Atheist Billboards to Pop Up in California

    November 27, 2013
    Erika Watts
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First we heard about atheist churches springing up around the country, and now a group is planning to put up billboards in California to promote an atheist campaign–just in time for Christmas. The billboards are part of the “Out of Closet” national campaign that is sponsored by the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) and will be put up the day after Thanksgiving.

While it is easy to assume that the group is just trying to create controversy around the holidays, Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, says that they want to prove that atheists have a lot to offer society as well. “Those of us who are free from religion, who work to keep dogma out of government, science, medicine and education, have a lot to offer society,” said Gaylor.

Gaylor also says that the month of December isolates atheists who don’t participate in the holiday festivities. “The whole month of December is taken over in a celebration of the religious beliefs, in particular Christianity, and it’s just as if the whole month turns non-believers into outsiders,” Gaylor said.

The group will put up 55 atheist billboards in the Sacramento area, and the billboards will contain varying messages. “A life of love, no Gods required,” “No Gods, no devils, no worries,” and “Live for now, not for after” are a few of the messages that will be displayed on the billboards. Check out some of the billboards below.




Even though seeing such billboards erected around Christmas will surely strike a chord with some Christians, Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento doesn’t think the billboards will have much of an impact. “While I’m not happy about these billboards, I am certain people still, when they look deep down in their soul and in their heart, find a spark,” said Soto. “They believe in a higher power.”

A lot of people seem rather indifferent to the atheist billboards, but a few people have spoken out on the issue on Twitter. Check out the comments below.

[Images via FFRF]

  • Farrah

    As the saying goes, there are no atheists in foxholes.

    • Jim Wills

      Of course there are. or mostly were. Don’t know if they actually use foxholes anymore.

    • porkchop

      there are ONLY atheists in foxholes.

      atheists have self-preservation in mind, as this is the only life.

      a christian-mythologist in a foxhole is a hypocrite. why would you be afraid for your life? in your twisted thinking, your actual here on earth life is just a sliver of your total existence. and apparently you ‘dead’ life is some awesome tremendous place. you should be happy as hell to be killed on a battlefield. i sure as heck would be if i was in your shoes.

      atheists? no, thanks. we’ll stay in the foxholes with our heads down, trying desperately to use our rational brains on how to best survive the situation. our lives are far more precious to us than yours are to you.

      • @porkchop

        Actually, your life is no more or less valuable. In fact, your life is pointless. You were born, became self-aware, suffered through life, died, and then that is it. Nothing more. No matter what you do. It amounts to nothing. I can’t think of anything more pointless than that. I can’t think of anything more hopeless and sad than that. What is the point of even being alive?

        Those of us who belief in God and believe in a soul have much more hope than you do.

        • porkchop


          because you ‘hope’ your magic floating faerie (who has very concerning parental lineage) or your magic hippy zombie dance with you after you are dead…this makes you apparently sane, rational and somehow ‘better’ than me? ha!

          do you feel the same about believers of other mythologies? people believed in thor and zeus as much as you do your particular mythological stories. were they living ‘pointless’ existences, as well?

          to be intellectually honest, your answer would have to be ‘yes’. yours was a statement merely of belief, after all. these ancient people had that belief. so did that make them ‘better’ than me?

          if you are a hypocrite and your answer is ‘no’, then you must believe that YOUR ancient stories are somehow more believable than THEIR ancient stories. then i have to ask you: prove it. prove that their gods did not exist. that would give you the win.

          wow. you got schooled.

  • John in Delray

    These conflicts, theists vs, atheists, can’t be resolved by reason. So, I happily chose to be a “none.”

    • Jesse

      You chose to be a “none.” Sounds like you chose to be an atheist..? The definition of atheism is basically “none”

  • Tracy

    I’m an atheist and I think the billboards are stupid! All its going to do is get people all riled up for what? Religion and politics are something that not everyone is going to agree on, best to keep your beliefs or non beliefs to yourselves…

  • Mike

    No one can make anyone FEEL like they are outsiders … stand up and take responsibility for your own feelings. No one forces you to sing Christmas carols, put up a Christmas tree, or celebrate the life that Jesus gave us. You have your own thoughts and principles and I respect that, but do not try and to take away what I believe. You have 11 months and you are squawking because we have one month. Christian and proud of it.

