Anonymous Takes Down Texas Police Site, Exposes Racist Emails

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Anonymous, the world's most famous hacktivist coalition, has attacked Texas law enforcement, specifically the higher-ups at the Texas Police Chiefs Association.

Dubbed operation "Texas Takedown Thursday," the group defaced the and exposed the slew of private email communications between members of various state police departments.

Yesterday evening, Anonymous tweeted about their exploits, announcing the website defacement as well as linked to a release on the operation.

A wild deface appears: | A wild release appears: #TTT #AntiSec #FreeAnons 16 hours ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

They give multiple reasons for the attack - first, as a retaliation for arrests of alleged Anonymous suspects all over the world. Second, "Chinga La Migra," as they take issue with Texas law enforcment continuing to "harass immigrants and use border patrol operations as a cover for their backwards racist prejudice." Also:

We are doing this in solidarity with the "Anonymous 16" PayPal LOIC defendants,
accused LulzSec member Jake Davis "Topiary", protesters arrested during #OpBart
actions, Bradley Manning, Stephen Watt, and other hackers and leakers worldwide.

A little later, they announced the pastebin leak of the alleged emails -

"That stupid bitch got what she deserved." | An example of how nice Texas police officers are. #TTT #AntiSec 15 hours ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

Lewd jokes? Check. Racist chain mails? Check. You lost your radio license? Lulz. Playing on the fears of voters? Check. But we already figured that.

Indeed, the massive leak does have some pretty interesting communcations. Take the very first email from the leak, one from Friendswood Chief of Police Robert Wieners:

Subject: Stupid Bitch

That stupid bitch who started that stolen car chase at Yale and 610 got what she deserved (I'll bet she was fat and black too). Same with that pervert that got shot by the county. Fuck that guy, see ya. That all sounds like good police work to me. Those folks got the criminal cure. It's guaranteed, they will never commit a crime again.

To be fair, the dump is huge and contains mostly innocuous communications. But there are some that stand out, like this anti-muslim chain letter or sorts -

Subject: 1,400 years of inbreeding among Muslims
View As Web Page


Subj: 1,400 years of inbreeding among Muslims

Read the article and make up your own mind. JHB

Hi everyone, this very interesting one came in tonight maybe it explains some of why the radical Muslims act so unreasonably brutal. Are the fact true? Don't know but if it is true that they have as a common practice of marrying first cousins, all kinds of problems can erupt. OK, I looked at all my "hoax sites" but couldn't find anything. But, just typing "1,400 years of inbreeding among Muslims" on Google results in a large number of articles discussing this topic. Is Bryan Fischer for real? Yep, See: and other sites about him.
Doc <°)))>< Anyway, here's the article that came in: I admit that I have not studied the Koran or Quroan or whatever it is, nor do I intend to !! I was subjected to enough of of their total nonsense as only a casual observer in their part of the world :( .... I only forward this for your reading pleasure and to add to our understanding of the Muslim world. Sharing my opinion that they need to stay in their own sandbox instead of trying to inflict their insane beliefs and religion upon civilized people. (Shucks, now they will call me an infidel) ..... JD

According to AnonymousIRC, the site was defaced for over 3 hours before it was restored. Apparently, it was defaced again. "Directory Listing Denied". That was about 3 hours and 25 minutes. Congratulations! #AntiSec #TTT 13 hours ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto RE-DEFACED. Didn't you read media? You need to take that mofo down! GOGO, #Lulz #TTT #AntiSec 11 hours ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

It looks like they have taken that last bit of advice, as this is what you see when you visit the site right now -

Back in August, Anonymous began their #FreeTopiary campaign after the alleged hacker was arrested in the Shetland Islands in correlation with hacks against Sony and British authorities.

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