Avengers Shoes Will Kick Bad Guys’ Butts

    June 11, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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If you were a superhero like Captain America or Iron Man would you wear your own swag? Is it different if you are a superhero, or super douchey like if I wore a shirt with a picture of my face on it? The question is definitly one that we may never get the answer to. But it hasn’t stopped some people from trying.

Enter Amy. A 23 year old graphic designer and Uber Tom Hiddleston fan. She has designed 2 sets of Avengers shoes for us all to ohh and ahh over. The shoes arent real, but she needs to seriously rethink her plan of making them real because they really do kick butt. See what I did there?

Avengers Toms


Avengers Converse


  • Brionna M.

    Where and the heck can I get me some of those Loki Toms?? OMG!
    I am a big Tom Hiddleston fan, and I need those.

  • Soi

    Someone, please, for the love of everything that is, make these real! <3
    Captain America converse? Yes please!!

  • Katherine donovan

    Totally want some toms like right now. Would buy then in an instant!!! Love them!