Ashley Olsen and Boyfriend Call it Quits


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Even though they've been on TV since they were babies, it's still difficult to tell the Olsen twins apart. These days, one of the best ways to do that is to take a look at the men they're dating. For example, every time you see Mary-Kate out with her boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy, it's hard to confuse her with her sister, and vice versa. And now it'll be even easier to tell them apart, because one is single and one isn't.

According to Us Weekly, Ashley Olsen and her boyfriend David Schulte have called it quits just after four months of dating.

Schulte has been the CEO of the luxury eyewear brand since 2006 and of course Olsen is known from her days on "Full House," playing the character Michelle Tanner along with her sister. In the early thousands the Olsen twins partnered with Walmart and sold a very popular clothing and makeup line to young girls and teens. And years later, Ashley and Mary-Kate started The Row, which is a fashion label and website that appeals to those who desire high-end and couture fashion items. A Los Angeles based store for The Row is the works as well.

According to a Us Weekly source, there wasn't any major drama between Olsen and Schulte and there's no scandalous story to reveal. It was simply a case of a relationship running its course. "He was a great guy and cute," said the source. "But it didn't work out."

So for the time being, at least, Ashley will probably have to rely on her sister a little more for companionship, which isn't a problem because she says the two have great communication, with each other and in their business relationship.

"We feel so fortunate to have each other, to have a dialogue," she said in a recent interview. "Communication is key; it's the most important thing in life. And Mary-Kate and I get to communicate all day long, on all sorts of subjects. It gets us to a more educated, thoughtful place, because we often come to things from different directions, although we want to get to the same space and have the same goal and vision."

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