Apple Event: 17m New iPads Sold, 84m Total

Josh WolfordTechnology

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At their iPhone launch event, Apple just announced that they've sold a pretty impressive amount of iPads. According to CEO Tim Cook, Apple has sold 17 million New iPads since its launch in April.

When you throw those sales into the mix, Apple has sold over 84 million iPads since the first generation was launched.

And that impressive total has cut into the worldwide market share. According to Cook, their tablet share increased from 62% to 68% year-over-year.

"To put this in perspective, we sold more iPads than any PC manufacturer sold of their entire lineup," said Tim Cook.

And iPads account for 91% of all web traffic from tablets. Pretty astonishing.

Of course, the iPad is nothing without its apps. Cook says that there are over 250,000 apps tailored for the iPad, and the average iPad owner uses 100 apps.

When you factor in iPad sales, Apple says they have sold over 400 million iOS device. Quite the milestone.

Josh Wolford
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