    • Jim Wills

      I don’t see any “Squawking” on any of those billboards. /Only statements.
      Please point out where the squawking is.

      • Jerry Patchman

        Hey Jim, I think the “squawking is not so much about the billboards, but the constant effort of a very small minority of the population to impose its beliefs on the majority. Changing our season greeting from “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holiday” infringes on my right to free speech. Constant efforts to have “In God we trust” removed from out currency is another example. That’s the kind of squawking I believe the commenter is referring to. Constant squawking about the issue is the problem, not the billboards.

        • g.j.mcneal

          Jerry….I have no desire to force you to believe as I do. Why do you insist on painting all of us with the same brush? Most of my athirst friends just want to live their lives in peace.

      • Richard

        FYI “Gaylor also says that the month of December isolates atheists who don’t participate in the holiday festivities. “The whole month of December is taken over in a celebration of the religious beliefs, in particular Christianity, and it’s just as if the whole month turns non-believers into outsiders,” Gaylor said.”

  • Endre Polyak

    I believe in total separation of church and state.

    • @Endre

      In case you haven’t noticed, the state in this country has become a police state. The state is corrupt to the core and causes so much suffering. Maybe if they had the compassion of Christ, thing would get better.

      • Will

        Amen! Let’s go back to the dark ages when science was considered blasphemy and witch craft, you know when the Churches ruled the Western Hemisphere with the compassion of Christ…and inquisitions, stake burnings, crusades, etc. etc. etc.

        It was so much better then! Amen!

      • Don K

        Yeah, like the compassionate Christian Republicans that want to cut $40 billion from food stamps and cut Social Security benefits, Medicare and Medicade.

  • Jan

    I don’t know what all the hub bub is about – so they have billboards, so what? All around ALL the time there are advertisements for churches, etc. so why is this a big deal? Remember the billboards that popped up “quoting God” – which is marketing a deity for gathering more people? I wasn’t upset by the fact that they were trying to gain more members and I didn’t complain. Why is this such a big deal? Live and let live.

  • Superstr8

    Although Christ wants us to spread His Word, I think if someone doesn’t believe, that’s their problem. They will become believers just before they die. They’ll ask for forgiveness and God will forgive. That’s just the way it is. Meanwhile,live your life in a caring, loving, considerate and compassionate way. God loves you whether you know it or not. God loves you whether you believe or not.
    In the meantime, keep you junk atheist propaganda to yourselves.

    • Angela

      LOL, “In the meantime, keep you junk atheist propaganda to yourselves.”….DITTO…Keep your christian propaganda to yourself.

    • Bob

      That is hilarious! The Christians are the biggest spreaders of propaganda. They love to tell you all about the ‘WORD’, but they hate having to listen to anything they don’t agree with.

  • Alfred Somerville

    At least most Christians agree that there is no need to suppress other religions or got to court to deny them the right to express their faith in public. So far, only militant atheists have gone to court to abolish school prayer and public Nativity displays on town property. Believers are not supposed to “offend” non-believers with expressions of their faith, while Christians in general agree to “live and let live”. It is equally offensive to Christians to replace “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” and to remove anything even remotely faith-related from public life. This all plays into a general assault on believers in general and Christian values in particular by both the left and the right(the “right” being represented by greedy corporations like WalMart who force their employees to work on holidays and relentlessly promote the idea that Christmas in particular is all about lining the corporations’ pockets by spending as much as possible).

    • Jesse

      You speak of “believers” and “non-believers.” From what I gather, this “non-believer” group you speak of is anyone that does not believe in the “Christian” god.

    • Jim Wills

      Actually Alfred, it isn’t about that at all. It is about public money going for private purposes. IE the government establishing a religion. The two are CLEARLY separated TWICE in the constitution. Try reading it sometime.

    • yecats

      ” while Christians in general agree to “live and let live”.”

      Hmmmm as a lesbian I would have to disagree strongly with your view that Christians are OK with people who don’t agree with them.

  • Sandra Burch

    I say let them have their billboards. The Bible says, the fool says in his heart there is no God–I’m no fool. One of my favorite sayings is: Don’t argue with a fool cause they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

    • dave

      The Bible also tells you how to buy and sell slaves. So maybe not really that good of a go to… unless you are trying to buy and sell 3000 year old slaves.

