Aurora Shooter James Holmes Islam Conversion Rumored

    March 22, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Earlier this month, Aurora shooter James Holmes appeared in court sporting a huge beard. Now, rumors have begun to surface claiming that the man has converted to Islam.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the rumor first surfaced in the tabloid publication The National Enquirer. An unnamed “prison source” allegedly told the Enquirer that Holmes has converted to Islam, prays five times a day, eats only halal food, and studies the Koran. The source is quoted as saying Holmes now believes his shooting rampage was part of “his own personal jihad.” The rumors also hold that Holmes’ fellow muslim inmates are not happy with his alleged conversion, as they don’t want the religion to be associated with his crimes.

Holmes is currently on trial for the shooting that took place at an Aurora, Colorado movie theatre in July 2012 during a showing of the move The Dark Knight Rises. He allegedly entered the theatre wearing a gas mask and shot canisters of tear gas into the crowd. He then shot into the crowd with a shotgun, semi-automatic rifle, and handgun. 12 people died and 58 others were injured.

The rumors of Holmes’ religious conversion sound a bit sketchy. If true, though, they could be an indication of Holmes’ mental health, which has been called into question. Of course, the rumors could just be false, or Holmes could simply be trolling everyone.

  • Pat Mahiney

    wow giving Islam a bad name

    • Ben Dover

      I don’t think anyone can really go any further with giving them a bad name…

      • tina

        you are a an ignorant pig, you do not know anything about islam. its people like you who say that! If you actually understood the religion, you would know that by ANY MEANS it doesnt promote ANY SUCH HORRIBLE THINGS. Just like in other religions, mostly christianity there are MANY insane ppl, who do horrible things, more than in islam….but you dont define it by the ppl…and im sure thats not what many religions promote. So, do yourself a favor, and be educated and not so ruthless.

        • Freda M.

          Oh, bull crap. The whole world knows how violent Islam is. Just look at your hateful and vicious reaction to a simple statement of fact. You just PROVE how violent Muslims become, at the drop of a hat.

          Thanks for the example proving how Islam makes people angry, violent and hateful.

          Islam teaches HATRED of infidels and calls for their killing, over and over again. It goes WAY beyond all other religions in its scope of violence. Everyone with half a brain and any bit of honesty knows that fact.

          • tina

            There is no truth behind what you are saying AT ALL. Im sorry if your lost and dont know your way..In actuality, the christins actually kill muslims many many times, an example, killing innocent afghans in afghanistan, killing innocent iraqis in iraq…”over and over again”. what does this say? GET OUT OF MUSLIM COUNTRIES.EVERYONE AGREES TO THIS. Judging from your writing you probably dont know much about ANYTHING ELSE. You dont know ish about the religion,I feel pity on such useless ignorant fools like you.. Hope one day you can develop your lacking half a brain.<3

  • Blogger

    The religion shouldn’t be associated with his crimes. This is discusting that an article is being made about this. Who even cares; so what if he converted? Killing in islam is a sin. Those who kill are just extremists and shouldn’t even be considered a Muslim. Oh society and media… will never learn

    • Freda M.

      Islam calls for the killing of infidels. It’s really that simple. So, he’s definitely a “good Muslim.”

      And, no, not all religions call for the deaths of nonbelievers, and no other religion in history has the same body count as Islam. (Christianity comes in second.)

      So, we’re talking about an especially dangerous religion, not just any.

      What about all those other Muslim criminals? THEIR crimes don’t give Islam a bad name? Ridiculous. And how about all the terrorist acts all over the world? That’s not giving Islam a bad name?

      Islam already has a bad name – and it deserves it. Time for the dishonest baloney to stop.

      • Carolyn Wu

        Actually, Christianity historically has had a higher death count (remember the Crusades, the Inquisition?). However, in fairness, Christianity had a 600 year head start and in recent history, Islam has definitely been the bloodier one. Still, it is wrong to say that Holmes is a “good Muslim” for killing “infidels”. For one thing, unless Holmes had already converted to Islam at the time of the attack, you cannot use that argument. For another thing, it is not up to you (or me) to determine who is (or is not) a good Muslim. It is up to each individual Muslim to decide. Some (very few) subscribe to your perspective. The vast majority do not (if they did, there would be FAR more people dead right now given that there are over a billion Muslims, so it is obvious that the vast majority do not believe in killing non-Muslims or there would be zero non-Muslims in countries where there are a majority of Muslims and a whole bunch fewer non-Muslims here in the US (where the number of Muslims is about 2 to 3 million).

        • Brenden Sica

          Right on Carolyn!

          • Della Sutherland

            The Crusaders were Catholics, and they killed Christians along with all other religions.

  • jonathan

    Well, it is the religion of choice for whackos.

    • dan

      Every religion is for wackos. Christianity is no different. Keep believing in a man who walks on water and pissed out wine.

      • Michelle

        Exactly Dan thanks for pointing that point.

        • http://webpronews.com Kali

          You are wrong Christians are good people and islams are stupid horrible people and you should just shut up!

