Ariel Castro Is Dead, And Twitter Thinks It Somehow Effects Cuba

    September 4, 2013
    Sarah Parrott
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The nation was rocked today at the startling news that Ariel Castro was found dead in his jail cell, hanging from the ceiling in a successful suicide attempt. For those unfamiliar with Ariel Castro, he is the despicable human who held three girls captive in his home for ten years, where he proceeded to wreak unspeakable horrors upon them. When one of the girls managed to escape by gaining the attention of a neighborhood man, the women were freed and Castro quickly arrested, tried, and sent to jail for life plus 1,000 years on 937 counts, including rape and kidnapping.

In retrospect, Castro’s suicide is not particularly surprising; a suicide note was recovered in his home earlier this year, and he had previously contemplated committing suicide for “the sake of his victims.” The death of such a terrible person is also not particularly upsetting, although the justice lost on account of his premature departure from Earth is somewhat upsetting. (This writer is particularly hopeful that his spot in Hell is a particularly warm one.)

What is much more surprising and upsetting about this story is the twitter reactions that came from the story’s breaking. Much to many a person’s displeasure (and inevitable face-palm), the folks of Twitter repeatedly confused Ariel Castro with Fidel Castro. (You know, the Cuban dictator.) The disturbingly wide-spread mistake resulted in some cringe-worthy tweets, some of which have been compiled below.

As the folks at College Humor put it in their cleverly-named “Twidiots” section, “Look, guys. Let’s break it down. Fidel Castro was the leader of Cuba for almost fifty years. Ariel Castro was the creep who kept three women as prisoners in his house in Cleveland for a decade. Very, very different fellas. Still confused? Then we cannot help you.”

As time has passed, some of the tweets have come to light as jokes. However, that is not the case for all, and it leaves one wondering just how serious some of them are.

Image courtesy of the official Twitter website.

  • http://cubatravel.com Charlie Serrano

    There is no better proof why the 1% of the population of our great country controls the day to day lives and influences directly and indirectly the “American Dream” – for the 99% of Americans. American’s don’t read – they don’t listen, are not aware or even watch – which is so easy to do – some type of broadcast news . So we can’t ask for a common United States – red blooded – born in the USA Citizen to really know anything about life beyond their little circle of a universe. Now any foreigner or resident in the USA will know the difference – they are more Globalized. Fidel Castro is no longer the President of Cuba since 2006 – and since 2009 everyone who was in any level of power is not in power and has retired. In fact 100% of the government administration has changed since 2010. There has been a new sheriff in Cuba since 2006 – BTW…

  • Johnny Guitar

    I really wish that this surprised me, but the truth of the matter is that kids are not taught anything in school because they spend too much time on Twitter and other social networking.