Battlefield 4 to be Heavily Merchandised With Clothes, a Novel, and More

    July 16, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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As publishers struggle with ever-growing budgets for what they hope will be blockbuster next-generation, many of them are looking for new revenue models. Some are turning to mobile, where a growing segment of casual gamers have proven willing to spend money on free-to-play titles and inexpensive, easy-to-develop games. EA, however, has revealed that its plans for Battlefield 4 will take a more traditional route.

EA today announced that it will heavily merchandise Battlefield 4, as if it were a blockbuster movie. In addition to the requisite strategy guides and art book (which will come with both standard and collector’s editions), Battlefield 4-branded Razer gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, and messenger bags will also go on sale this fall. Battlefield 4 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 controllers and mouse pads will also be manufactured. Moreover, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, keychains, dog tags, wall decals, and cases for smartphones and tablets are on the way. A Battlefield 4 novel written by Peter Grimsdale will compliment the campaign story of the game.

This level of merchandising isn’t quite to the level that Angry Birds developer Rovio has reached (toys, soda, a theme park, a Star Wars tie-in, and basically the entire country of Finland), but it does show the direction EA wants to take its ‘AAA’ games in.

  • JohnLemon

    that’s just crazy. considering that the Battlefield franchise has been aimed at a more mature audience, I doubt that most fans would want to walk around in BF4 clothing and/or feel the need to buy iphone cases or any of that stuff.
    plus i’ve never heard of a strategy guide for an FPS lol..

    • Tyrane

      agree. just another attempt by EA to get the COD kids over to battlefield