AT&T U-verse App Hits Apple iPad And Other Tablets

By: Billy Thomas - February 7, 2012

Just when you think your tablet couldn’t get any cooler,  AT&T decides to release their U-verse app for tablets to really fluff the cool factor. AT&T announced their new tablet app today saying that it can be used for current (and future) U-verse subscribers. Essentially you can manage your DVR schedule and watch a host of different shows all on your device.

AT&T says there are some neat added features to the new updated app as well, such as the ability to use your tablet as a remote control and accessing photos from your favorite shows. Use your tablet at home and link with your TV and you can receive extra content from all your shows. Use it on-the-go and never forget to DVR your favorite programs again with the full featured DVR app and the fully intuitive remote control feature, reports AT&T.

David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer for AT&T mobility and he said this about the new technology:

“Today, we are taking our best in class TV experience and taking it to a whole new level by joining two very powerful platforms: your TV and iPad.”

He continued, saying:

“With our new app, AT&T U-verse customers have access to incredible functionality to make the TV experience much richer, from superior search and control functionality, to fresh content that tells you more about what you’re watching, to the ability to share what you’re watching with your friends through social networks. And, when they leave the home, our customers can take the U-verse experience with them.”

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  • Riley

    With so many TV providers coming out with iPad apps, it’s confusing as to why the U-Verse app doesn’t support live streaming. The only things that it can do are control a receiver like a remote, and let you tell people on Facebook what you’re watching. I guess it’s expected that I am not impressed by this app seeing as I have been using a better app for the past year. I have the DISH Remote Access app, and it goes further than the U-Verse app in so many ways. The DISH Remote Access iPad app lets me watch live TV just as it would appear on my TV, and I can also stream on demand movies since I subscribe to some premium movie channels. Additionally, I can watch anything that I have on my 922 SlingLoaded DVR on my iPad. What is even better is the fact that I can stream anywhere I am. Unlike many of the iPad apps you see coming out, I am not restricted to my home network just to watch TV. I’ve gotten used to streaming on my way to DISH where I work as well as in the library waiting for class to start. So while U-Verse customers are stuck at home telling people what they aren’t streaming on their iPads, I will be streaming my shows and movies everywhere I am.

  • Ron

    There’s gonna be an app for everything soon. And an app for U-verse is just simply awesome. It allows for functionality to make the TV experience much richer. We really are in a changing time and taking u-verse with you on the road makes for more options….