Are Internet Explorer Users Dumb?

At least compared to users of other browsers

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Are Internet Explorer Users Dumb?
[ Technology]

We are all well aware that IE has been the butt of many jokes over the years, justly or unjustly depending on who you ask. A new report from consulting firm AptiQuant may have just provided ammunition for a whole new round of jokes.

Apparently, IE users aren’t quite the smartest citizens of the interwebs – at least when compared to users of Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

Here’s how the test went: AptiQuant offered online IQ tests to over 100,000 people and charted the results based on which browser they used to take the test. Simple as that.

The results show that IE users of all versions performed the poorest of all browsers tested. And the older the version of IE you’re using, the lower your IQ. IE 6 users and IE 7 users average a score of barely over 80. IE 9 and IE 8 users averaged around 95 and 90, respectively.

Next were Firefox users, followed by Chrome and then Safari. The real bright bulbs turned out to be Opera users, who average an IQ score of just under 130.

They also measured these results against results from 2006 and found that IE users have dropped on the scale over the past 5 years.

AptiQuant concluded this –

The study showed a substantial relationship between an individual’s cognitive ability and their choice of web browser. From the test results, it is a clear indication that individuals on the lower side of the IQ scale tend to resist a change/upgrade of their browsers. This hypothesis can be extended to any software in general, however more research is needed for that, which is a potential future work as an extension to this report.

Of course not all people who use IE lack intelligence. But these findings have to make you wonder; why do those other browsers appeal to a more intelligent crowd?

Are Internet Explorer Users Dumb?
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  • Mgamerz

    You wonder why people got viruses (more so in the past than these days), cried ‘windows sucks!’, and complained a bunch? It’s cause they were dumb, and used internet explorer.
    There is a great correlation. People who are brighter switch browsers because they know they have less security risks (but are not entirely immune)

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Since they don’t disclose the nature of the “IQ tests” the study offers extremely limited insight into anything except shady marketing practices.

    • Roe

      The original IQ test was developed by eugenicists to measure the potential intellectual abilities of undesirable populations, namely blacks and Jews.

      It’s been a gamed, racist system from the start.

      • http://marketsecrets.biz Caleb Market Secrets Blogger

        And the TRUTH finally gets revealed, but does it set us FREE?

  • http://www.leprechaun-software.com/pricing/ Leprechaun Salon Software


    How are they going to do a browser study like this and not include firefox? I’m not to surprised about the results, but I’d love to see these results if they included firefox. It’s nice to see that there are at least some numbers behind this claim that we have all been making for years though.

    Leprechaun Salon Software

    • nhfi

      “Apparently, IE users aren’t quite the smartest citizens of the interwebs – at least when compared to users of Firefox, Chrome and Opera.” I guess some ppl arent so bright no matter what browser they use

      • gordon

        no, he’s pretty smart actually – he put a spam link to his website hidden in a seemingly worthwhile comment that seems so dumb it’s going to piss people off enough to click on his link to see what kind of website such an idiot has.

    • James

      They DID include Firefox….look again, right between IE8 and Chrome.

  • Roe

    I have noticed this as well. I do customer service for our website’s service, and whenever I ask someone what browser they’re using and I get the old “Derp, what’s a web browser?” it’s IE 99% of the time.

  • http://myownshedplans.com Best Shed Plans

    The only correlation I see that can be drawn is possibly that people with lower IQs are less likely to be aware that they have alternatives or the knowledge to install them. This can in now way be shown to prove they are resistant to change.

  • http://all.at/brofarops dr. Robert

    I know I use 2 BROWSERS the most and I recommend them with respect versions 4.3 & 6.2 for mobile & versions 10.6 & 11 for desktop.
    *I program daily, cut & paste frequently, and brows alot…
    *As a SEO consultant / partner for 4 companies, and administrator of my own hosting company, I personally see time as money, and with Opera I see my bookmarks & my email account(s) are syncronized, and so much more. *I have yet needed to use a virus cleaner or fixmypc or anything inbetween. Opera appears to be a very clean operational browser unlike IE. *With IE I had to wait for it to downlown, then run an antivirus check ( just on the safeside ), then followup with a firewall checker ( again, just for security sake ), as well as run spyware ( for added security ), as well as I did some more stuff ( just for the sake of hackers ). Well that took two hours … Now first 15 minute smoke break … Open this file to get to that and then this…
    “Not Opera !”

  • http://www.thetruthaboutfoodandhealth.com/frequensea/ Jarett

    Similarly, it’s been found that people who listen to classical music have higher IQ’s. But do they listen to classical because they have higher IQ’s, or do they have higher IQ’s because they listen to classical? A little bit of both me thinks.

    IE became extremely frustrating to use many, MANY years ago. I use Chrome probably 95% of the time but I still open up Firefox on occasion to use some of the add-ons. Opera gets opened up once in a while.

  • Steve LaCroix

    Total BS.

    Anyone who believes that crap has a low IQ.

    Nothing more than a political movement against Microsoft.

    A marketing ploy.

    I use IE, and my IQ is in the 130 range.

    Did you ever think about personal choice?


  • Steve LaCroix

    Another point to consider.

    Did you ever think that maybe you are just too dumb to function within IE?

    Food for thought.

  • SoftwareGuy

    I can’t count the mumber of ways this can be skewed. I have an IQ over 130. I have used them all. I prefer IE because of the ease in making a duplicate tab so I can hit the back button to refer to a previous page without losing my place on the page I’m on. Plus, when I “X” out of the program by accident with other tabs open, I like IE’s warning the best, “Close All Tabs” or “Close Current Tab”.

    Sheesh, you guys think people will believe anything.

    Part of having a high IQ is being a good judge of audience. On that, sir, you FAIL.

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