Bill Cosby Turns 75, So Let’s Take a Moment to Discuss Leonard Part 6

    July 14, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Bill Cosby turned 75 today (July 12th), and that’s pretty awesome. “The Cosby Show” got a lot of play on my little black-and-white TV when I was a kid, so I have a soft spot for the guy’s work. However, while most people are celebrating the gifted comedian/actor’s more laudable endeavors, I think it’s a good time to discuss “Mr. Bean” director Paul Weiland’s 1987 box office disaster “Leonard Part 6″, a film which stars Bill Cosby as a secret agent sent to stop a madman from taking over the world. Sounds like a winner, right? Wrong!

Of course, I love “Leonard Part 6″, though I’m well aware of the fact that it’s a terrible motion pictures. Even Bill Cosby would agree with me on this one; when the film was released, he encouraged everyone in America not to see the film. In fact, so ashamed was Cosby by this theatrical misfire that he purchased the television rights to ensure that it would never appear on the small screen. That’s a lot of hate right there, my friend.

During its quick jaunt through North American cineplexes, the film earned around $4 million, which, given the film’s $24 million budget, isn’t necessarily a good thing. To add salt to the wound, the film won three Golden Raspberry Awards: Worst Actor (Cosby), Worst Picture, and Worst Screenplay. Now you know why the guy loathes the film so much.

However, despite his undying hatred for the movie and his attempt to keep people from experiencing the agony for themselves, Columbia Pictures released “Leonard Part 6″ on DVD back in 2005. Crackle is currently offering the film as a digital download for $7.99, though, to be perfectly honest, you can purchase a used copy from the Amazon Z-Shops for $1.98 before tax. Even then, I’d weigh that decision very carefully.

If you’re curious to see/learn more about the film, take a peek at all of the “Leonard Part 6″-related videos embedded below. And remember to wish Bill Cosby a happy birthday while you’re at it. You don’t get to be 75 without dropping a few cinematic bombs along the way.

Last, but not least, is Roger Ebert’s review of the film.

  • http://fgwaiss.com Fred W

    Although he bombed in the movies, let’s remember that Cos was not only the first black person to be listed as a co-star in a television series, but he won 3 consecutive Emmy Awards as best actor in a dramatic series for his work in I Spy.
    Happy Birthday, Cos! I’ve memorized most of your routines from your first 3(4?) comedy albums. “Noah” was ground-breaking and hilarious!

  • http://none JOE S HILL

    Bill Cosby is a True American actor! when he started his career in the
    turbulence of the 1960s,his comedy record albums sure preserved his
    clean sense of humor,which is a far cry from the vile and obscene sort
    of material that we are accosted by,on a near daily basis. but of Mr Cosby’s TV roots,”I SPY” will always be a supreme example of his work.
    also,his “FAT ALBERT” cartoon series from Filmation,is another steping
    stone,shortly before the mega success of his 1984-92 NBC series,from
    the people at Carsey-Werner. always the inteligent,reserved professional that he is,may he live a very long life! Happy Birthday!

  • http://karengerstman.com karen

    Happy BD Cos!!

  • Deborah Pretzer

    My son and I enjoy watching Bill Cosby shows we own all of the time. We just wanted to make sure you know you have made an impact in our lives for many years. Happy Birthday to you! On another note is there any kids say the darndest things available on dvd? I will google that on my own. Enjoy your birthday

  • Diane F

    Happy Birthday! Thank for all the years of laughter. Have a wonderful day.

  • hard

    I think that perhaps Mr. Cosby is the greatest African American entertainer. He has strong values and strong opinions about his people and he is not afraid to air his opinion or in fear of the backlash that he may recieve from his opinions. He rarely talks trash and wants to uplift his people-not see them with this pants around the ankles rut that they are now experiencing.

    • may

      Cosby is an AMERICAN! You don’t hear us Irish say Irish American do you? The term is soo annoying and not true unless you can actually trace your roots all the way back to Africa. There are actually blacks who are NOT from Africa..The purpose of the USA is that we are a MELTING POT. Besides, in case you are not aware the Irish were the first slaves, yes slaves in America. Look it up under the Library of Congress. The Irish were here before African slaves and many were buried at sugar plantations right where they worked. Yes they were even bought and sold before African black slaves. When the Irish got wind of the deceit that they could not leave their work then the Europeans turned their sights to Africa.

      • Whatever

        Why are you white people always so upset and so judgemental as to what blacks in this country choose to call themselves??? That’s something I just don’t get. Ok, congradulations, we are glad you like Bill Cosby. He’s an American. Fine, but he, as well as all other blacks in this country have a right to call themselves whatever they want. That shouldn’t bother you white people at all. Unlike white people, a lot of blacks in America can’t trace their roots in Africa because of SLAVERY by WHITE PEOPLE. So that is why “they don’t know where they come from.” There’s some REAL history for you. Blacks from other places like the Caribbean, South America, and Europe also have roots in Africa. Most of them got there through slave trades and migration.