  • Grace Hampton

    If they are so independent why do they need the rest of the world to validate them? Live and let live.

  • Please

    I will attest to this fact. Jesus Christ is right about everything. I have been on top of the world and literally at the bottom of the world. All I can say is that at the end of the day, Jesus is right and not a thing about him was phony. I also attest that before everyone dies they will know this as I do. The problem is that we do not do what Jesus asks of us. Be merciful, forgive, show compassion and love our neighbors.

    Don’t get mad at Christ because the world is not what you want it to be or blame God for all the world’s problems. Look squarely in the mirror and you will see the problem. It is man and the crazy way man thinks.

    Believe me, we could solve the problems of homelessness, poverty, famine, drought, addiction, and crime if we wanted to. We could invest money in people instead of trillions in war. My God, if we just cut military spending by 1/10th we could solve homelessness in a few years. God gave us all we need to live in peace. If only we did what Christ asks of us.

    The reality is we don’t and we CHOOSE not to solve these problems with mercy, love and compassion. Don’t blame Christ and don’t let it persuade you that he doesn’t exist. The reality is that he does, he has given us all the solutions, but we make the CHOICE not to make things better. Instead we choose to be greedy, fear our neighbors, kill each other, and cause suffering.

    If we started doing what Christ wants — the world would get better. I am speaking to all people. Not just atheists. I am also talking to the hypocritical Christians. There are tons of “good” Christians that sit bye as they see lives destroyed. Tons of “good” Christians that are so unforgiving that the would lock precious souls away in the hell of prison for very small crimes. Even though, they forget that Christ himself was a prisoner and was convicted in a corrupt court. Instead of forgiving and turning the other cheek, there are tons of Christians who seek vengeance. My God, the bible belt is the worst place in the world for sending people to prison (literally the worst place according to world statistics. Georgia in fact, in 2010 had the worst incarceration rate in the history of mankind.)

    Believe in atheism if you wish. In the end, it will not profit you one bit and you to will call on Christ before you die. You want to make the world better. Do what Christ wants you to do. Don’t ignore Christ as atheists do and don’t memorize bible versus like hypocritical Christians do. Learn about Christ’s life and follow his life.

    Christ was not wrong. He loves us all. He was the son of God. Glory to you Lord.

    • You are right.

      You are right. It comes down to choice and perspective. I was at an auto dealership. A man buys a $100,000 BMW. Now, that purchase could have fed 50 families for a year. That man literally had a choice. Buy an overpriced car that really won’t do much more than get him around or use that money to help others. The government went through a shutdown for nothing and that cost us $24 billion dollars. Money that could have been spent to help people. Then the government turns around and cuts food stamp benefits. We didn’t have to shut down. It was simply morons trying to prove a “point”.

      Don’t tell me it is Christ that is the problem. It is man and the stupid decisions they make. The problem with man is that they think they will live forever so they go after material things or power. The reality is that we all die and the BMW or that political power does matter worth a damn. Helping people does. It is the only thing really worth doing when you think about it.

      Man is the problem. Not Christ.

      • Jerry Patchman

        “morons trying to prove a point” — that should be singular “moron”. That being our chief executive who was adamantly refusing to negotiate over delaying his signature legislation, that eventually turned out to be far from ready from implementation due to gross mismanagement. He is the one who shut out our veterans from their own memorials and prevented citizens from visiting national shrines and parks. He’s the one who had the power to do the shutting down. It actually cost more to shut the facilities than to just leave them open. Brilliant! And then we used taxpayer money to pay the federal employees who sat at home or vacationed during the shutdown. Priceless.

        • g.j.mcneal

          JERRY, jerry, JERRY…After reading your posts it is obvious that you are just another political troll trying to attack the president. There is not one single other post on here attacking Obama. Why don’t you go back to watching Fox News and listening to Rush Limbaugh and leave the serious thinking to the adults.

    • Clarence Wagonblott

      He IS the son of God !

    • Amber C

      I will ATTEST to this fact: jesus was right about some things. Yet, so was Muhammed, so were the Ancient Greek Gods, so was the guy on the corner a few weeks ago preaching Peace for the world. Did they all share in the same message of being a better person? Yes. Did I call the man on the corner God? No. Did I listen to what he said? Yes. Would I strive to be a better person without organized religion? Yes.

