Apple Announcement Doesn’t Include iPhone 5

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Apple Announcement Doesn’t Include iPhone 5
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Apple announcement, much to the dismay of fans all across the globe, doesn’t include the iPhone 5. If you were desperately searching for news regarding OS X and the latest line of MacBooks, then you probably walked away from WWDC 2012 with your head full of jolly ideas and good feelings. However, if you had hopes Apple would touch upon the iPhone 5, your day has probably darkened considerably. Despite all of the announcements that made their way to the stage this morning, the latest incarnation of the company’s phone wasn’t one of them.

Naturally, it didn’t take very long for folks to take their anguish to social networking sites, Twitter in particular. Although there’s still a lot of information to crunch, the absence of the iPhone 5 is troubling for some. While a handful of individuals seemed to think that the phone’s absence from WWDC 2012 was expected, others had their feelings deeply wounded.

Outrage on the micro-blogging site is palpable. When you’re ready to take a look at what disappointed Apple fans are saying about the issue, take a look at some of the posts embedded below. Not even a fancy new MacBook Pro could make these people happy.

Then again, maybe it would.

In addition to the aforementioned announcements, Apple reps also discussed Mountain Lion adding a dictation feature, an update to Apple Aperture, iOS 6 features, and the integration of Siri with cars. In other words, you should have no trouble finding something to get you excited.

For more reactions, head over to #NoiPhone5. I think people are going to be complaining for a while, so stop by often to hear the last whining and complaining. For more information about the plethora of items that were discussed at WWDC 2012, pay a visit to this location.

Apple Announcement Doesn’t Include iPhone 5
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  • Alan

    When will I06 be available?

    • nickie

      this fall unfortunately

  • MEB

    I really really am looking for a mid size (7″) ipad!!!!

  • Phillip Greenberg

    This article is dumb and negative for no reason. Do people really need a million new cell phones every single year, get a life dude.

  • Shelley

    I am just waiting patiently for the new Apple phone no matter what it is because, I have an upgrade and my kids don’t get to use it this time. For once I will have the newest IPHONE in the family. Hurry up APPLE I am waiting….

  • Jackie Stait

    In one way disappointed no iPhone 5 today but in another glad it’s not until the fall as I have better chance of getting it in new year. But I am now gutted my 1st generation iPad will be obsolete when the new iOS 6 comes in.

  • Bob

    Who wrote this are they stupid? The 4s just came out, of course there not gonna release it yet. If they followed that rate we would allready be at the iphone 25

  • abdul

    I keep dreamin for Iphone5 please do it wiz 4 inch screen it will Be amazin phone

  • http://Aol.com Andy

    People are living on unemployment checks and you worry about an IPhone get a life and help your economy recover

    • Jeff Eagle

      wouldnt buying expensive new iphones be helping the economy? think about what you just said, guy.

  • mike

    Not sure why the big panic for! This is a marketing strategie by Apple. They’re doing this to see exactly what you people are doing! The more unrest the more expensive the iPhone 5 will be. I think many people will eventually going to get feedup and move to the Samsung Galaxie or Nokia models! Do you think Apple is going to take that Risk to lose customers? I don’t think so!!! My contract has expired 3 month ago and I’m waiting for the new Iphine! However I’m giving them until the second week of October 2012, otherwise Samsung here I come!! Why be frustrated no need as far as I’m concerned, Apple ball in your court so make your MOVE!

  • DrApple

    All apple fanboy/girls there is still cure for you all ! go seek help !!

  • DrApple

    all apple fan boy/girl/nerds , go seek help!! there is still hope !!

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