Beetle Dune: The VW Dune Turned Heads


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The Detroit Auto Show revealed the "Beetle Dune" concept which will be designed for an "on the go" active lifestyle. That was the point in Volkswagen's dune buggy version of the VW Beetle.

When the Beetle Dune was announced, most thought it was VW was trying to recreate their version of a converted Baja Bug of the 70's. Those were perfect for beaches and sand dunes. You could pretty much take that Baja bug anywhere. But what VW has come up with this year in the Beetle Dune is a model that is even better, and much more reliable.


The VW Dune is two inches higher than the standard VW Bug and comes with widened wheel housings, and bigger, 19-inch wheels. Although the look is 'dune worthy' it probably isn't going to perform off-road like the old Baja's did. It does give the Dune a much meatier if not a more 'stout' look.

One of the coolest new designs on the Dune is the spoiler on the back that doubles as a ski-rack. The outer part of the spoiler swivels outward to make room for your skis, which are then belted in place.

But VW presented the Beetle Dune hoping for an appeal to skiers in Aspen, Colo., or sand boarders in Florence, Ore. The company had a 21st century Baja Bug in mind.


Officially, VW says no decision has been made on whether to produce it as of yet.

"Dune, for the time being, is a concept," said Michael Horn, Volkswagen Group of America president and chief executive said after the unveiling. "If people like it, we work on the concept and we create a very specific marketing campaign for it."

The dune is poised to reach young, athletic and creative types - it is a lifestyle car. It was designed for those who could care less about practicality, but how much fun you can have in it and where it can take you.

The Dune is based on a high-performance Beetle R-Line, but VW has given it a special look and feel that makes it unique from the standard Beetle.

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