Atomic Wedgie Murder In Oklahoma


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A 33-year-old man has been charged with one of the most bizarre murders Oklahoma has ever seen. Brad Lee Davis has been charged with murdering his step-father 58-year-old Denver St. Clair...using his underwear.

Pottawatomie County deputies said that Davis gave St. Clair and atomic wedgie, and that the elastic from the underwear wrapped around St. Claire's neck, which ultimately led to his death. "Nobody that I've had contact with has seen anything like this before," Pottawatomie County Lt. Jimmy Brewer said. "The asphyxia is coming from the atomic wedgie," said Brewer. "The gentleman pulled [St. Clair's] underwear up over his head."

Davis called 911 after he realized that St. Claire had stopped breathing, and admitted to the deputies that he had given his step-father an atomic wedgie. He explained that they had gotten into a fist fight after St. Claire insulted his mother, and that's when he gave him the wedgie. Davis said he wanted to hurt St. Claire, but had no intentions of killing him.

Davis is currently being held without bond, and is scheduled to be formally charged with murder on January 22.

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