Audrina Patridge Talks 'Faking It' On 'The Hills,' But Has No Regrets


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While it may not be much of a shocking admission, former reality TV star Audrina Patridge is shedding light on it anyway. E! News reports that on Jan. 6, The Hills star recently sat down for an interview with Giuliana Rancic and Ali Fedotowsky.

The 28-year-old touched on a number of topics, including her six seasons on MTV's popular reality series The Hills and her new hosting spot on NBC.

Patridge shared some of the positive and negative internal aspects that went on behind the scenes of The Hills. According to UPI, she explained how the show's producers manipulated what fans assumed was reality, staging most of the show's stronger confrontational scenes.

She even went so far as to give a definitive example stating that producers would prohibit the cast from leaving until they got the best fight scenes.

"In the beginning, a lot of it was real," Patridge said. "As it went on, it was very manipulated and  guided and you're kinda put in these scenarios where you would show up and you  didn't know what you were in for until you were there, and you wanted to run out  but they lock the door on you." She also went on to give a detailed account of a staged incident involving her and former Hills co-star Kristin Cavallari.

"I actually had to leave early for another event, we were there for about three  hours and they were like, 'You can't leave until you and Kristin get into a  fight,'" she said of Cavallari. "So I'm like, 'Oh my God,  Kristin!' Kristin's like, 'Let's do it.' I'm like, 'OK, c'mon.' It was about  Justin [Bobby] and we did it and we got to leave. So, little things like that."

Ironically Cavallari recently spoke of a similar incident last month. However, Patridge expressed in an interview last week with Access Hollywood Live that she has no regrets about it all. "Looking back, to be honest, I don't think I would do anything different. I was true to myself," said Patridge.

"It was a show and we had fun. You want to be interesting and cause drama because that's what people want to see," she explained. "At the end of the day, I don't think I would do anything different," she continued.

Patridge is currently the host of NBC's “1st Look.” The show airs on Saturday nights after SNL.

Image via Facebook | Audrina Patridge