  • http://Yahoo Peter S Murutz

    I’d tell the self centered jerk to get back to earth and apologize to Dean Brown.

  • Dark Man

    Happy Birthday Mr. Cosby! You were always the cleanest among comedians I’ve experienced, thank you for your many contributions

  • may

    Mr. Cosby, I grew up with you and always respected your talent and intelligence. Then you made the comment that teaparty people are racist just because we do not support Obama..Needless to say that comment made me realize how small minded you must really be..ashame..

    • TDC

      How can you be offended at Mr. Cosby’s opinion of the teaparty? Surely you listen to their speeches and have read their websites.

    • Juliannea

      Anyone who defends the tea tea party needs to go and tee tee. Happy Birthday Dr. Bill Cosby. It is a pleasure to know that you earned the degree along with a lot of respect from millions of people, excluding the tee tee party member who wrote such a tee tee comment.

  • Gillian Vidal-Jules

    Happy Birthday to you and may you see many more. My children and I watch you almost every night on centric in the Cosby Show. I still find the episodes funny. It is good to share a birthday with someone close to mine which is 16th July. May God bless you on your day and the others to come.

  • Madman

    Recently saw Leonard part 6 for the first time. I thought it was hilarious! Why all the hatred? Happy Birthday Doc Huxtable!!!

  • Brian Arsenault

    Please learn the difference between “its” and “it’s”. It’s a sign of ignorance not to know the difference.

  • Ann Davenport

    Happy 75th Birthday Bill Cosby. We watched your show every time it came on television for years in my household. Part of that time I was a kid. It was one of my favorite shows! May God bless you with many more! Also I saw you once live in Detroit and really enjoyed your comedy routine.

  • TG

    Happy Birthday Mr. Cosby! I’ve always admired his work and he made us laugh so much. What a great American Icon!

    What makes me so sad, is that so many people say his comments about black people are controversial. Why? I am black and I am so glad there is someone in the public eye who can tell the young black kids to shape up! Become more than a bad static and rise above the stereotypes! Speak like you’ve stepped foot in an English class. Be proud of who you are, but show it in a classy and ethical way. I may not agree with Mr. Cosby on politics, but the issue with our young people, I can agree with. Our Ancestors had reason not to know certain things but today, there is no excuse. Again, happy birthday Mr. Cosby!

    • http://yahoo Joyce

      RIGHT ON!!!!! TG, I am totally in agreement with you. WHEN are we going to..”WAKE-UP” and take responsibility for our “OWN” issues and future. We are AMERICANS, we LIVE in America. Americans are of many races. IT’S…2012…is every thing GREAT in the USA NO!! Get over it!!!!! As soon as we learn to show RESPECT, to and for ourselves, none will be show to us. We write our “OWN” ticket in life. NO ONE ELSE CAN DO THAT,..but, YOU!!! Listen to Bill Cosby’s words, look at what he has accomplished in his life and follow his example. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! MR. COSBY.
      THANK YOU!!!! for caring about the future of our lives.

  • virgil woodall

    thanks you mr. cos for so many years of enjoyment. so enyoy your 75th bd and hope yon many more

    • http://home durbin melek

      I saw in fat albert, the cosby show jello tv commerals and I saw you live at the canfeld fair happy birthday bubby

  • MSzy

    Happy Birthday
    One of the few actors with talent Taste and dignity. God Bless you happy 75 .Thanks for your hard work

  • Lisa Torres


  • Jennifer McKamey

    Why in the hell is this article about “Leonard Part 6″ and how bad it was instead of celebrating a man who paved the way for many African-Americans and others as well?? Happy Birthday Mr. Cosby, I hope you have many more.

  • Catherine Hughes

    Happy Birthday Mr Cosby GOD bless you and Mrs Camille always. You and your wife have and always will be my idol. Again Happy Birthday and many more.

  • Whatever

    Congrats to Bill Cosby for turning 75! He’s a great entertainer and I agree with about 95% of what he says about black people getting themselves together. Cosby is certainly not a sellout. He’s an educated realist. I mean nobody’s perfect, but I’d surely listen to what he has to say than some ignorant idiot like Lil’ Wayne or Kanye West who are not teaching the young generation ANYTHING. The Cosby Show makes me proud to be BLACK/AFRICAN AMERICAN!

  • victor linar


  • Bernice Norman

    Love Mr.Cosby.He is smart with a lot of wisdom and knowledge.Happy Birthday,enjoy your day.

  • John

    Happy Birthbay Mr. Cosby, maybe the writer of this article needs to check out your more accomplished motion pictures,(i.e ‘Uptown Saturday Night, Let’s Do It Again, and my personal favorite ‘Mother, Jugs, and Speed.)

