Andrew Breitbart’s Last Big Article About Obama

    March 6, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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Andrew Breitbart is still at it, even days after his untimely death. Mr. Breitbart felt that it was “his duty to exemplify the free and fearless press that our Constitution protects–but which, increasingly, the mainstream media denies us.” He felt it was his job to vet President Barak H. Obama properly since the media in general did not do it in 2008. What was posted on his front page is his last article doing just that. It is an in depth look per Breitbart as to “who Obama really was” before he became the “reasonable and moderate Democratic politician” that the media portrayed him as.

“The Vetting: Part 1″ as the article is called focuses on a play that Obama attended 10 years before he was elected President of the United States. This play titled “The Love Song of Saul Alinsky” is about as Breitbart puts it from his conservative perspective: “It truly is a love song to Alinsky. In the first few minutes of the play, Alinsky plays Moses – yes, the Biblical Moses – talking to God. The play glorifies Alinsky stealing food from restaurants and organizing others to do the same, explaining, “I saw it as a practical use of social ecology: you had members of the intellectual community, the hope of the future, eating regularly for six months, staying alive till they could make their contributions to society.” ”

According to the article, following the play, then State Senator Obama took part in a panel discussion with radical left wingers such as Leon Despres (worked with secret Communist and Soviet spy Lee Pressman), Quentin Young (a member of the Young Communist League), Timuel Black (worked closely with the Socialist Party in the 1950s), Studs Terkel (A sponsor of the Scientific and Cultural Conference for World Peace, which was arranged by a Communist Party USA front organization known as the National Council of the Arts, Sciences, and Professions.), and Roberta Lynch ( A leading member of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and a leader of the radical Marxist New American Movement (NAM).). All people who have very strong ties to radical left wing groups according to Andrew Breitbart.

It was said that Obama impressed the panel immensly to which Breitbart asks, “Are we expected to believe that “Baraka Obama” was a countervailing voice of reason on a panel of radicals?”

There is no word on whether there is a part 2 or if Breitbart even got that far into his investigation.

  • Hallie Roberts

    Breitbart left us way too soon. His work was not finished. We patriots are very sorry that he is gone.

  • Kenai

    Andrew Breitbart will live on. He had a lot of dirt on obama and said he was going to reveal it and then suddenly he was dead. But this administration was foolish to think they could stop the truth from coming out just by killing him. In the next few months the truth about obama will slowly start to trickle out despite Andrew’s untimely death.

    Thank you Andrew and R.I.P.

  • Francisco Garcia

    Yes, something wrong about him dying just before he wrote his part two of the article. Respect that man, may his soul rest in peace.

  • flippy domez

    I’m happy to say I never heard of this great and famous man until his death was announced. Why hasn’t someone been arrested for his murder? what are they waiting for? I mean it is obvious that Michelle or one of the kids did this guy in, right?

    This is a serious threat t o the American way of life, this constant tearing down of our leaders and government. Does more harm than any muslim activity ever will. All because they don’t like the system of democracy that got President Obama elected. Losers, all – and they try to make us all losers with their spreading of hatred and suspicion.

    • bill.1942

      flippy, flippy, flippy! Poor thing, you’re an IDIOT.

      • barry

        no, you are the IDIOT

        conspiracy theories are for the ignorant ….

        what about asking the real question here ….

        what did Andrew Breitbart died of ????

        the answer may surprise not only u but his wife and children too

        not a nice person

        sorry he is dead, but nice he WAS NOT

        he twisted the truth to achieve his ultimate ugly goals

        and he is doing it again, only this time

        beyond the grave !

    • Kenai

      Welcome to the new democrat party where if you see obama doing injustice or speak out against him you get whacked!
      Hope your proud of that flippy. You never heard of Breitbart because you never cared enough about your country to find out the truth which is a big problem for this country. Do some research on how Hitler and the nazi’s took over Germany. It happened because of ignorant sheeple like you!

    • http://Yahoo! Miles William Brewer

      To Flippy Domez.
      I hope you are just kidding when,you say it is obvious that Michelle Obama or her kids murder Andrew Breitbart.Shame on you
      for that statement.Where your proof on that statement.? And you
      say Andrew Breitbart is great and famous man,really?All Andrew
      Breitbart is doing in this article is vetting lies.And vetting lies is something we should not be listening too.

      • Idina

        Thank you, Miles, for your comment. For all the haters out there that A D O R E D Mr. Brietbart, just shows what this country has come to.

