Baldwin Stalker Gets Jail Time For Contempt Of Court

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Alec Baldwin's alleged stalker, 41-year old Genevieve Sabourin, says she fell in love with him very quickly and thought the feelings were reciprocated.

Sabourin admitted in court on Wednesday that she has sent the actor quite a bit of email and came to his apartment in NYC, but said it was never with the intention to harass him.

"I was in love with Mr. Baldwin very fast," she said. "He reached my heart in a very deep I naïve or stupid I don't know, but I believed him."

Baldwin has said that the only contact he had with Sabourin was professional in nature, but she insists that they were intimate. The publicist met Badlwin when he was filming "The Adventures Of Pluto Nash" in 2002, and while he says their contact was minimal over the years, she would email him saying she wanted to be his wife and have his child. On Tuesday, when Baldwin's wife Hilaria took the stand to testify that Sabourin had been harassing them--allegedly telling Hilaria over Twitter that she hoped she had a miscarriage--Sabourin began shouting in the courtoom, calling Hilaria a liar and saying she was "going to Hell". She had several outbursts on Tuesday, including the assertion that Baldwin has a scar on his hip in order to prove she'd been intimate with him, and was given a warning by the judge.

When she took the stand on Wednesday, the outbursts and crying continued, and the judge eventually called her on contempt of court, sentenced her to 30 days in jail, and excused the courtroom for a break. When they returned, Sabourin was in handcuffs.

Sabourin was found outside Baldwin's apartment last year and was arrested; if she's convicted of stalking she could face at least 90 days in jail.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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