      Just because Jesus is associated with the preaching of positive moral standards and good behavior that all humans should strive for, doesn’t make him any better than other “God”, and certainly does not make Christianity the reign of all religions. So, get off your high horse if you think that is the case. Jesus, like Buddha and Ghandi and Nelson Mandela for that matter, is simply a symbol of what it means to be a better person in the world… and until religion got in the way, Jesus was a pretty good attempt at this symbol.

      I do not believe in God, a God, or many Gods, but I admire the world for its diversity. It is human nature to seek answers, and religion is the answer for many people — and for me, it’s not an answer. I need much more concrete evidence to believe in something.

      However, believing in a God isn’t the problem — it’s this thing we know as religion. I have lost many a friend due to their cult-like dependence on religion, of Christian orient or otherwise, and it has gotten to the point where it seems people truly depend on their beliefs to get through their daily lives.. So what? They obviously need it and it is not my place to get in the way of it.

      For those using church for cheap daycare during the week? Let them be.

      For those using church to teach their kids what it means to have morals? Good for you. Parents can’t always be the ones to teach their children. (although it is in my personal opinion that children should learn about all kinds of religions if you are going to teach them about ‘one’ in the first place)

      For those using church for free donuts and coffee every Sunday, go ahead.

      For those joining churches to meet people in the community, go ahead!

      For those using the idea of Christmas to decorate the hell out of your house because it is fun and festive during dark winter days? Do it! Celebrate the season of giving. People should be givers, and have every right to be happy and gracious for receiving. You don’t have to believe in a God for that…After all, Christmas has become more and more of a celebration of a historical figure and it’s message than a religious matter. We decorate for Thanksgiving, but aren’t worshipping a God, we are simply remembering a historical event that ultimately teaches us what it means to give thanks to our neighbors, families, and friends.

      So to your point, you don’t have to be a Christian, and you don’t have to believe “Christ” aka Jesus is God. You can believe in Islam, the stars, the trees, or be an atheist and STILL do good in the world.

      So what good is it to argue that Christianity is the target? Quite selfish if you ask me.

  • Jerry Patchman

    At one point I was one of you non-believers. However, one of my friends petitioned me to RATIONALLY examine the evidence for intelligent design. After CONSIDERABLE study, the evidence, in my opinion, was overwhelming. I believe it is as simple as comparing the human body to a Boeing 747. No one would say, upon seeing the airplane, that it somehow “evolved” from a pile of junk. The human body is a thousand times more complicated that a machine. It can’t see, taste, hear, imagine, reason, or reproduce, or a thousand other functions. Science provides many more evidences of intelligent design and creation versus ???? Like I did, please consider carefully the evidence, as your decision will have eternal consequences.
    And as usual, ignorance will not be an excuse if you’re wrong about the issue.

    • Cynthia

      I think this business with the atheists has went to far. It is okay if they believe in this lie but why expose the whole world to this lie. I know there is a god and he makes my life better, I think about others more and am willing to help. Enough is enough glad I do not live in California.

      • dave

        If you can’t tell me something about a carrot that you can’t experience through your senses how you can you be speaking so confidently about a supreme being. Read some Kant and learn how to structure a sentence correctly (just don’t learn it from Kant..)

      • g.j.mcneal

        It never ceases to amaze me that religious folks want to bundle all athiests as one….all evil. I can assure you that no more of us are evil than you. Some of you mentioned that it is a CHIOCE, it’s just that ours is the wrong one. I live in the buckle of the bible belt and have been verbally assaulted when I let it slip that I was an athiest. I am now very careful not to let anyone know what I believe. Yes dear christian friends I’m afraid of you. I support everyone’s right to believe whatever they want to believe and would never ever start screaming insults at you because you believe differently than I. Why can’t you offer me the same courtesy? I had to say this but will stop here since if I said all I have to say it would take to much space and I don’t want to be responsible for any heart attacks.

      • Bob

        I think this business with christians has gone too far. It is fine if they want to believe in some non-existent diety. I know there is no god and I make my life better. I also think about others and am willing (and do) help. I just wish I didn’t have to suffer through this month – especially since this man named Jesus wasn’t even born in December!

        • @Bob

          How do you know there is no God? What evidence do you have of this? None really. You just have an opinion.

