Bill Maher Calls Edward Snowden’s Words ‘Batsh*t’

    January 18, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Bill Maher says every time former NSA contractor Edward Snowden opens his mouth, something akin to batsh*t comes flying out. The HBO funny man–whose show has just been renewed for a 13th season–even went so far as to compare Snowden to Ron Paul

“He reminds me a lot of [former Rep.] Ron Paul. I agree with what he says, I nod along and then he says something totally bats—-,” he said on Real Time with Bill Maher during an interview with author and columnist Glenn Greenwald.

As the satellite interview continued, Maher said to Greenwald, “I also respect Edward Snowden, obviously this debate wouldn’t be happening without Edward Snowden, but I was wondering if you agree with me that every time he opens his mouth, he also says something completely nuts.”

He then cited quotes from Edward Snowden pertaining to surveillance programs being “never about terrorism” but about “social control and diplomatic manipulation” instead.

“Well that’s crazy,” Maher said. “They were about stopping terrorism, they may have gone too far, but everybody in the government isn’t out to get you.”

“What’s nuts is the fact that you think that’s nuts,” Greenwald told the talk show host, adding, “He’s a 29 year old, who’s not a trained politician, he doesn’t have aides whispering in his ear what he should say. He’s not adept at that, that’s what makes him so impressive. It was an act of conscious that he stepped forward as an ordinary person.”

Did you catch Bill Maher saying he thinks most everything Edward Snowden says is “batsh*t?” What’s your opinion on the remark? Which of the two–Edward Snowden or Bill Maher–do you think is more qualified to wear that “batsh*t” title?

It seems Bill Maher and Glenn Greenwald have agreed to disagree on the matter–or at least that’s what Maher told him they ought to do toward the end of their interview.

“When he says, ‘They know every friend you’ve ever discussed something with,’ we’ll just have to agree to disagree on what’s f—-ing nuts,” Maher said.

It will definitely be interesting to see how many newsworthy reactions appear as a result of this interview.

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  • meech

    They are saving & storing this data. It seems most think & are led to believe they are snooping into everyone’s lives. Can anyone with any sense at all realize how many hours it would take just to investigate one person ? I doubt the time & expense of investigative snooping would be completely prohibitive unless there is something of great importance to be gained. Seems many a paranoid persons have a self determination as to importance of their lives, or have a lot to hide. My basically normal & mundane life is not so full of adventure to have much to hide & therefore I do not care much if my own government, tho not near as decent as it used to be, is welcome to snoop if they feel there is something of importance to gain. This all came about for a very good reason, our families protection. Snowden should be hanged in my estimation. A disabled vet. R.M.


      MEECH they dont listen to all calls your right. What they do and what is nuts is they have computer program basically A.I which takes key words out of conversations, emails, text, all communications over a network and its flaged. Then its broken down into different cat. and sent to the right area in the NSA. NSA is massive with more employees then anyother govt. group minus the military.

      • jack piper

        what the heck is ‘flaged’?

    • jarjar

      It’s nothing more than political spaghetti thrown to see what will stick to this president (as if he founded and built the NSA). All of this feigned constitutional rights violations and/or GOD given rights is malarkey. As hard as I peruse the constitution, I haven’t found HIS (Gods)signature there yet.
      Does it ever occur to these “Chicken little’s”, to look at the roof line of your hillbilly Nieman Marcus(Wal Mart)or 7/11 next time you enter ? There are no less than at least 16 cameras pointed at you as you park and enter; not to mention those throughout the store. You seemingly gladly post your life’s activities on line for the world to see, but mention government perusing data and the sky is falling. Yet, in a capitalist society your place of work can fire you for something you wrote on facebook;demand your passwords ;google and the rest can skim your emails to decide what ads might interest you in the future; cell phone conversations can be picked up on cb radios and scanners; your bosses can monitor your phone calls (business or private)for their own justifications and all in the name of protecting THEIR bottom line.
      If you want to start conspiracies; the NSA newly minted data building in located in a “RED” state-UTAH; the FISA court judges are all “unidentified” but solely appointed by the REPUBLICAN chief justice, John Roberts ; since FISA was enacted in 1978, we’ve had three chief justices, and they have all been conservative Republicans.
      —-Spaghetti o’s—–
      Personally, they ALL could stop this useless and expensive nonsense. More people die every year from drunk drivers, drug over doses, robberies, gun accidents/school shootings and cigarette smoking, than ANY terrorist activities ever thought about.

      • Craig

        Congrats jarjar – That is some exceptionally clear thinking and a whole lotta common sense. Keep writing..please.

