Bethenny Frankel Talks About Expanding Skinnygirl


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Bethenny Frankel, the Housewife turned talk show host turned Halloween candy creation (see bottom of article), has been busy lately. Embroiled in a catfight and whatnot, Frankel has also been involved in expanding her business empire, and recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her ventures that include creating her own brand of liquor.


"I went to all the big companies and none of them wanted to do it. They didn’t think it was a good idea; they didn’t think it would work. I found a partner to do it and we made it happen ourselves. It’s not an easy task, launching a liquor brand," Frankel told EW.

Though some skeptics (such as Omarosa Manigault) think Frankel coaxes through life, the talk show host spoke about the hardships she experienced in seeing the creation of her new product from the initial phase to completion.

"It is a very hard thing to do. I worked very hard, and I’m passionate about it. I think it was a great idea. It was the first low-calorie ready-to-drink cocktail ever and it changed the liquor industry. There’s no one in the liquor business who doesn’t know that story, and so it’s great, it’s inspirational to other people, women who have business ideas. So I’m very proud," Frankel said.

Frankel does not want to stop at just Skinnygirl Sparklers, but aims to continue expanding her business market. She spoke about the direction that she wants her business to take.

"So Sparklers will come and then it will be my nutritional bars, which are out nationwide, but there’s going to be a big launch for Skinnygirl Daily, the on-the-go nutrition bars, and salty snacks and dips and hummus and then soups," Frankel said.

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