        The hate and vitriol have run rampant and it soon will stop with the outing of Rush Limbaugh. How RL ever was able to spew his hatred for ALL people in all walks of life is unbelievable.

        Perhaps, now, we will see the end of Rush Limbaugh and his ilk.

        A loving heart prevails in the end.

        • Kenai

          Well your heart is certainly not loving, is it Idina?

        • http://Yahoo! Miles William Brewer

          Thank you for agreeing with me about my comment on Andrew Brietbart.I also agree with you about Rush
          Limbaugh.He must stop his spewing and go.

        • karmon7

          Dream on Klingon.

  • http://aol TjKennedy

    Unfornunately,he dug up to many things,to me he was just another right-wing extremist,Dead at 43 he was probably knocked off by someone

    • Kenai

      Well if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…it’s a duck you imbecile! He was whacked by your dear leader!

      • TheChallenge

        So, where are your facts? Please post them here for all to read.

        The hate party is so filled with hate in their hearts they cannot think straight anymore.

        • Kenai

          The facts have been there since this moron was first elected Challenge but you have to want to see them first. Now go back to whatever you were doing and have another glass of kool-aid!

    • Gloria

      Is there no one except right wing liberals on this site? I don’t understand why you people are so mad? We’ve always had a Democrat or Republican as a President. I don’t recall that there was this much hate when a Republican was in office.

      You people are so ignorant about what is going on in our Country. Andrew found videos of Barack at Harvard hanging out with radicals, some of which were Communists. How can films lie? As a matter of fact, Hannity had one on Obama on his show last night and from what I hear, there’s more coming next week. BE ALERT! Rather than spitting out your vitriol toward Andrew, you should be thankful that he did what he did. Barack Obama never should have been elected president. He was never vetted properly by the media or Congress. He won’t release his college records or give us his REAL birth certificate. When someone does those things, I say, There’s something wrong in Denmark. Meaning something deceitful is going on here. It would behoove you to look into this man’s past and find out for yourselves just who he really is. There’s all kinds of things on the Internet about our president and some of them are not very pretty. In the meantime, just leave Andrew alone. He was doing the best he could for our country in revealing these films. We cannot have another four years of Obama. If he gets re-elected, this country we are done. We will never be able to be the country we once were. I love this country and I don’t want to see it taken down by Socialists. So, please stop with the hateful/vitriolic messages you are putting on this website. He was a far better person than any of you will ever be. He was full of love. You’re just full of hate. GET OVER IT!

  • http://yahoo Ref

    So Andrew, ya gonna wash Osama’s feet and get 22 virgins for your supposed marter efforts?

  • D. Alan Curry

    “Stealing” food ? I worked on a garbage truck and I saw for myself that people throw away whole loaves of bread and cans of soup that were not even opened. Imagine what restaurants must waste. If Alinsky organized this kind of “stealing,” so much the better for Alinsky.

    • Kenai

      Well Alan that’s not all Alinsky organized unfortunately.

  • Bill

    If this guy fought so hard for freedom of the press and article 1 then why didn’t he attack Conservative news sources when such as the NY Post, Fox News, Talk Radio etc. when they fabricated lies and tossed softball questions?
    People are correct about one thing, winning the presidential contest is a popularity contest and that goes both ways. G Bush won because people “liked” him more. Where was the main stream vetting of candidate Bush? I don’t remember gory details of his cocaine/alcohol abuse nor long stories about his failed business ventures.
    Conspiracy theories are generally wrong, and it is wrong to say a man who tossed them about stirring resentment was some kind of “hero”.

    • Kenai

      Dearest Bill, the main stream media vetted Bush over and over again, unlike obama! Where the hell have you been???

      • BlueCollar

        A lot of stories were kept secret/ hush hush about the Bush family in general. Am sorry G. W. Bush was NOT fully vetted.

      • La La

        What! Where were you in 2008? Obama was vetted over and over again and then some. One can believe all the lies coming from Rush Limbaugh and Faux News and that will make one very smart! HA. NOT.

        Obama/Biden/Pelosi… Nov 2012!

        • Kenai

          So LaLa, this is your name LaLa?
          Very fitting.

    • Kenai

      And I really think you’ve had too much kool-aid Bill. You are delusional!

  • Bill

    Even this “last article” is garbage. Is this guy really stating that ones “true” political views are born while in college? Again…I wonder what former president Bush’s were while he was running around New Haven hammered.

    • Kenai

      Yes, it’s still all Bush’s fault. You make me sick!

      • La La

        It is definately Bush’s fault.