    • cccourt

      Couldn’t have said this better. If all the people necessary to read and listen to the data were hired, there would be minimal unemployment. (Since govt worker qualifications are low: witness Snowden’s!)

    • Josey

      What an idiot.

    • jack piper


    • Jackie kB

      I guess you don’t mind having someone with the ability to completely shred your privacy. I do! Whether it would b hard to do or not it is still an invasion of my privacy and therefore unconstitutional. Period.

  • http://www.webpronews.com Maria

    Profanity aside, Bill Maher is the voice of reason in this and many other issues.

    • dalas ainsle

      Bill Maher often tells his guest to cut the bullsh*t–Well Bill, if you cut all the BS on your show it would only fill a 2 minute slot. Bill Maher is a former comedian who is now just a joke.

      • http://www.cdbaby.com/thomasmartinscott Tom

        Sadly… I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know when he went blind…but he damn sure has!

    • thomas johnson

      bill maher is the voice of reason? wow! he’s the voice of ignorant people that believe his garbage. that’s about it.

    • Martha

      If you accept Bill Maher as a “voice of reason” and this is the typical mindset of dumbed down America, we are in deep trouble.

  • http://yahoo BareyMcNeill

    Maher is one of the most disgusting people I’ve ever seen.

    • techxan

      Sometimes the truth is disgusting.

  • Doug Boekhout

    Damn, when I saw Maher’s name in the news column, I was hoping when I clicked on it, it was going to say, Maher dead, but no such luck.

    • Fart Face

      Your mom died giving me head.

  • Theonlyonly

    The level of power in the NSA and their spying goes far beyond what Snowden is going to tell you. They have been working on reading the Bio-Electro-Magnetic frequencies of the brain since the 1950’s so they can get right into your thoughts themself. In some people they decode and broadcast their thouhgts so absolutly anyone has no other choice (but) to spy on them right along side the NSA. If you want to confirm this here’s the search term you need. NSA Remote Neural Monitoring.

    • jack piper

      I think you need a little more aluminum foil in yourALIEN INTRUSION BLOCKER there theonlyonly!

      • http://www.cdbaby.com/thomasmartinscott Tom

        I think YOU need to THINK for a change…it really doesn’t hurt that bad!

  • La Donna R

    Well they were not able to stop the Boston Terrorists and the Russians warned us about them. They could not stop the hacking of Target and other stores although another article says they know who it is (some teen in Russia) If that is there supposed purpose they suck big time and should be shut down.

    • Jackie kB

      They should be shut down because it is unconstitutional to spy on American citizens. We do have privacy laws.

      • http://www.cdbaby.com/thomasmartinscott Tom

        Unfortunately, we have NO privacy laws…not when we are under “Martial Law”, which we really ARE! Oh, no one’s doing anything about it…yet, but it’s all in place so that it can be invoked at ANY time. My house was TORN DOWN under “IMMINENT DOMAIN”, because I put out an Album called “Weapons Of Mass Deception”. That’s another “LAW” in place, and if you haven’t heard about it, then WAKE THE HELL UP!!! EVERYTHING is in place to be able to arrest ANYONE for ANYTHING, and hold them INDEFINITELY. If you don’t understand that, then LEARN some things before you start “Commenting” on ANYTHING!!!

  • Larry

    Yeah he’s not a trained politician, well first off, politicians are trained to please the status quo, not necessarily speak the truth. Second, that does nothing to defend Snowden, from not being a total buffoon. Because saying that surveillance programs are about the government trying to control us, is not true. The “control” part is an unfortunate consequence in a war on terror. But, I agree the gov’t went too far, and needs to be SMART, and not overly suspicious. Like TSA is a joke. And body scanners were a good “idea’ but the technology was just not there yet.

  • dona

    Bill can’t do a show without
    saying something totally vulgar,bat*** is a mild comment compared to most of his adolescent remarks ( Im not a fan of Snowdon however).


    I’m not aware of anything Snowden has said that is nonsense -to use a milder form of invective than Bill Maher.
    Maher is acting, wittingly or not, as an informational sedater, just as Obama is doing. He’s happy to spar with right wingers in order to keep everyone engaged in the ping pong game between right and left, while the real encroachments are taking place.
    When someone comes out with some really important information which cuts so deep that it threatens to awaken people from their opiate trance of alcohol, drugs and football, he marches out and states that “there’s nothing to see here, move along.” while Obama plays the role of a political figure whose job it is to make people believe that he is doing something to make things better, Maher plays the clown, working to keep people from asking deeper questions and also divided from one another by partisan belief.

