Apple Has Sold 170 Million iPads. Here’s What The Sales Chart Looks Like.

    October 22, 2013
    Chris Crum
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At its event today, Apple announced that it sold its 170 millionth iPad. Here’s a look at the sales growth.

iPad Sales

CEO Tim Cook ran through some early quotes about the iPad from when it was first announced. One of them called anybody who thought the device was going to be a game-changer a “tool.”

That got some laughter, as you might imagine.

“Now everybody seems to be making the tablet. Even some of the doubters are making them,” said Cook. iPad is used more than any of the rest, he said, “and not just more. A lot more.”

Cook also revealed that there are now 475,000 iPad apps in the app store. That’s iPad-optimized apps alone, not just “stretched out” versions of the smartphone apps, as Cook put it.

“No one else is close to this,” he said.

He then revealed the next generation of iPad, the iPad Air.

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