“Best Butt” Discount Yields Surprising Receipt

    August 22, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A customer at a burger joint called the Twisted Root Burger Company found something rather interesting when she checked out her itemized receipt recently: a discount for having a delicious booty.

The customer posted the receipt on Reddit, where it quickly spread across the internets with the speed of a California wildfire. Apparently, the restaurant does allow their POS system to give small discounts for random, quirky things, like having a superior posterior. They posted the receipt on their Facebook page once it started gaining some attention, saying, “It looks like one of our cashiers has game.”


While such a discount is indeed hilarious, I’m wondering if I’m the only one to notice what’s printed at the bottom of that receipt. Sort of an odd way to go about hocking burgers, no?


  • Donovan

    Did anyone else notice that the sub-total, and therefore the total, is incorrect, and that there is NO DISCOUNT, ergo, no story.

    • Jeff

      Actually, the total before discounts is $12.97, meaning each discount is $0.01 each. $12.95 + $1.07 sales tax is $14.02. I don’t see a problem.

    • tincupp

      There is a TWO CENT discount applied…..”I guess good looks and an nice A$$ are not worth what they used to be”

      • Duffy

        Sure they are, Tin Athletic Cupp, it’s one cent per cheek.

    • http://thisone brandon

      ok its time to take you to math school.

      Veggie bowl 5.99
      Fried Pickles 2.99
      Drink 1.99
      total 12.97
      Sub total 12.95
      Sales tax 1.07
      over all total is $14.02
      which means each funny discount was worth $0.01
      so go back to school learn to count and learn to have fun.
      this was a funny thing that happened why mess that up by being an Asshole.

      • chad

        actually you need to go to math school….add 5.99+2.99+1.99 and you don’t get 12.97 you get 10.97 the veggie bowl was 7.99.

        • Sammy

          good catch. This guy probably didn’t even add it up.. just read other people’s comments.

    • Jimi

      Me fail math? Thats unpossible!!

      • Greg

        Yes, you fail math miserably as you FAIL to write your name properly. It is spelled ‘Jimmy’ NOT Jimi. Please write your name properly 100 times now, ok?

        • Fransuave

          @greg.. not everyone needs to have the same common name.. so you just FAILed in life.

    • Donna

      Yes there is a story, Dono-Vancomycin. Ergo is an ancient term, you need to take your antibiotic now and go to sleep.

  • JF

    7.99 + 2.99 + 1.99= $12.97 -0.01 Best Butt, another -0.01 Best looking equals $12.95 12.95 + 1.07= $14.02

  • http://Yahoo Mag

    I’ve dated women with a nice ass and they got a 100% discount on every meal we ate together.

    • Michael

      Well said and noted, Magdalene.

  • jl

    you are all missing the point, completely.
    could we please see the booty in question to judge for ourselves the discount she deserved?

  • http://None Al

    Why doesn’t the story tell us, the reader, where the hell this restaurant is located?

    I just love the quality of “journalism” in our society.

    • Tijjy

      All of the Twisted Root locations are in Texas. There you go, now calm down.

  • Jeff Spicoli

    As funny as that is its still wrong, let me charge you sir with douchebag tax of 5.00, have nice day lol

    • MikeD

      Spicoli! Did you ever attend school in N. Miami Beach, FL? January 1987-February 1987.

  • Cabfed

    Anyone realize this was -.01 for each… not much of a discount!

  • Cee

    It’s “hawking”, not “hocking”

    “Hocking” means to pawn something, or if used as slang it means to cough up phlegm.

    I had to read that sentence twice.

    Mistakes like that make me discount the content of the article. If you didn’t have pictures I’d suspect this was a fake.

    • Tijjy

      “If you didn’t have pictures I’d suspect this was a fake.”

      Don’t make mistakes while complaining about them, dear. You meant to type: “If you didn’t have pictures, I’d suspect this was a fake.”

      Mistakes like that make me discount the content of your complaints.

      • Cee

        Big difference between forgetting a comma and completely misusing a word.

  • PA

    Indeed, it’s “hawking” not “hocking.” And “Internet” is always capitalized.

    Didn’t there used to things such as editors in this world?

    • Ron Martel

      I find it hilarious that you made a mistake while complaining about editing.

      Didn’t there used to things such as editors in this world?

      what the hell is that gibberish…..?

      • MikeD

        LOL! Now dat dare is sum funny sh**!

  • T

    I clicked because I wanted to see her butt. :-(

  • Robert Orpin

    The woman pictured definitely has a very nice posterior.

  • Biff

    I don’t want to see the receipt, I want to see her BUTT !!

    • booooty lover

      id love to eat that as a all u can eat tossed salad buuffeett

  • Curtis

    Its obvious that he was just giving her his 2 cents.