    • http://www.cdbaby.com/thomasmartinscott Tom

      WELL put! The whole “We have a CHOICE” belief is propagated by everything you just said. We have no CHOICE…big money has been putting the puppets wherever they want them for DECADES! And when an Edward Snowden comes along, the outrage stems from fear that the people might actually WAKE UP! I don’t see it happening. I have friends who were there and actually WATCHED my house being torn down under “imminent domain”, and are STILL blind and ignorant enough to think this is still a FREE country. I watched this VERY uncomfortable “Speaker” call Snowden’s information “propaganda”. You want to see PROPAGANDA, just turn on your T.V. set! ANYONE disagreeing is immediately written off as propaganda. While a country full of half asleep sheep continue with their comfortable existance…willing to let go of one freedom after another, as long as they don’t have to THINK! …Cause that MIGHT mean they MIGHT have to DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!

  • sstanboule

    “It was an act of ‘conscience’…”

    • sstanboule

      Maher knows where the line is. He seems radical but backs off when it gets too real. In that (commercial) sense he’s very smart, knows which side his bread is buttered on.

      • Billyjoe bob tucker

        Bill Maher is very intelligent, but he has to pander to his audience which makes him look dumb, similar to Jon Stewart. Remember, liberals don’t care if what you say makes sense as long as you are saying it against a conservative. I haven’t watch Maher’s show in years, but I remember he did a bit about how he was going to mail himself a copy of the constitution so that way George Bush would finally read it. Now that obama is in charge of the spying program it is totally acceptable to him.

      • http://www.cdbaby.com/thomasmartinscott Tom

        What you mean to say is, “He’s become a WHORE!

  • Vernon Wheatley

    Bill eats Bats.it.

  • seniorcat066

    I will forever believe Snowden is a traitor to his country (America). You will never change my mind. He took an oath to defend his country just as other workers, civilian, contractor, all employed by govt, including myself. There were many other ways to release any/all of this info to the public w/o going public through Russia, China, etc. He is a fortune/fame seeker, which he will forever pay for with his precious life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness via Russia, Argentina. What amazes me is the batsh@@ info he is releasing through Russia, signing his freedoms away for news copy, telling the world about America’s spying tactics. Traitor! Now if you truly believe the US has never spied on its residents since the 40’s, 50’s, then you are truly naïve. Satellites circulating the planet, communication systems, TV, pictures, Mars rover, all above us watching over us, what do you think is the answer to all this Big Brother conspiracies? The hacking of Target, and in the past banks, other stores, etc. Where oh where is there a place large enough to store all this info? The black market knows! Info for sale? You betcha!

  • thomas johnson

    bill maher is quite possibly the most stupid man I have ever heard on TV.

    • klein

      I agree. Thank god we BOTH don’t watch Fox news!

  • Ron Bryzon

    Bill Mayer is what Bats Sh*T….period.

    • Ron Bryzon

      ….computer changed his name….he should.

  • Ron Bryzon

    Bill Maher is what Bats Sh*T….period.

  • Josey

    Bill Maher is a washed up idiot.


    Mayer is a bit pompous, which is one of his hallmark traits. If you look at Obama’s reaction to Snowden, the arrogance and petulance he exibited in trying to pressure Putin to turn him over, you KNOW the Obama and his people were caught with their hands in the cookie jar. The excuse for the surveillance is “terrorism”, but Snowden is right that the REAL reason is to maintain control over us citizens. Just makes sense. Why is terrorism such a big deal when our own troops kill many more innocent people in these “wars on terror”? The government lies to us in so many ways to promote their own agenda that its hard to believe them anymore

  • http://no Dan

    maher is an A-hole of the first order. Plain and simple, a BIG As shole!

  • http://no Dan

    majer = as shole, same difference.

  • Corey

    I think they both are right. The NSA has the ‘ability’ to spy on anyone they please if they wanted to, but i believe they don’t use every single thing they record us doing,(even though it is logged). If you give them a good reason to snoop on everything you do, I think they will. Now, what warrants being spied on? Your guess is as good as mine.

    • http://www.cdbaby.com/thomasmartinscott Tom

      That is the whole point that people do NOT realize. IT IS IN PLACE, to use whenever they decide to! That has NEVER been true before!!! The placid surface has been ruffled by many, but propaganda is ALWAYS there to appease the masses…and when something DOES go down, they believe WHATEVER they are told!

  • MikeD

    Maher did not say “he thinks most everything Edward Snowden says is “batsh*t”

    What he did say is that while Snowden says many good things he often adds something that makes no sense.
    The example he uses on his show is not a very good one though, and Greenwald called him on it. He quoted Snowden saying “surveillance programs being “never about terrorism” but about “social control and diplomatic manipulation” instead.” While the surveillance programs may be somewhat about terrorism they are most certainly being used for social control, and diplomatic manipulation as well.


