Anna Chlumsky: Baby Before Emmy Nod Keeps Her Grounded

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Anna Chlumsky had two major life events occur within just a week of each other, and she says she's glad they happened in the order they did.

Chlumsky--a former child actress who starred in "My Girl"--just got an Emmy nod for her work on the Julia Louis-Dreyfus vehicle "Veep", and it came just days after she gave birth to her first child, a little girl named Penelope. Chlumsky, who has won several awards for her work but has never been nominated for an Emmy, said she couldn't be happier...or more firmly on the ground.

"I'm so glad that she was born first, because I feel very grounded about it. I'm so terribly grateful and appreciative to be noticed for my work, which I think is what this is all about. Your community noticing what it is you do. Having her, and knowing that I've got to feed her when she wakes up again -- it definitely keeps you on the ground a little bit. My priorities are in check," she said.

The actress was in the nursery feeding her daughter when she got the call about the award nomination.

My husband and I were hanging in the nursery," she said. "My manager let me know, and he was so excited that I reacted more to his excitement. It just came out as uncontrollable laughter."

Chlumsky says now she just has to figure out how to work around breastfeeding to attend the awards show.

Amanda Crum
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