          • David Sparks

            @ Kali…Yes some Christians are very good people…But you have to be a Christian in your heart mind and soul…The Christian that take a verse out of the Bible and build their own sermon, they’re teaching only one openion that decieves people…These people make theirselves Gods, and they are phoney anti Christ’s…These are also sons of Lusifer, the false teachers That are decieving the world…Simply wolves dressed in sheeps clothing. If perhaps you find a person teaching the new testament, you need to listen to what they are saying.If by chance they are reading word for word out of the King James Version, they are truthful. Anything else is Garbage, but dont judge them, thats not your job, Jesus will handle that in the resurection, thats his job.

      • Dana

        “Every religion is for wackos. Christianity is no different.”

        You are so right! Why are people blind to the fact that Christians and Muslims strap on suicide vests and blow up crowds of people in equal numbers?! Why won’t people admit that Christians have flown just as many planes into buildings as Muslims?

      • NB

        lmao thats great!!

  • John Skye

    is there ANYone who gives a sh*t what this cretin does or thinks??? … good grief … must be a REALLY slow bews day.

  • Ali

    This is just the media trying to make Muslim and the sacred religion of Islam have a bad name. James Holmes is not a Muslim, the media is messing with the publics head!!!

    • tina

      I Completely agree!

    • Freda M.

      Blah, blah, blah. Islam already has the worst name of any religion in the history of mankind. And it deserves it. Stop being dishonest. You’re not fooling anyone except yourself and your fellow deluded cultists.

      Criminy, ENOUGH with the evil Islam, already!

      • Brenden Sica

        Just take away religion from the picture. Forget it’s even there. You’re left with good people, and then you have bad people. I don’t believe in religion because what it comes down to is wether you’re ethical or unethical.

        Freda, don’t scrutinize a whole religion, Islam, just because of its past and some corrupt people that claim to be Muslim. There are some really nice people in the Islam faith that have no affiliation with the evil ones that also partake in the religion. Think before you assume.

  • tina

    *this ^ is in regard to ben dover.

  • cash

    Convert this scum to a pile of ashes!

  • S

    WTF, Lets get something straight here do Christian People do Crazy stuff and kill all the time sure Yes, but they are not doing it in the name of Jesus Christ. Now do Muslims kill and do crazy stuff, Yes they do, now not all do it in the name of ISLAM but Many Many Many do. Not all Muslims are bad, but the bad ones bread hatred due to how they interpret the book. So Get the F out of here about Christians killing in the name of there God.

    What about the crusades you say, well guess who they were fighting and killing, the very ones trying to take over there lands with the sword if you did not convert to their religion (Islam). So if you want to defend Islam that’s fine, but there is no doubt that there are some who use Islam to spread Hate and death.

  • H

    This has nothing to do with religion.

    People of both (and other) religions kill. People say they kill to save/protect/serve their God, but it’s not true. Don’t let trolls on the internet spoon feed you into thinking one religion is based on violence when it is man/greed who think they can use their God to justify it.

    This killer is trash. This news is all about the media stirring shit up. Exactly what this cold blooded killer wants. He’s behind bars, let the justice system (however imperfect it may be) do it’s thing for forget about this scum. Remember the lives of those lost. Don’t waste your time/energy/thoughts on trash like the killer.

  • David Sparks

    Im not at all involved with islam…Simply, only through Jesus Christ will you enter the Kingdom of Heaven….Theres only one way, The Father, The Son, And the Holyghost…Theres no other possible way…Islam is the anti Christ of this world. Dont get me wrong, Islam beholds a God alright…His name is Lusifer the God of the earth. Which is a very powerful God, and not to be challenged,theres only one God that can over rule this God…The most high God Jehova…A men. I am not a jehova witness.

  • http://muslimmatters.org Siraaj

    This story is false, it doesn’t even exist on the National Enquirer website, see the following write up which debunks this nonsense story made up by the daily mail and picked up by the washington times:


  • Robert

    Looks like a child or a video game nerd wrote this “or Holmes could simply be trolling everyone.” If they are an adult maybe they should write for a twelve year old audience with their nerd slang.

    • Lucas

      Really? Robert, I think this was a fine, concise article. If you really want to see bad writing, go to most of the stories on Yahoo! News. I think you just wanna criticize something. I have nothing against opinions, but I completely disagree w/ yours.

  • Flash

    Either way lets execute this turd and be done…. OH yeah we have to find him guilty first. Should be easy.

  • will reese jr

    What a piece of shit ,he is cunning and calculating and relishing in his moment of infamy,Colorado put this lowlife psycopath on the fast track to a lethal demise

    • Appleseed

      Just look at the language of all these sick-minded American pervert scum in the other posts. They are stupid degenerates. Most are probably drunk anyway.

  • Appleseed

    if indeed Holmes is a Muslim, praise Allah for it. The Bible and The Quran both have ONE main theme: God will not allow a Godless nation to stand for long. God WILL destroy such nations, and will enjoy doing so. Islam is the fastest growing religion because not everyone is stupid. Why does christianity rhyme with insanity, calamity, and profanity? ANSWER: because christianity IS all 3; that is the real trinity of the most stupid religion EVER! Jesus was not and NEVER will be God. The anagram for “CHRISTianity” is “anti-CHRIST” because they are against everything Jesus taught… like WORSHIP God alone!!!

    • John

      U stupid

  • Anab Farah

    He claims its “jihad” I say hes just trying to get Muslim people to feel sorry and pity him Islam isn’t about violence its about care and if everyone thinks that just because of extremist groups that claim to be Muslim and harm Innocent people not all Muslims are like that!