    Bill Maher,
    Don’t ever underestimate the federal government.

  • http://google james cagney

    STOP THE MUSIC… “Maher”… said “WHAT??!!!??”

    “Maher” claims that “Snowden is bats…” because “Snowden” states that the government’s spying on it’s own people and illegally collecting private information about people is being committed with the sole intent of “social control and diplomatic manipulation…”… and “Maher” claims that “Snowden” is “f….king nuts…”.

    Where the “H..l” does “Maher” get the credentials to criticize anyone… ????

    Who in the heck is “Mahers’…” accept a “noise on t.v….” ??!!

    “Snowden” was there!!! He was part of the “agency” and knew what was going on …. and “why”…!!!

    But “Maher’s the mouth…” feels that he knows more then anyone… because he is on t.v.!

    “Mahers..” is on “T.V.” because he’s a “clown” and people like to laugh at “clowns” … get it!!! “Billy Boy!!” … just a “clown”…”

    So “Son” just remember your place… and stop trying to sit at the adult table…. because your just a “funny little clown”… and “Snowden” is a patriot!!!

    Have a nice day :) …!

    • http://www.cdbaby.com/thomasmartinscott Tom

      Thank you for pointing out that Snowden was THERE! He KNOWS what was and is going on. It just amazes me, the ARROGANCE of people who weren’t there, don’t know shit, and have NEVER been close to the fire, so to speak, but they think their propaganda fed ignorance gives them the almighty truth. I’ve been IN the fire, so to speak, and I can tell you that what Snowden released was barely scratching the surface.

  • Dany Lynen

    It seems to me that the memory of 9/11 is starting to wane! This cannot be forgotten! Every time I look at a map of our country to the North and South and see how many thousands of miles are unprotected, what is to prevent an insurgence of radicals coming in and killing innocent people! We now live in a world where as Al Pacino stated in the Godfather Part 2,”If history has taught anything or learned anything, it says you can kill anybody” The evil that now lingers throughout the world now forces us to take action against the nuts of this world! Their only mission is to kill and destabilize a great nation! As for me, I could care less about hiding anything. The only thing they might know about me is that I am not a Republican! lol

  • Fart Face

    I fart in your alls general direction.

  • banh

    My question: WHY is a comedian who is not funny, not entertaining, and actually quite boring, signed on for a 13th year? Bill Maher showed us how corruptible he is when he went from respecting guys like Ron Paul for their honesty, ethics and liberty-mindedness, to cutting a million dollar check to the Obama campaign. I thought prostitution was mostly illegal in America…

    Bill Maher… who’s in HIS wallet? Here’s a guy pimping Libertarian lifestyle out of one side of his mouth, and selling the Obama Empire out the other side. Where exactly does Maher’s Libertarian boundary stop and his Socialist addiction begin? At the tip of his bong in which he’s stuffed the latest strain of Maui Wowee pot, or at the cash he left on the motel dresser for the last hooker he bought in Vegas? I guess his liberty agenda ends when he gets to do what he wants during recess or playtime. The REST of Bill Maher’s day is filled with socialist marketing from his chair in front of the camera.

    WHO hired this putz for another year? George Soros?

  • Jackie kB

    This is the kind of bs that lets me know that billy M. is a shill for the poweres that be. Like who is his audience these days, conservatives who think they are peeking at left leaning comedian only to find they agree with him? Ha, ha, what a joke he is. Quit listening to him he threw someone out of his audience who dared to question nine-11. Talk about an ass.

  • David

    Bill Maher HAS to defend Obama, because the same people who got him re-elected are the same people who have allowed him to have a “career” himself. Bill Maher is about as much a “voice of reason” as Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Spike Lee, Joy Behar, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi, to name a few. Maher uses “comedy” the way some of them use their color, gender, religion, or “civil right issue” that is the flavor of the month.

    What Maher is trying to distract people from is the fact that while badmouthing and blaming W. for so much, Obama used all of the things that he put into place that Maher’s buddy Michael Moore ranted about and more into practice for his own abuses of power.

    • http://www.cdbaby.com/thomasmartinscott Tom

      Perfectly said!

  • nunyabidness

    Bill Maher is a tool.

    I just watched a recent episode where he recalled a story about a heroin dealer that hid heroin in McDonald's happy meals. He said it was a man. It was an African American woman. He's so liberal that he can't even be correct on a criminal's gender because if it is terrible, it was done by a man (to him).

    Snowden isn't crazy.