Baby Left With Pit Bull So Dad Could Watch The Game

    December 7, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A Florida father was arrested last Friday after leaving his 10-month old baby in the care of a pit bull.

41-year old James Irvine allegedly left the infant in a room with the door closed; the baby was crying when the mother–who had gone to work and become upset when she couldn’t reach Irvine–came home. The dog was sitting outside the door.

Irvine reportedly told police that he hadn’t left the child alone because the dog was there with him. Deputies say that conditions in the home were consistent with those of someone expecting to be out of the house for an extended period of time, as pets were shut up in another room, as well. The child’s mother–who didn’t want to be identified–said she tried repeatedly to raise Irvine on his phone and when he finally answered, he told her he was out “watching the game” and hung up on her.

Irvine was arrested and later released on $1,500 bail after a waitress at a local bar identified him and showed police his bar tab, which he’d failed to pay before leaving.

Irvine isn’t alone in his bizarre parenting methods; earlier this year, a Tulsa man was arrested after neighbors found a young child naked and locked out of the home; when police arrived, they found a toddler locked in a pet cage inside the house as the father slept on.

  • Jana

    I think the baby was in better hands with the Pit than the boyfriend! The pit is probably a protector of the child.

    • gigi

      ^ you are an idiot

  • Bastet

    I’ll agree with that. Dog is probably smarter then the stupid inbred guy.

  • Dyxe

    The dog’s breed doesn’t matter in this case. The idiot left his baby alone in a room while he watched a game. That is criminal negligence.

  • Joe

    The breed of the dog doesn’t matter should be removed from the title. I thought I was about to read some more pit bashing, which I’m sick of. Glad that wasn’t the case here.

  • mike

    Actually the dog breed does matter. The brainless dad would have said they play together all the time if the dog had got in and mauled the child. The idiot would have sat there and yelled at the screaming child and the snarling dog to be quiet so he could hear the f—ing game.

  • mandi

    I have a 10 month old boy and I can’t imagine leaving him with a deadbeat dad.

  • jeff

    are you kidding me??only 1500 to get out?? that guy deserves an a$$ beating!!no game has or will ever be more important then my daughters safety… tv at home??? sit and watch with your baby?? good times brother, you only get limited time with your children before they grow up and get lives themselves..cherish them because theres no getting them days back!!

  • Kathy

    Wait a minute. The mother of this child actually produced the child by means of sleeping with this man. Maybe her intellegence isn’t any better!

  • Anysa

    I really think its unfair to lash out at the mother , who has to work and take care of her baby anyway . a Father’s responsibility should not be less than a mothers.
    This man , however, does not deserve this baby .