  • juan navarro


    • Lisa

      Happy Birthday,Juan! Today is my birthday too–enjoy!

  • ecec

    I would like to wish Mr. Bill Cosby a happy birthday and pray that he enjoys the day. Also, I want to thank him for his tremendous contributions both on screen and off. Mr. Cosby…the world is a better place because of you!

  • Jazzy

    I have a bone to pick with you TODD RIGNEY! Whenever I see something of interest trending on Yahoo, I’ll click the link and if I get the urge to delve further, I’ll click on one of the top articles. Today, that just so happened to be yours. Maybe I’m being just a little sensitive, but why do you feel the need to undervalue one of America’s most known comedians and actor/creator of one of the TOP SHOWS IN HISTORY? Was that done on purpose? Because it was most certainly done! You have a “soft spot” for the guy do ya? His lil ol’ show got a lot of play on your tv as a kid, did it? So you’re going to throw him a bone here today, are ya? lol That had to be the saddest, most condescending excuse for an acknowledgement ever. And then to make matters worse, the bulk of your article was spent talking about a lost film that, until this day, I have never even heard of. As if he’s KNOWN for this cinematic failure. But wait! Just in case you discussing it wasn’t enough, you went and dug up clips so that everyone could witness the disaster. Geez louise. Who are you, dude?!?! I know, a great journalist will find the unexplored angle, but nothing in me appreciates this article.

    Bill Cosby, from one person who truly appreciates the mark you’ve made in entertainment history, Happy 75th Birthday. Wishing you many more!!!

    • thomas

      who wants puddin’ pops?

  • duane

    Bill Cosby is 75 years old today and I still have a soft spot in my heart for the dude! The fact is, “The Cosby Show,” in its early period at least, was genuinely one of the great television sitcoms of all time. What a joy it was to have spent a half-hour each week with (in the beginning, at least) the ever-charming, ever-funny Huxtable family. Bill Cosby continues to be, hands down, one of the great entertainers and one of the great men of our age. So, happy birthday, Cos! May you keep on making us laugh, keep on providing us with, to employ your fellow comedy legend George Carlin’s phrase, “‘Ooh, yeah!’ comedy.

    • http://yahoo sugamorgan

      Bill Cosby turned out to be a lying dog.All those years i thought he was different.Living a clean,honest,respectable,life passing judgement on others.Telling people how to be a loving husband and father.All the time he had a white woman on the side for 16 years.Go sell your jello some where else were not buying it.

      • Ann

        Do as he say and not as he does. We all make mistakes. His wife forgave him and so do I.

      • ozzy

        remember when you point the finger at someone you got 3 more pointing back at you . besides wonder what you would have done if you were exposed to half the things he has seen an done there clueless.

  • Thoko

    Bill, You are one of the best comedians in the world. I don’t think there is any place in the world where people have have not watched your comedies or read your humourous book(s). May I take this opportunity to wish many more birthdays. I happen to be July born and am very proud to at least have something I share with such an icon like you.

  • Doris Mitchell

    Happy Birthday and many more. I stay up until 4a.m. watching The Bill Cosby Show, which I enjoy very much.

  • Lisa

    Happy Birthday,Mr. Cosby!! Today is my birthday,too!! Very proud to share my day with one of my favorite entertainers. Love ya lots.

  • Arlesia

    WHAT does all that hoopla about that movie have to do with his birthday?!!! Happy Birthday Bill!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo.com Arlesia

    WHAT does all that hoopla about the movie have to do with his birthday?!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL!!!!

  • brenda g

    I like wish Bill Cosby a great Birthday and many more i love watching your cosby show it haven’t been on this week so we couldn’t watch it but when it come back on we start watch it again

  • http://yahoo.com Arlesia

    PLEASE tell me what does all that hoopla about some movie have to do with his birthday?!!! This clown who tried to demean Mr. Cosby’s birthday should be FIRED!!!!

  • Tom

    I went and saw Bill earlier this year on my birthday. The man is a class act! He couldn’t have made my day any better than he made it that night. Happy 75 years Cos!

  • Cherlyn

    Happy Birthday Bill I bow to you great job!!

  • Deborah S.


    My dad turned 75 just 12 days before you! I had no idea you were the same age! (You don’t ever seem to be an age.) I love what I have seen of your work! You seem very honorable and are so inspiring! I have respected you over the years. I’m sorry about the attempt to spoil your birthday by bringing up something that you were not pleased with and even tried to squelch. The man writing this article must have had to dig to come up with this when you have so much good stuff he could have reminded us about! Happy birthday, and many more!!!!

