing him a very happy birthday, and calling him her ‘greatest friend.’

“Wishing @lukasthegreat a very happy birthday…it was yesterday…but we were all celebrating and I forgot to let everyone know here on Instagram! So happy birthday and thank you for being the greatest friend. #BlissfulAfternoons Have fun and see you soon!” is how Bindi Irwin captioned her photo.

Earlier, Bindi posted this Instagram account of a hike she took with Luke Reavley.

She captioned this one, “Welcome to Australia.”

Before Jake Reavley was employed as the Irwin family’s executive assistant, he reportedly worked with the elephants at the Australia Zoo.

Do you think Terri Irwin would allow her just-turned-16-year-old daughter to date a man eight years older than she is? And what would the late Steve Irwin think?

Might this simply be pure conjecture on behalf of the media or is Bindi Irwin really seeing a guy who is 24?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • tati

    Goodness no, I hope that Bindi’s mother wouldn’t allow something like this to happen provided she could stop it in it’s tracks. Bindi Irwin is such a role model for teen girls and such a likeable young lady. I sure wouldn’t want to see her life marred by a huge mistake like dating a guy 8 yrs. older.

    • al

      I don’t think they’re dating though. I just think this is the media trying make her out to be someone she’s not

  • Kris Schmidt

    Already see the spotlight going to her head. Shame.

    • michaelflorida48

      How exactly is the spotlight going to her head? Did we watch the same video?

    • al

      Going to her head???? Their was no indication that they were dating What I saw was a girl and maybe some one who was suppose to be watching her in her mothers place sight seeing. Just because an article says something doesn’t make it true. Don’t be a media dumby and believe everything the media puts out

  • Jpe

    Isn’t that rape?

    • Eyeroll Toidiots


  • michaelflorida48

    Why would it be any of your business what she’s doing?

  • Eyeroll Toidiots

    oh mind your friggen business.. nothing better to do than attack a child.. sick phucks!

  • jd

    if it was a regular guy he be thrown in jail and has to register as a pedophile just because your famous doesnt mean you can screw minors you have to follow the laws like everyone else

  • Jennifer Gottfried

    I think Bindi is much more mature than most 24 year olds, so as long as they are upfront with each other about boundaries and respectful, I don’t really see a problem with it. She seems very capable of making these kinds of decisions, and is more mature than most adults. If they get along well and have the same passions and dreams, I could even see them getting married in a few years, if that’s where life leads them. I dated someone who was 22 when I was 14, but there was no sex involved… he knew I was not ready for that kind of a relationship with him and he was fine with that.

    • JCM

      I am glad your experience was a positive experience and one that maintained your innocence. The person you dated was exceptional. Sadly, this is not the case for a great many love struck teenage girls, who really do love the people they are dating and believe it really is a forever situation. They are sought after by predatory adults (or just normal hormonal teenage boys).

      Laws are in place for the protection of girls from exploitation for this very reason. Bindi appears to have a maturity beyond her years due to a major event in her life that gives her a different perspective than most people her age have the advantage of realizing. It is one of the few gifts that comes from Death although the delivery of it is horrible. Speaking from experience, the death of a parent before you are yet an adult gives one a huge slap of reality of the brevity of life and those with a decent head on their shoulders tend toward being more focused. I learned later that true Wisdom comes only from years of living life. I had Aha! moments in my life at age 26 that I didn’t have at 16, I had Aha! moments in my 40s that I didn’t have in my 20s and 30s. She may be quite mature for her age but she still needs some oversight from Terri. When she is of age, can pay her own way in life, in her own place, then she can make decisions that are hers alone.

  • JCM

    Why is this a story when I read the claim was dismissed as rumour two days ago?


    Probably just a employee who’s been watching over her all her life. Not a bodyguard but a adult support gatekeeper.

  • al

    What is it not okay because he’s not a vampire??? Either way I don’t think they’re dating I think her being 16 and all he was their to watch her in her mothers place.