Apple Unveils OS X Yosemite At WWDC

    June 2, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Apple kicked off its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday with the usual keynote led by Tim Cook. First on the agenda was a look at the new version of OS X. It’s called Yosemite, keeping in line with its new tradition of California-based names, which was launched by last year’s Mavericks.

This was demoed by Apple’s Craig Federighi, who joked at the name “Weed” was also considered. This got a lot of laughs from the crowd.

There are some subtle design tweaks. “You wouldn’t believe how much time we spent crafting a trash can,” said Federighi.

The dock looks slightly different. “Goregeous,” as I believe Federighi put it.

It has refined toolbars, window materials and window constructions. There’s a new “dark mode,” which got a lot of applause. This lets users use darker toolbars. The changes extend throughout applications. There’s a new look for sidebar apps, and some new notification center features, including a look at Calendar, reminders, weather, etc. You can also add content from other widgets and apps you’ve downloaded fro the App Store.

Spotlight has a new interface. You can click on the magnifying glass, and get a big search field right in the middle of the display, and quickly get to apps, documents, etc. It also taps into the Internet to get you Wikipedia info, maps, etc.

Calendar has a new Day view. Safari and Mail are also getting some new features, and there’s a new iCloud Drive.

A new feature of the OS is Continuity. AirDrop works between iOS and Mac now. A feature called “hand-off” enables devices that are around each other to utilize things you are working on, so you can easily switch. For example, you can compose an email on your phone, and your Mac will prompt you on the doc, so you can finish working on the message on the Mac.

Instant Hotspot sees your phone and automatically sets up a hotspot so you can get on the network. Even if your phone is across the room “sitting in a handbag.”

SMS messages from people with other types of devices will now show up on Mac. They can do the same thing with phone calls. When you receive a phone call, your Mac gives you caller ID. You can accept the call and use your Mac “as a speaker phone”. This works if your phone is across the house on a charger. You can also dial from the Mac in Contacts. Even from a webpage, if you see a number, you can call it from your Mac.

In the demo, Craig called Dr. Dre, who welcomed him to Apple with a lot of applause. Dre thanked the audience for creating apps. Unfortunately, no “Deez nuts” jokes.

According to Cook, Macs grew by 12% over the last fiscal year, compared to a 5% industry decline. The mac installed base has reached 80 million, and over 40 million copies of Mavericks have been installed since its October release. That’s the biggest single release in the company’s history.

Cook couldn’t resist the opportunity to compare Mavericks use to Windows 8. Over 50% of the Mac install base is working on Mavericks (the latest version). That’s the fastest adoption of any PC operating system in history, according to Cook, who pointed out that Windows 8 was at 14%.

“Need I say more?” Cook asked.

Yosemite is available to developers today. Everyone else will get it in the fall. It will be free. There’s a public beta program for non-developers at apple.com/osx/preview.

Image via Apple

  • Taylor Lords

    I love how Apple brags about a 12% increase in Mac sales, and a 5% decline in PC sales, yet the difference in actual units sold is COMPLETELY night and day. 4 million Macs were sold last year. That’s how many PCs ship in ONE WEEK. Simple math dictates that a 12% rise in Mac sales and a 5% decline in PC sales STILL puts PC sales LIGHT YEARS ahead of Apple. Once again, they’re relying on a blanket figure, while conveniently ignoring the actual truth behind it.

    Similarly, poking fun at Windows 8 is NOT a good idea. Windows 8’s installed user base is also higher than the combined total of Mac sales for the entire year. It’s not hard to get a higher adoption rate on such minuscule sales. Windows 8 is STILL on par with close to the same adoption rate as Windows 7. I LOVE the irony :)

  • nicolas enjay

    windows people are so jealous of mac users idk why they just don’t accept that mac is the future . try using mac once and you’ll feel the simplicity of it

    • Taylor Lords

      It took Apple SIX YEARS to go from 4.7% user base to 7%. If Apple continues along that route (it stagnated, just so you know), it would be over TWENTY YEARS before Mac market share cracked the 10% mark.

      You’re living in a dream world. In my industry, I’ve used TONS of Macs, and NONE by choice. This is why every major industry in the world is PC-based, including Hollywood. The only area where Macs dominate is the music industry, and that’s because they’ve used it so long that they don’t see the need to change.

      No? I’m wrong? Ask yourself why 99% of Audio MASTERING computers are running Windows XP. Go on, kid.

  • Michael Rocharde

    Taylor, the only truth that matters is that Apple are growing their user base by Millions and the PC market is not. It doesn’t matter how many units and it’s also one company competing against dozens all of whom are making, basically, the same product. You’re obviously a Windows lover but Microsoft consistently releases crap software and Apple does not.

    • Taylor Lords

      They AREN’T growing their user base by millions :) That’s the funny thing. Mac sales have kept steady at 4 million units per year for the last 3 years. That’s a 0% growth rate across the board. The “lots of companies vs. one” argument doesn’t work, either. It could be down to one PC vendor, and Apple, and the PC would STILL dominate by the margin it does. You’re obviously an Apple lover but Apple consistently releases the same old, same old, and calls it revolutionary, but Microsoft does not.

      Sorry. You’re in denial, like all Mac users. When you snap out of the Reality DIstortion Field, then you’ll be in a position to start dictating things in a logical manner. Right now, you’re incapable.

  • Michael Rocharde

    Oh c’mon, Taylor, grow up. You’re just as bigoted and biased and as much in denial as the right wing religious extremists who claim that their god allows them to be homophobic, racist and all the other hateful stuff that they come up with. So now before we just get down to insults, every new user who has an iPad is now using a Mac device and there are tens of millions of those. Maybe that’s not a full blown computer but it sure comes close and, for a lot of users, that is all the computing they need. Apple has created 4 entirely new industries and dominate the world in those arenas.

    You mention audio-mastering and you could be right but how many professionals in Hollywood are using Final Cut Pro for video editing? Lots of them would be the answer

    I’ve made a very good living out of the Mac for 28 years and have used dozens of PCs; there is a reason that PC stands for ‘piece of crap’. Everything that Microsoft comes up with is questionable and when they buy a company, all the brilliance that made that company is destroyed as it is absorbed. They’ve never come up with anything evolutionary or revolutionary which is why product after product flops and flops badly. Yes, they have a big user base but they have big problems and that will continue. You may not like Macs but can you give specific reasons or are you just so set in your own beliefs that you cannot acknowledge superiority; in design, in engineering, in reliability, in fact in every way that matters? I doubt it.

    Oh, by the way, your arrogance is outstanding. you must think that you’re the smartest person on the planet. I’ve got news for you and it’s not good.