  • http://www.inspiring-quotes.org Jocky

    Happy birthday Bill Cosby :-))

  • ify

    we will always love you Bill. forget this wack review. you remain to us a true legend and a source of inspiration to all. you opened the doors for whom we call a bunch of successful black people. the world will never forget you. u have imprinted your mark on the sands of time and nothing uncomplimentary being written about you can ever change that.

    Happee bday Bill, wish u many more fufilling days ahead. Amen

  • cindy karanja


  • cindy karanja


  • MC

    The writer says Bill bought the TV rights so the movie wouldn’t be shown on TV, but I’ve seen the movie 3 times in my life….all on TV. The first time was when I was a young kid (I’m 30 now) so It was within a few years of the movie release. I have it taped on my DirecTV DVR right now and actually watched it about 3 weeks ago.

  • Jo

    Happy birthday, Mr. Cosby…may you never grow up!

  • rock chick

    I agree. It goes from happy birthday to a bad movie review. What does one have to do with the other. How’s about talking about something positive like Fat Albert or the fact that Dr. Cosby went back to school to get his PH.D. Your article is really inappropriate.

  • Lisa Boatman

    Happy Birthday Bill. I like your new friend little Bill cute cartoons show. He look just like you hahaha. Keep up the good work. Love watching your shows.

    Have a great great Birthday and good day.
    Lisa Boatman,

  • Jesse Lee Jaynes Sr

    Happy B Day!!!

  • Blondelle

    Happy Bless Birthday to the Grand Master of Comedy of all times.

  • http://Yahoo Charlene P.

    What coulld i say except Mr. Cosby you are a great legend. I grew up watching the cosby show and it is still one of my favourite family entertainment after all these years. Happy Birthday and may God continue to bless you. Your favourite fan

  • http://Yahoo Amanda

    You are a motivation to writers and young actors coming up you have given a lot for us to learn from. We honour you on thisspecia day. I am sure heaven smiled on this day God Bless you sir. Happy Birthday

  • James Mosley

    Happy Birthday to my Favorite Entertainer of all time. We have different events at our Church and I am always ask to do a little Bill Cosby. He sent me an autographed book 18 yrs ago for my fundraiser.I admire him because his comedy is family friendly and I appreciate that. His humor is the best and he will always be the #1 Comedian to me of all time. His father humor I have used on my children. I hope he lives another 75 years and be the oldest living kid. Thank you Mr. Cosby for all you have done it is priceless

  • Mika

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Just started watching Season 7 of The Cosby Show on DVD to watch some real shows & not “reality shows.” Oh how they bring back memories… I hope you enjoyed your day!

  • Bayete Jackson

    75yrs. is nothing to shake a stick at…so Mr. Cosby..your the(funny)man and have been the man for a long time…keep laughing and making us laugh as well!!! Pray you had a great day of birth!!

  • chad

    Well if you would know anything about the guy he is a great actor at the casino nobody will go pick him up anymore cause he is a jerk from h@#l for instance he will male the driver stop and cover him up with a blanket when it is sitting right beside him there are a lot of places that he is not welcome to perform at cause in his mind he is god so I personaly hope he dose not have a happy birthday

    • Margaret Marshall

      Chad, isn’t it interesting that while you were posting your opinion, I was sharing a more sincere and heartfelt comment? Please remember, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your comments to yourself.” Also, “Treat others as you would want them to treat you.”

  • Margaret Marshall

    I don’t think I could add much
    to what’s already been posted. My dad was born April 12, 1937 and died on December 7, 2000 at age 63. I remember Bill Cosby’s day as if it was my Dad’s also. He never grew up either and was an inspiration and (unintentional) entertainer as well. I would like to see more of the Bill that still walks this earth. For Bill Cosby lightens my heart and brightens my day and lets me reflect on the love I will always have for my Dad!

  • http://WebProNews/Life ELIZABETH

    I hope you had a wonderful day filled with family, friends and cake!!! With many more to come!
    Thank you for all the wonderful memories of you and all of the cast of The Cosby Show. I used to watch your show all of the time growing up and it made me so happy!
    Blessings ELIZABETH :)

  • Paulette Cain

    I grew up on you. You were the King in our house. Long Live KING COSBY. Have a rockin birthday.

  • Gina

    Happy Birthday Mr.Cosby!

  • Hannah Head

    happy bithday to ya! I will turn 65 on 7/22 nice to be in the company of someone who can teach us and entertain us all at the same time. i was also very impressed with the art center you an Camille donated to the Spelman campus. May you enjoy continued blessings, Hannah

  • http://Yahoo Ed

    You’re getting old Mr. Kincaide! Hey Hey hey! Happy b-day.

  • http://Moms7MinuteWorkout.com james

    I Spy was my black and white favorite…pun intended :-) GymAlien said so!

  • Alkebu

    Happy Birthday Mr. Cosby… may you have many, many more…

  • Mary

    Go Bill Hope you had a most joyous birthday and look forward to seeing you celebrate many more