  • Roger

    Obama can’t get a break. Now he’s getting attacked by a dead guy.

    • Kenai

      Poor poor obama! Boo-wooo!

      • Gloria

        Go get him Andrew! This should have been done four years ago.

  • Kenai

    So who made you judge and jury Otto? You know nothing about Andrew at all! He was one of the great whistle blowers for what’s wrong in our country. What have you ever done for your country?

    • http://www.carmellestreasures.com Carmelle

      What’s wrong in this country is too much hate, intolerance, evilness, racism, ignorance, jealousy, not wanting minorities to be progressive and move up the ladder to success, as whites are doing. These people know exactly who they are and what they are doing to cause continued divisiveness. Too much of this in your life will cause certain death…let this man’s demise be a lesson.

  • mjlarsen

    I don’t understand why people think this article is garbage. These people do exsist it is easy to check. All of this is confrimed by the
    people themselves through their books, articles speechs ect. The media did not do there job digging into obama’s backround, but we the voters also did not do our job and find out about this man ourselves. We did not ask hard questions, we did not question his lack of experience weather it be in the private sector or goverment. He only served 100 and some days in the senate before he ran for president. He as an empty suit that people can put all their hopes, dreams and ideas in and we he got in office and did not realize how to run a country and how to pick smart people to help him do that we get this a nightmare. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin, However some of those on the radical left do play from that playbook where if you don’t agree with a certain person ideas, you must be a racist!! God help this country.

    • Kenai

      You are exactly right mjlarsen! And look where our country is going now. Your right, God help this country!

    • Kenai

      And the really sad thing is that most of the lefty’s don’t even want to know the truth even when it’s so blatantly in their face! Amazing!!!

  • Claudia Salvato

    Boy i tell you what!!!!You call God in on this one? You call yourself a ” Christian”? Hypocrite you are nothing else! This Man had the Courage to speak out, then was probably murdered and you wanna bring in your condemning statement? Shame on you ….you will be the first one who will be overrun by a Dictatorship as you are too dumb and ignorant to read about what is really going on in our Country….get a Life and stop pretending to be a Christian! You make me sick and so do all your Buddies in the Churches….No wonder people don;t want to go to Church it is full of People like you!

    • Kenai

      Well said Claudia! Fortunately for me, I still belong to a church that still reads from the Bible and we are not afraid to discuss and compare what obama is doing and how it is tied in with the last days.
      Kudos to you!

  • Shlomo

    Bill, I have to call you on that. No president has ever faced the accusations and attacks that W did. None. Conspiracies about not really getting Saddam, rigging oil prices, roughing up Florida vote counters, the false documents that Dan Rather spread, “documentaries” about how he “let” the Saudi family fly out of DC on 9-11, conspiracy of an inside jobs on the 9-11 (sometimes in concert with Israel), and on and on. Either you are very ignorant or flat lying…and I RARELY roll out that accusation.

    • Kenai

      Right again Shlomo. Hey, how bout those black panthers in 2008 stopping voters at the polls if they didn’t vote for obama? How’s that for “hope and change”? Welcome to the new communist party of America!

      • Linda S. Carbonell

        The “New Black Panthers” were thoroughly investigated BY THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION and the investigation dropped because there was no voter intimidation. Watch the video. The building they were standing in front of, posing like the KIA Soul hamsters, did not have a single sign identifying it as a polling place and the only people who went in were unmolested and looking at the guys like they were from Mars. The whole story is fabricated and even Juan Williams had said that.

        • Kenai

          I don’t think your seeing the same video as the rest of the world Linda. It most certainly did happen!

  • Shlomo

    Bill, did you forget the last minute “DUI” story on W right before the 2000 election run by CNN.

  • Shlomo

    See, Bill, now I am all revved up. Let’s not forget the shameless “coverage” of his daughters. One was caught drinking in college and there was national news coverage. I drank in college and no one really cared. How about you?
    Then there were the Palin daughters who were treated like street tramps because their mother was running for VP. When my sister got pregnant as a teenager, Bill Maher, David Letterman, etc. didn’t start having our family as the nightly prime target.

    • Linda S. Carbonell

      Your mother didn’t try to force abstinence only sex education down the throats of an entire state, did she?

      • Shlomo

        Actually, my mother passed away when I was young. Thanks for that, Linda. You are a great person.

        But, your are right. Let’s all joke about A Rod raping their 14 year old daughter. Its okay in that case, Linda.

