BART Fatality Was Only 16 Years Old

    November 12, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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A recent tragedy occurred at the El Cerrito Del Norte station that claimed the life of an El Cerrito High School student. Sixteen-year-old Fausto Delgado died on Tuesday after being hit by a train at 5:15 in the morning. The California station closed immediately and utilized the services of a bus until reopening later in the morning.

The circumstances surrounding the death of the high school junior have not been released at this time; however, psychologists have been on the scene at the high school to offer grief counseling.

A spokesman for the West Contra Costa Unified School District, Marin Trujillo, gave his condolences on behalf of the district to the family of the popular student. “He was very well-loved. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time. We’re doing everything we can to make sure that the students get the help that they need, as well as the family.”

Some have questioned whether the fatality was a suicide; however, there have been no confirmations at this time as the incident is still under investigation.

The is not the first tragedy to befall a BART station. The Hayward BART station experienced a devastating tragedy in June of this year.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons and Courtesy of Harmonywriter]

  • Corey

    16 years old? Popular student? Well-loved? WTF happened here?!?!

    • Brandon

      Very tragic, but it is a bit suspicious that someone like that committed suicide just like that. He was probably very pushed by bullies to take this to the extreme. Condolences to his family and friends, so sorry for the loss.

  • Muthee

    ONLY, what does that mean?? The 16 year old is a human being, just saying “ONLY” shows insensitive. Those words should be retracted, a human being has lost his life. A family has been left devastated…ONLY…shame on you reporters!!!!

    • So Sad

      The definition of the term “only” used here refers to “no more than” – meaning that this child was just 16 years old!!! He had just started to live his life. It’s truly sad and my heart goes out to his entire family.

  • Muthee


    • Tu2Bene

      is English not your first language? Only as in merely or just.

      • Corey


  • Corey

    Very sad. If it was bullying, then this is yet another example of the epidemic that has befallen our country. I feel for the parents.

  • Sophie

    RIP Fausto Delgado. It gets better young people! Other people love you whether you know it or not, and there is always another more productive way to express your pain

  • elisabeth

    The family appreciate your emotional comments, but they need monetary help for his funeral service, I invite everyone who can help to donate, this can be thrue El Cerrito High School Office. Thanks.

  • romeo

    Fausto was Deaf. NO-one is mentioning this. But,as anyone with ANY degree of hearing “loss” knows very well, it is very significant. It is isolating and profoundly lonely and frustrating on a daily basis; in the classroom even a small degree of less-than-normal-hearing makes a large difference, and in regular daily interactions, even more so. Even though he could talk well, he had difficulty hearing and this can make people introverted, depressed, and can also make them bullies targets; if they have hearing aids and different speech and misunderstand others, if they have interpreters in their classes…..
    Did the school give him true 100% EQUAL access to EVERYTHING? It wouldn’t have been possible. Did he have a large group of Deaf peers to socialize with EASILY? I believe there were only four DHH kids at the whole school. Obviously there were other issues involved; many many Deaf and HOH people survive such odds, although they are often angry about it later in their life. But it cannot be ruled out that the fit of the school for him, and the bullying, and the depression, was exacerbated by his hearing status and the fact that he went to a school designed for normal-hearign students.
    There is a big push towards mainstreaming all Deaf and HOH kids these days. It is thought that by giving them interpreters, hearing aids, speech therapy, and three Deaf peers, one is giving them the “best possible of all worlds.” However, has anyone considered that perhaps this is depriving them of their human right to a MASS of like peers, an easy and natural language without barriers, and direct instruction in all of ones classes, taught by brilliant Deaf adult with and without hearing aids like Fausto? That this type of environment could have provided a richly stimulating and deeply, intimately knowledgable and supportive climate for a bright, soul-searching young man who was Deaf?
    There are many who wish to deny , hide or minimize this; there are many who will cringe at the word “Deaf and insist that it not be capitalized, that he was HOH (hard of hearing) and that this was NOT, NOT, NOT any part of the problem. However, if you ask a Deaf person who does live in the Deaf community, who has attended a Deaf school, or who is a renowned Deaf professional in the Deaf community, you will find almost 100% consensus that this WAS, almost definitely, part of the problem. NOT his being Deaf, but his being in an all-hearing environment that did not DEEPLY, Intimately, understand how to meet ALL of his needs; psychological, linguistic, AND academic. His needs as a human being deserving the comaraderie of many peers like him, where being Deaf would promptly disappear as an issue since they were all the same in that way, and of teachers who LIVED his same experience daily, and understood from that what he needed to thrive. To feel whole and to find his happiness in life.

  • Geronimo Delgado

    This is my son Fausto Delgado the one you are talking about . I know that was not his time yet , and I know that he was not doing okay lately and I know to that he was been bullied and played hearth broken I know who did it and I really will love that some one help because I am in so much paid he was my firstborn.. Thank you

    • Angry Arriaga

      He was my cousin, im so sad. If he was bullied and anyone knows who is atfault please reportt this to the police. Fausto needs justice.

    • elisabeth

      Los q conocimos a Fausto sabemos lo respetuoso y hermoza persona q era, siempre lo extranaremos y tendremos presente a este Angel.