          What? Do you think we are the result of chemicals mixing in a electrified stew? Tell you what. Go out to your back yard and mix some chemicals together then add an electric current. See how long it takes for life to form. (Essentially this is the whole premise of the Big Bang and Evolution).

          Good luck with that.

      • Unknown

        Dumb.. Christain…

    • porkchop


  • Flame Forjustice

    If people who believe in Gods/Goddesses/Deities of any kind can still commit heinous crimes, tell lies, cheat, steal, and break laws of both man and their God/Goddess/deities and all other unacceptable things. Why can’t atheists be good law abiding citizens and people and still be apart of the human race and tolerated. As long as no one is forcing me to believe as they do, I can tolerate differing beliefs from my own and/or mainstream beliefs. The majority of humans on this planet have to tolerate something daily. Like traffic, a annoying neighbor, high prices, other peoples religions, having no meaningful power in how the government is run or the way the person you voted for failed you and lied, who your parents are, who your children are, your eye color, height, and stopping atheist from not believing as you do, etc. Learning to tolerate things you cannot change benefits you most of all.

  • So what I’m saying is

    As an atheist, I see Christians promoting their religion on Facebook, on billboards, even through word of mouth. Through all this no one has even considered all the other religions throughout the world. There’s Buddhism, Muslim, Hare Krishna, and a ton of others. I’m sure that another religion that firmly believes in their god(s) isn’t too hunky dorey about hearing or seeing Christianity’s beliefs in action, much less an Atheists non belief. Christianity is not the oldest religion, its just the most popular. It all boils down to this, if the world suddenly had amnesia and we had to start all over again and wonder how we came to be…The story about the man, the woman and snake would change…Our story would remain the same.

    • Rosanna

      It’s hard to believe that in this day and age, people still believe in the snake and the apple story. Makes me laugh and wonder about people and their stupidity.

  • Magnus

    Atheists and Theists are logically identical. It takes the same amount of faith to take either stance. 50% chance God exists. 50% chance God doesn’t exist. Just because you have not seen/heard God doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist. Just because you have faith God exists does not mean God exists. Reason says we just don’t know if God exists. I guess this is why each side always draws their sword at each other.

    Just enjoy life. Spend time with family and friends. Catch a buzz.

    • Rosanna

      Ok honey I think you are little behind and still belong to ancient times of bullshit.

      • Magnus

        Actually, I am an agnostic.

        Your atheistic views = just as much faith as those of Christians.

        • Magnus

          **those views of Christians.

  • Mike

    Do atheists work on December 25? If not why not?

    • porkchop

      that’s easy:

      it is National Free Golf Day.

      everyone who would normally work then is off celebrating their magic hippy zombie or some such nonsense.

  • http://Yahoo Lizzy Johnson

    I am a closeted atheist. I live in southern Alabama and we still pray in school, which pretty much sucks. This being said, I do not even agree with this. These people are begging to offend someone. I don’t begrudge religion at all. It’s so much easier to offend someone’s god than it is to offend someone’s skepticism. It’s like I don’t choose to tell my super religious aunt when she ivies me to church. I decline. I don’t push my ideas on anyone like I wish the wouldn’t on me

  • Rosanna

    This is the best moving forward step I have seen with humanity. Thank you for finally making sense and trying to get rid of the lies people have been fed with for centuries.

