'Berzerk" Eminem Preview Makes Fans Excited


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Rapper and songwriter Eminem recently released a preview of his new single, 'Berzerk', on Slim Shady's website. The video is a preview of what is to come on his new album titled "Marshall Mathers LP 2".

The music video clip of "Berzerk" begins with the words “Take your shoes off, let your hair down, go berserk all night long.” The rapper then continues: “We’re gonna rock this house until we knock it down, so turn the volume loud.” Later on in Berzerk, Eminem raps: “Life’s too short, so now go for broke.", according to The Inquisitr.

All that has been currently released is a preview of the song "Berzerk". The full song will premiere tonight at midnight, according to reports. Ever since he made a comment in August of 2012, suggesting that he was working on a new album, fans have not stopped thinking about it. It is available for purchase on iTunes. On Eminem's official website he has posted two previews of the song. You can click on the links below and watch them.

The full album, "Marshall Mathers LP 2", is scheduled to be released on November 5, 2013. Marshall Mathers was the name that he was born with, so that's where the title comes from. Rick Rubin and Eminem's co-producer, Dr. Dre, are the executive producers of the new project.

Last night during the Video Music Awards on MTV, the release date for the new album was shown on a commercial, unveiling the date for the very first time. The commercial was for Beats by Dre.

It will be his 8th album that he has produced. His first album in 1996 and was titled "Infinite". The last one he completed was called "Recovery" and was released in 2010. It was debuted as number one on Billboard and he won a grammy for having the best rap album.

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