Baby Lisa: Could She Be The Blonde Angel?

By: Ellisha Rader Mannering - October 22, 2013

When a young girl found at a gypsy camp turned out to be abducted, many people hoped and thought she could be baby Lisa, who went missing from her crib two years ago. Authorities determined that the girl did not belong to the adults who she was living with and immediately began DNA tests and looking for her biological family. The little girl, named Maria is currently living in a group home until her parents can be located.

Baby Lisa’s parents were hopeful that the mystery girl could be their daughter, but DNA tests show the girl should be at least 5 or 6. Baby Lisa would turn 3 this year. The similarities between the mystery girl and Lisa Erwin are shocking, and according the baby Lisa’s parent attorney, the couple contacted the FBI as soon as they found out a young girl was found.

“Because of the physical similarities between Lisa and Maria we have contacted the authorities here, as well as overseas, and are waiting for their responses,” they said in a letter.

Lisa Erwin went missing from her crib in 2011 while her mother was admittedly drunk. The mystery girl was reportedly found in deplorable conditions and was not be cared for properly. 13 other children were found with the same couple who had Maria. All of their birth certificates were forged and authorities believe they may be victims of human trafficking.

Authorities are still investigating leads in both the disappearance of baby Lisa and the discovery of the mystery girl. The Greece government has also opened in emergency investigation and full inquiry into all birth certificates issued in Greece after January 1 2008 in hopes of finding out if more children have been involved with the couple responsible for taking Maria and the other children.

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  • Anna-Laura

    How could this be the same girl? They are 3 years apart in agE?!


      I think Maria is not Lisa Irwin, Maria look alike come from ireland or germany?

  • ken

    No it’s not the same girl.



  • Sheri

    OBVIOUSLY, the little mystery girl is not 2 (or 3) years old. Why even bother talking about this or the parents hoping for this? I dont’ get it.

  • Cookie

    Too much conflicting information. I hope it is the Irwin’s daughter. Only DNA will tell. God bless all of them.

  • Roguemom

    If 13 other kids were found with the couple and proven not to be theirs, why are we being inundated with info about this one child?

  • john

    I am really appalled at these comments. Most of you are attacking the idea of why this little girl is being investigated as the Irwin girl – eg – why is this a story at all?

    Only 1 person has commented on the shameful behavior of these gypsies in abducting these children.

    I am shocked – if this is at 1 gypsy camp, could there be other abducted children at other gypsy camps? Is anyone going to look into this?