Beaver Actor Dies; Frank Bank Was 71

    April 18, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Actor Frank Bank, who played Clarence “Lumpy” Rutherford on the TV show Leave it to Beaver, has died. He was 71.

Though the cause of his death has not been reported, Bank died in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 13.

Bank began his acting career in the 50s, with small roles on TV and a role as the young Will Rogers in The Story of Will Rogers. In 1958 he was cast in the role of Clarence “Lumpy” Rutherford in the classic sitcom Leave it to Beaver. Lumpy is portrayed as a bully with an overbearing father who eventually befriends Wally Cleaver, Beaver’s older brother.

In the 70s, Bank left acting and began a career as a bond broker in Los Angeles. However, Bank returned to the role of Lumpy in the 80s in The New Leave it to Beaver, a sequel to the original series. In 2007 Bank published an autobiography titled Call Me Lumpy: My Leave it to Beaver Days and Other Wild Hollywood Life.

  • http://NationalHomes4Heroes/SpiritHorseII Elizabeth Wiley

    RIP A small reminder of my childhood. If we got homework done, chores done, YAY take a shower, and be ready to jump in bed, we got to watch Leave it to Beaver with our Mom! She worked, so we loved to just have her read us a book, or watch a favorite show before she said “time for bed”. A friend once told me I had lived a sheltered life. I told him, yes, and grateful to my parents for it. RIP part of that lovely memory. I work with families and children, and I wish every one of them had the same good memories. And for my friend’s information, BOTH my Mom and Dad were ex military (my Mom was a Red Cross nurse in the psych wards at Letterman) and BOTH had what we now know as PTSD, and they were an inter racial couple (My Dad was Native Californian at a time they were not considered humans) so it was NOT so sheltered. But the good parts were awesome and I think those who gave children a moment of comedy in an uncertain world.

  • Craig Vance

    It’s sad as we get older, but it’s a fact of life, death happens, and actor Frank Bank (Lumpy, aka Clarence Rutherford) was a funny child actor in Leave It To Beaver. This sitcom will never be duplicated. Jerry Mathers, Tony Dow and Ken Osmond remain with us as childhood icons, as well as the other child actors cast for the show as friends of Beaver and Wally, playing Whitey, Gilbert and Tooey, the 3 most-remembered. Richard Deacon was Fred Rutherford and appeared in a few shows and his son Lumpy was his “Daddy’s son” in the show. Ward and June Cleaver were the “perfect parents” with an emaculate home, and June always wore a dress, and Ward a suit and tie or something casual when at home. Never any loud arguing in this perfect household! Does anyone know how Theodore’s name “The Beaver” came to be?

  • Craig Vance

    I googled “How did the name ‘Beaver’ come to be for Theodore Cleaver? It’s a short, endearing story, and Wally, older brother, is responsible. Long live “Leave It To Beaver”!

  • http://www.con-tamination.com DAVE DYER

    I’m pushing 50 theses days and grew up watching reruns of “Leave it to Beaver” & still watch them today when ever I can. i have introduced my 10 year old daughter to the show amoung other classic shows like “Dennis the Menace” or “Dragnet” because the shows that are on TV today are violent & dangerious the age of innocence is long over & that is sad! Show like Beaver remind us of simpler times, carefree times, fun times, wholesome times, a time when family meant family & we did things together as a family! So R.I.P Lumpy & Thank You for being our family for a liftime!