Ashton Kutcher Is Richer Than You’ll Ever Be

    October 18, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Forbes has released their top earners on TV for the year, and taking the number one slot is Ashton Kutcher, who earned around $24 million between May of last year and the same month this year after signing on to “Two And A Half Men” after Charlie Sheen left.

Hugh Laurie and Ray Romano take the next spots, with Alec Baldwin and Mark Harmon rounding out the top 5.

So, to recap, Ashton Kutcher can swim in his money like Scrooge McDuck and is dating the Sexiest Woman Alive. Happy Thursday!


    Why would you rub people’s faces in someone’s wealth during a time when a lot of people are having financial problems? Some can barely afford to feed their kids and make house payments. You’re a fu**ing lowlife bitch!

  • unclesamonmars

    Watching reruns of That 70s Show and Kutcher is at best, the third or fourth best actor on the show. Kurtwood Smith nukes him as did Danny Masterson. The reason he’s good on the show is that he is every bit as stupid as the Kelso character. Is he paid millions of dollars on Two and a Half Men? Yes. Is he worth it? Hell no. He is pathetic and they could have found a good unknown actor for a third the salary but had to have an “established” name. This kind of payday is what makes the average Joe crazy.