  • 94lambo

    I have a short story that has to do with this,
    So there was a ship wreck that happened and 300 person on board died except for 2 3yrs old babies. 1 little boy and 1 little girl. they were fortunate to have been on a raft and drifted far away over nite and landed on an island completely isolated from all humans. they were the only 2 on the island. they learn to adapted to all the circumstances and evolved to their surrounding. they were never taught on any religion (because they were never brain washed from birth, they were able to form their own opinion as they grew older and wiser to what makes most sense to them) Nor do they know anything of its existence. they knew how to love eachother, care for one another and they survived without religion or even know of god. they lived a happy life and eventually had kids and started their own colony without religion, only love and respect. they don’t have an idea where they go after life nor do they care, it only matters what is present and when your alive. if you told them that GOD is their father and savior, it would be a joke, because it was them who survived and adapted, it was them who hunted for food, it was them who fought to stay alive, it was them who at the end of the day didn’t kill eachother. its all a decision we have at the end of the day. no one say’s it was time for us to go or determine our destiny. they all lived happily without GOD. CAN ANYONE SHOW ME HOW HELL OR HEAVEN LOOKS LIKE. i am going to take a wild guess NNOOTT. HAVE YOU BEEN THERE AND BACK TO PROVE US, AND IF SOO, I TRULY DON’T WANT TO RISK DEATH TO SEE HOW HELL OR HEAVEN LOOKS LIKE. It’s a story until it is proven. and to those who said that they use to be non-believer but the evidence GOD was convincing, guess you should never allow your kids to go to museum, because things in there are older than GOD. unless all that is just a prop. WE SHOULD ALL LEARN TO BELIEVE IN WHAT WE CAN SEE NOT WHAT STORY HAS BEEN TOLD TO US. I CAN TELL YOU LIES AND PROBABLY GET YOU TOO BELIEVE RIGHT? WRONG, YOU WOULD WANT PROOF OF THE STORY. LOGIC IS POWER NOT LIES. WE SHOULD ALL PUT MORE FAITH IN MANKIND VERSUS GOD, BECAUSE MANKIND IS IN YOUR FACE NOT GOD. can we prove that GOD was a male? and why is it that all the drawing of GOD is white, I thought he was from jerusalum, aren’t they all dark or black? How did the NOAH’s ARCH cross the glob with all the animals boat over the ocean without food or water for that long period of time, and how did it manage to float with all that weight? How does the most powerful man dies? what sins did he commit that his son had to die for his people? why could he save his son? ALL OF THESE HOW’S, WHY’S AND NO ANSWERS TO IS TOO #@$KING CONFUSING. I JUST DON’T KNOW HOW YOU JUST DON’T EVER QUESTION THE UNEXPLAIN. I HAVE TO MUCH COMMON SENSE FOR THESE FAIRY TALES..ANOTHER THING, WE SHOULD ALL SEND OUR KIDS TO CHURCH, THEY MIGHT COME BACK WITH A BIGGER ASS HOLE. THE PRIEST WILL TAKE GOOD CARE OF THEM……..

    • @94lambo

      Instead of me proving to you Heaven and Hell exists. Prove to me that they don’t. Also, the lies you say anyone can tell a person — applies to you as well. Why should I believe your mad ramblings?

      Use some common sense for your own questions too.

      Can you see oxygen? Can you see cells? Can you see gravity? Can you touch the sun? Yet, you believe in those things. Can you see multiple dimensions? Can you see the end of space? Can you see galaxies? Can you see these things with your own two eyes — no, not really. But you believe in them.

      Can you see your soul?

      By the way, I am a magician, I can assure you that what you see with your own two eyes may not even be the truth.

      • porkchop

        then you should also believe in the flying spaghetti monster. you can’t ‘see’ him, but how do you know he is not there?

        instead of me proving that he exists, you prove to me that he doesn’t.

        i win.

      • 94lambo

        yea. thats what we call mother nature. buddy! nature i believe in. she is the most powerful thing on there is.(and that doesn’t mean its a person) And a man who has all these powers to do all that but still allow these madness to happen,walk on water, move mountains, can see all billions of people at the same time, if we all talk to him he knows who is talking, all billions of people! come the f@#k on. are you that stupid. his SON died on a cross with 3 f#$king nails, i know a man who survived 8 bullet wounds, His Name is 50 cent. i bet jesus whistles thru his hand huh. I will admit to this. I believe in the jesus that was jesus. I believe he was a good man who helped everyone with what he was able to do, he didn’t have any power, he was a healer like all the holistic doctors now. he cared for all and he loved all and a great carpenter. I do believe that. and the people all wanted him dead because of all the things he did to help. he was killed by humans, and he died because he was just a man like all of us. he is more like Ghondi or Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa. they were all amazing people. why all the extra fairy tales of GOD he is a figmnet of your imagination. but again, you probably still believe in Santa Clause to right. Ok i cannot see oxygen, air, and etc. maybe science class in school should be banned tooo right. Madness!! you are soo smart. thats why you choose to believe story that has been told to you since you were young. i bet if your dad screwed you this entire time and thats all you knew, you would think aswell that that is normal. you would never question it would you. SORRY i would, We should Question everything. Sorry for the rant, but people your age to think still look up at someone thinking he is looking back at you just weird. my kids they do tea parties with imaginary friends, and have their own make believe friends, but thats because they are kids. but they all grow up and realize. some of us realize it was imaginary, and those like you, are still stuck there. we call that insane.

