April Fools Gmail Motion Prank From Google: Hilarious

Google Takes April Fools Seriously

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April Fools Gmail Motion Prank From Google: Hilarious
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Gmail Motion, one of Google’s numerous April Fools gags, has captured the imagination of the web. Google says Gmail Motion uses your computer’s webcam and the company’s “patented spatial tracking technology” to detect your movements and translate them into meaningful characters and commands.

“We’ve been testing Gmail Motion with Googlers over the last few months and have been really excited about the feedback we’ve been hearing,” says McDonald. “We’ve also done some internal tests to measure productivity improvements and found an average 14% increase in email composition speed and 12% reduction in average time in inbox. With Gmail Motion, Googlers were able to get more done and get in and out of their inboxes more quickly.”

Here are Google’s hard numbers on Gmail Motion:

April Fools Gmail Motion Prank from Google

Google even goes so far as to say that you need the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox 3.5+ and a built-in webcam to use Gmail Motion. It doesn’t even work with Internet Explorer apparently.

Google puts a lot of time and thought into its April Fools jokes. While some may just post a funny article or something, this company goes all out. They make product pages, opt-in mechanisms, statistical graphs, diagrams, videos, and all.

For Gmail Motion in particular, Google has even gone so far as to draft up a printable motion guide (pdf) for Gmail actions and common phrases.

April Fools Prank from Google - Gmail Motion guide

Then theres’ Google Docs Motion.

Google has always been a bit quirky, and some think the upcoming CEO change back to co-founder Larry Page will help preserve that.

April Fools Gmail Motion Prank From Google: Hilarious
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  • cravin_moorehead

    I invented a completely new gesture. I grabbed my junk with my right hand, pointed up at a 45 degree angle with my left hand, thrust my pelvis forward, hopped forward with both feet and intoned, “Oooooo!”. My computer typed the words, “Michael Jackson”.

    I was amazed.

  • http://portraitschildren.com Linda Girard

    It’s refreshing to encounter some serious senses of humor!

  • Martin Putt

    Absolutely hillaious

  • julia

    This is so funny, if only it was real. Check out this other funny prank from an alarm company in Boston, http://bit.ly/hF0DCa

    • http://www.botsquare.com BotSquare

      Julia, our computer vision based start-up (BotSquare) actually has an alpha version of a Gmail Motion type product where users can control laptop/mobile devices using hand gestures. Imagine if you could control volume with a flick of hand while watching netflix! You can watch our video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq1FM84uAck

  • Sly Fox

    Oh yeah, well I stood with my arms out to my side and parallel to the floor, brought my feet real close together, grimaced a little, and my computer said, “Jesus Christ!”.

  • Tim

    I have a great sense of humor and I seriously don’t find that funny, hilarious or cute from them. It’s just dull, boring, stupid. Maybe because I hate them with a passion? They need to quit screwing up with people’s lives is what they need to do. This Panda update has destroyed half the web.


  • http://searchtempo.com JohnH

    With a bit of programming I’m sure the iPad2 could make this a reality. What will they come up with next year?

    • Jack

      Already Microsoft Kinect does it with XBox 360 !

  • http://www.ecoselectwindows.com Windows Seattle

    This is hilarious. I wish I could invent some moves.

  • http://webhostingreview.info/ Web Hosting Review

    That was truly hilarious, can’t stop laughing!!..

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