Artie Lange's Mouth Gets Him Blacklisted Over Racist Sex Jokes

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Artie Lange tweets a lot of pretty offensive stuff. But the Stern Show veteran knows his audience and usually doesn’t catch too much flak over what he says.

“I wrote a script giving Hollywood what they want–PC! A movie with me as the black gay addict whore who’s HIV-positive but helps a retarded friend.”

“Like other great artists, I traveled for inspiration. Seeing the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam led to the most controversial poem I’ve done. I called it, 'Is it Me or Did Anne Frank Have Plenty of Room?'”

On Tuesday evening, Lange was watching ESPN’s First Take with Cari Champion, who is African-American. He posted several things about a sexual fantasy featuring Champion, including this:

And that set the Interwebs ablaze. ESPN commented that the tweets were “reprehensible.”

“His comments were reprehensible and no one should be subjected to such hateful language,” the network said in a statement on Wednesday. “They objectify and demean one of our valued employees under the thin guise of “comedy” and are offensive to all of us. We will not dignify them with any other comment.”

But they did make another comment. They banned him from the network entirely.

Lange took it all in stride.

But then came the cancellation from Comedy Central, a place Lange has always been welcome.

Lange refused to apologize to anyone but Cari Champion herself, at first.

Later he broadened his apology, saying that a black friend of his was threatened over his tweets. In an attempt to quell the furor, he made a concession.

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