    • Guest

      More like trying to give her his two inches

      • Kim

        Two inches is better than nothing, Guest. You, of all people, should know that.

  • greg

    Wow a good looking butt only gets a 1 cent discount and being good looking gets you another 1 cent….

  • Bobbymeatballs

    Hey. Did anyone notice that Best Looking and Best Butt are only worth 1 Cent each! Hell. On a bad day we are all worth more than that!

    • thorn

      nah once your married you become a liability,.

    • Jack

      Hah! Looks like Chapelle was right: If pussy was a stock, it would be worth about TWO CENTS.

  • Big Daddy

    At first I thought it was Cool & Funny. But for $0.01 it’s a slap in the face.

    • Al

      more like, a slap in the butt.

  • John

    NO DISCOUNT ! Add the receipt look at to the right -0.0
    Who ever started this REPORT is Stupid !!
    Oh 1 penny is a discount? How many people stop to bend over to pick that up?
    I am waiting for a smart girl to file a Sexual Harassment Law Suit

    • Joe Bob

      You sir, are an idiot. There are 2 decimal places when dealing with money.

      • Dette

        @ Joe.. See if you were smart and did the math on the receipt the total would have been $12.97 but it shows it at $12.95 so clearly they had $0.02 taken off. Check it out! I agree, a smart girl should file a law suit.

        • Andrew

          Anyone smart would know that this isn’t sexual harassment. And that even if it were, the restaurant would have to be asked to stop twice by the same person before they would be able to file suit.

          • Josh

            I agree with Andrew. It’s not the discount that matters, its the fact that the restaurant has different ways to compliment their customers. It’s a marketing technique that I guarantee brings them more business. Not sexual harassment!

        • Chuck

          Give a man the same complement and its great. Only a stuck up B*#!@ would try to file a law suit over a complement.

          • e

            I agree with you 100%.
            They should take the compliment and keep it moving.

        • Billy

          Actually if you really look at the receipt the Best Butt did actually get you .01 discount. And the best looking also gave this girl .01 discount. So each of those really give her less than 1% each. Just saying.Maybe the point of .01 discount is to really point out that her butt and looks are really really bad.

        • tammy

          Why is this sexual harrassment? Why can’t it be a compliment? GEEZE People! i am a woman an I appreciate it when a man/random or not, notices and compliments me-on whatever he finds attractive on me.

  • ST

    I ate at a Chipotle and got my meal free because a guy working in the back put his sticker on my tray. Apparently, they got to give a good looking chick a free meal each shift by placing a sticker on the tray. I thought it was odd but also nice to get treated. The guy’s coworker gave my friend his sticker so she wouldn’t feel bad about having to pay when I got mine free! I did tip the cashier though!

    • Sharon

      Well, how nice that someone as beautiful as you is kind enough to hang out with someone who is not as attractive!!! How do you know that you weren’t given a sticker out of pity so you would feel good??
      You sounded very conceited.

      • jack

        Damn sharon sounds like your bitter about not getting a sticker

        • Jess

          LMBO!!! I agree!!!

      • ST

        Whoops, I guess that did come off conceited. My friend is really pretty, you are right, he probably was going to give her his sticker anyway. He was just slower to do it!

  • arf_arf

    They made me pay extra.

  • Love It

    Gives new meaning to the term “Sweet Meat!!”

  • BAMN

    I wasn’t sure what I would get with this article – butt pics or a real story.

    Butt(!), I think the best part of this article has been reading the comments.

    Reminds me of high school (Sorry Spicoli).

    Also I am not sure of a healthy Veggie Bowl plus fried pickles? She won’t keep the discount going much longer…

    From a spelling/editing point of view. None of you are my wife, parent or teacher so chill on the the writing of other people’s comments (right Jimi? Love your guitar playing by the way).

    You can (and should) criticize the author of the article as they are most likely paid for this.

  • Bettybuttnutt Cranston

    Would she still have gotten the discount if she had dingle berries?

  • Kim

    Is it possible you mean “hawking”–aggressively selling–burgers? Or do you think the Twisted Root Burger Company is a pawn shop for meat?

  • bobby

    A grand total of 2 cents off? Not such a good butt after all.

    • Ras-1

      The cashier just wanted to say he like her butt.

  • jason

    sounds like a nig hitting on the white wimminz

    • Angela

      You sound like an ass spewing racist sh**

  • Dan

    Um, Amanda?

    “Hocking” is either selling a possession to a pawn shop or bringing up phlegm in order to spew the “loogie” onto unsuspecting victims; “hawking”, however, is the attempt to sell items at a local market/carnival.

  • Alexandra

    Actually, 1980’s model Davina Laurie has the best “Butt” in town!! actually the best anything in town!!!