Bill Murray Achieves Maximum Cool With PBR Pants

    March 28, 2014
    Kelly Weidman
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Every single person on this planet (and others) knows it’s impossible for Bill Murray to become more charming and appealing. As soon as he shyly and wryly (an impossible countenance to achieve for everyone but Bill Murray) stares into the camera in [Insert any Bill Murray film here], that is the end. Maximum likability, marketability, and upward-mobility acquired! Go forth and enjoy your perfection, Bill Murray! All others shall defer to your brilliance!

But on Thursday, Bill Murray decided this was not enough for Bill Murray and instead donned a pair of PBR-patterned slacks that fit Bill Murray like a glove in order to test the ability of the universe to contain Bill Murray.

Even in such close proximity to the hallowed-by-hipsters-of-2010 emblem, which would overwhelm even the most beautiful of persons, Bill Murray shines. “I think Pabst Blue Ribbon crosses all socio-economic lines,” said Murray of his pants.

As this somehow did not cause the implosion of every known and loved thing in existence, Bill Murray pushed Bill Murray’s envelope and wore these pants not merely for the satisfaction of Bill Murrays everywhere, but for charity. More specifically, the Murray Bros. Caddyshack Charity Golf Tournament, which kicked off on March 27th in Jacksonville, FL.

Since its inception, the Murray Bros. Foundation has raised $3 million for various charities. This year, proceeds from the event will benefit the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. The charity’s website claims the event offers “first class golf courses, first class food, and a first class good time,” (might this be a Suntory Time?) which Bill Murray has single-handedly created by his present and perfect slack selection.

So go forth, Bill Murray, and continue to increase every human’s likelihood of heart attack via your public, persistent, and effortless (HOW?) blend of coolness and compassion.

Oh yea, and the shirt:

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Rich Reny

    Wow, Bill is lookin old. They better hurry up with GB3 before he kicks off

  • putyouonblast

    he’s too old for that

  • Robert Small

    this guy is totally not cool or funny. he’s annoying and a losy actor to boot.

    • Xiggie

      Tell us how you really feel Mr. Small.

  • Robert Small

    that about says it.

  • Ernie Flamik

    he’s one of the last ones like Belushi, Akroyd, etc. The Gleasons, etc of our generation that can do comedy cleanly