Bank of America to Cut 16,000 Jobs by Year’s End

By: Sean Patterson - September 21, 2012

Bank of America will be speeding up its cost-cutting measures and will lay off 16,000 employees by the end of the year.

The Wall Street Journal has obtained a “document given to top management” of the bank and is reporting that the layoffs are part of cost-cutting measures that will make the company “a leaner and more focused enterprise.

The document states that the plan is to “become a major deal maker around the world” by taking less risk, making more money from existing customers, and using an investment operation from Merrill Lynch, which Bank of America acquired during the financial crisis in 2008. This all translates into fewer local branches and a shrunken mortgage operation.

The Wall Street Journal points out that these cuts will drop Bank of America from its position as the U.S. bank with the most employees. After the layoffs, the bank will have an estimated 260,000 employees – less than J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, or Wells Fargo, the report states.

Bank of America has faced the same financial difficulties that other banks have since the sub-prime mortgage loan crisis began. The company has implemented numerous cost-cutting and revenue-generating changes, including considering charging a fee for basic checking accounts. This has made the bank unpopular with banking customers, and it was the runner-up in The Consumerist’s “Worst Company in America” competition this year.

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  • Robert Raine

    What I would like to know is Bank of America not making money now. Or is it not enoff money to make the CEO or the upper management the bonus money they want. Or is it the investors that want more money for thier investments. The thing is that Bank of America and all other companies that want to lay off so many people, need to think one thing. How will America get out of this bad economy with so many people being let go from thier jobs. People with no jobs or only part time jobs can not spend the extra money they do not have to spend . Jobs are the only way we can come out of this economy . And without the stable full time jobs all American people need. We will not have the money to spend or invest or do anything else to put American companies back to making the money they need to be profitable .