  • The Soul

    Explain to me the soul and how nature created this and why would it even be necessary. Why would it even be necessary to sexually reproduce. Why even feel. Why even dream. Why even be self-aware.

    We should just have a function and that is it. As I see it, really human beings destroy all that nature does. If we were just a product of nature, nature would have eliminated us long ago. We really serve no natural purpose. Nature would be far better off without us.

    • 94lambo

      whats crazy is, science has done it time and time again, to prove it,but the world is not ready to believe it. we the world are just not ready for it. If this happen and they just let out the truth of mankind existences, there would be revolution don’t you think. this type of info needs to be let out little by little. haven’t all of you notice that we have found specimen dated bi millions of years, that is older than GOD. so who created the dinos, cavemen, and all the living things that existed before GOD. Oh let me guess, thats all bullshit what science discovered or GOd created Dinos to see what can survive on earth first, then bring in the humans by having the meteor destroy the world and the dinos. he then all of a sudden after that, created adam to have eve from his rib, thats evolution if she evolved from his rib. why is he being punish for bitting an apple? why such a harsh punishment. the brother was hungry. how did adam and eve have embilical cord if they weren’t born from a stomach? how does a virgin lady give birth if she was a virgin? does that still makes sense to all of you or is it just me? that doesn’t ever make you question what has been taught to you? why is every bible contradict the other? why are there soo many different dudes writing the bible but not GOD himself?why is that most of all the wars that happened in the past all had to do with religion? why are there sooo many different types of religion? why do one religion disagree with the other one? if there is one GOD why don’t all religion believe in that one GOD? HOW many different religions are there and different types of churches out there? or are there more than 1 GOD because you guys can not seem to agree on the messenger? and who is the messenger? why was he a messenger? did GOD make him a slave to run all his messages to all the other GODS? How did people eventually KILL GOD and Jesus? how can you die if your GOD? YOU ARE GOD, you are not suppose to die unless you are just another human beings.

  • JM

    People wonder why the United States is declining. It is because no one believes in anything anymore. We don’t even believe in God. It is no coincidence that we are falling apart in this country.

    When we reject Christ, who was all about mercy, love, kindness, and compassion, we can not give those things to others. We will do anything to others. We won’t have boundaries. That is why we are becoming a police state, we bomb innocent people without remorse, we kill babies in the womb, we spy on our own citizens, we incarcerate more than any other nation has in the history of the world, and why corruption is rampant in this nation.

    But hey — it is okay to kill, pull apart babies, be corrupt, bomb, spy, lock people in 5 by 8 cells — after all we are all atheist and there is no God. Anything goes because in the end, it is all about self-preservation and survival of the fittest. Right?

    Yeah, all that stuff Christ said is pretty much worthless and won’t lead to peace or happiness. Nah. We need to become atheist and believe in nothing. That will lead to a lot of happiness.

  • JM

    Yep, I guess this is what was wanted when the Protestant reformation occurred. Divide and conquer. Instead of one church there is 30,000 different christian denominations. Then once the church is fractured then the masses will lose focus to the point that they don’t even believe in God.

    Satan works in everyday things and behind the scenes. The bible foretold of this though. A land that would always be at war, that would spy on its neighbors, that would kill innocents by the millions, that would spread to all countries in the world. A new Babylon. The United States.

    People thought it was Rome because of the stupid sentence that said that the New Babylon would sit on 7 hills. Problem is that there are lots of areas with 7 hills in United States.

  • Talk to the Muslims

    That is okay atheists — destroy Christ and Christianity. Yeah, destroy Christ who spoke of mercy, forgiveness, and love. Weaken Christianity until it collapses. Then deal with the Muslims. Trust me they will kill you. You are just lucky you are speaking out against Christ. Go to the middle east and speak your nonsense regarding Allah. Book a one way ticket. You won’t be coming back.

    Good luck with that.

  • People Confuse

    I am in the science field. People think scientific discovery disproves God. The reality is that with every discovery we find, we realize that we don’t have a clue as to how all this fits together. Also, I assure you that nature was constructed by intelligent design. If that is the case, then there must be a designer and I am pretty sure he uses science.