Anonymous Threatens To Take Down Entire Internet

    February 15, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Anonymous just keeps on making grander threats, but they have finally made the greatest threat possible – shutting down the entire Internet.

In a pastebin post that we won’t link to for obvious reasons, a member of Anonymous posted a document called “Operation Global Blackout.” You may remember #OpGlobalBlackout from a previous Anonymous video that promised the take down of major Web sites, but this threat is a lot bigger.

Anonymous claims that they are going to take down the 13 root DNS servers that power the entirety of the Internet on March 31. They even list the IP addresses for the 13 servers to let other members join in on the attack.

They say that by cutting off these DNS servers, they will essentially disable the HTTP Internet. Anybody looking up something as simple as http://www.google.com will be met with an error page. They want to remind citizens, however, that they are not trying to kill the Internet, they just want to hit where it hurts most.

They outline the new tool that will be used to accomplish this goal. It’s called the Reflective DNS Amplification Tool. It will attack the root servers with static IP addresses that will allow them to keep on attacking the servers while the Internet is down.

They end the post with these words:

We know you wont’ listen. We know you won’t change. We know it’s because
you don’t want to. We know it’s because you like it how it is. You bullied us into your delusion. We have seen you brutalize harmless old womans who were protesting for peace. We do not forget because we know you will only use that to start again. We know your true face. We know you will never stop. Neither are we. We know.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
You know who you are, Expect us.

It’s hard to really tell if this is a true threat due to the decentralized nature of Anonymous. It could just be a baseless threat. We’ve reached out to one of the few confirmed Anonymous sources for comment, but have yet to hear back. If we do, we will update this story.

  • LOL

    LOL, the threat just happens to be a day before April Fools day. The OP is an idiot. You can’t DDOS through Tor and Anonymous will never try to take down their most powerful tool.

    This is an obvious troll, I can’t believe this idiot fell for it.

  • shitarticle

    What a shit article. As if Anonymous is taken seriously by anyone with a brain. Sounds like a few script kiddies who just learned about the concept of DRDoSing.

  • Dr. Dre

    Just a bunch of kids who have no idea what and why they are doing.
    DDoS is not hacking

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      That may very well be true, but until I hear news otherwise; I will continue to monitor Anonymous’ actions and take them with a grain of salt. Most of these attacks never flesh out to anything more than just a silly threat, but I feel that it’s important to cover Anonymous even if it turns out to be nothing.

  • Catman

    I don’t think this an authentic threat from Anon. I think players out there (think intel agencies, nations, etc) want to scare everyone into thinking Anon is a problem.

    So far, Anon’s activities have inconvenienced a few, embarrassed many who deserve it, and has shown the power of people who band together for the cause of freedom.

    Something doesn’t smell right.