      • Shlomo

        Another thought Linda. Was Sarah Palin advocating abstinence worthy of hate? Its not like she was trying to spread explosive diarrhea to the masses.

        I’ve tried so hard for a long time to not pigeon hole anyone, but you are a typical liberal. You are blinded by hate while preaching how everyone else hates.

      • Shlomo

        Come on, Linda. I am still waiting for you to be a liberal and tell me how my mother died prematurely because of karma.

  • Phil

    Did anyone notice that Steve Bridges, the man that parodied Obama on TV also just died of “natural causes” at 48. Interesting, how people die of natural causes so young!

    • Linda S. Carbonell

      Bad genes, bad lifestyle, congenital defect….

    • Kenai

      Yes Phil, it seems like a strange phenomenon that is going out only to people who are questioning obama…
      I fear this phenomenon will only get worse.

    • BMW

      No, Phil. It was the guy that parodied BUSH that died at 48. Hope this was just an error on your part and not an attempt to intentionally misinform. Now,is it still interesting…..?

  • Dem.#1


    • Parrish

      Yes! Agreed. The hateful conservative party will go down in history as the worst party ever.

  • Phil

    I guess Rush Limbaugh better watch his back!

    • Gloria

      No. Disagree. This Even worse than Jimmy Carter. And, you want to know something. The Decocrats are hateful as well. Didn’t you see Maxine Water’s rant against the Republicans. She had the nerve to say they were demons. But what about her saying that? I can turn this one around and say that she’s the demon. Or when she was ranting about the Tea Part, which I like by the way. She said they could all go to hell. Lovely speech for a Senator. I would say hateful. So, don’t try to make this a one way street because it isn’t!

  • Dem.#1


  • Dem.#1


  • geo

    The republican party is washed in America, 405,000 people voted out of 9.9 MILLION for your frontrunner, this country has lost all faith, a wiseman once said your presidency and party is represented how good they really are after they leave office, and we can see this party is almost dead, you have a real chance in Paul and you peed on him,I hope they get rid of this party! Its clear most Americans agree, and you will see it again in nov.

  • Dem.#1

    Ron Paul-dirtroads

  • Linda S. Carbonell

    So, according to Breitbart’s reasoning, anyone who ever saw “Damn Yankees” must have run right out to enter into a deal with the Devil to pitch in the major leagues? Why is it that no one ever digs up some meeting or conversation that President Obama had with a conservative? Are we supposed to believe that not once in his entire life did he ever meet a Republican? The sick part of all this so-called vetting of the President is the way the only thing he has been found guilty of is meeting a whole lot of people in the course of his life.
    As for the allegation of murder, even Breitbart’s family says that’s nuts. He was under treatment for a congenital heart defect and obviously not following doctor’s orders about drinking and drunken rages.

  • justonemom

    Shut up, you don’t speak for God or even know who He is!

  • RubyGentry

    The Obama conspiracy lives on with the followers of A. Brietbart.
    What a bunch of b a l o n e y !

  • Moses

    Otto youu need to get into rehab and soon.
    Very Soon !

  • Moses

    Sorry Otto sent replay to wrong guy.

  • Janet

    Oh please, if Breitbart had a big story it would have gone viral by now. It is amazing to me that he thought the media was liberal leaning when they are all owned by big corporations. Give me a break. I guess the GOP candidates need to blame someone else for their own egotistical stupidity.

    • Kenai

      The dirt Breitbart has on obummer will come out slowly in small dribbles, saving the smelliest dirt for last about 1 week before the general elections idiot.

  • George

    The fact that Obama had a civil discussion with leftist radicals, and was willing to give them a chance to explain their ideas, is to Obama’s credit. Sarah Palin and her husband for a while were mixed up with a group that advocates Alaskan secession–but most people don’t hold it against her, and are right not to. Politicians with angry constituents have to talk to those constituents!

    • Shlomo

      Yes, actually, they did hold it against her. It was a headline story on CNN and MSNBC for a week.

  • jomace

    This article doesn’t seem to move the ball very much. Attending a play and discussing it afterwards is fairly routine in cities large enough to stage dramas. Perhaps Breitbart just disliked this sort of exercise. Regardless, if this is Andrew’s last act it is an uncharacteristically muted one.

    • Kenai

      Oh no jomace, this just the beginning.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/author/richard-stalker Richard Stalker

    I wrote this article to bring attention to what Breitbart is doing. It is true, Obama was never truly vetted the way the current GOP candidates are, or how W was. When he ran for office, the media was so busy further vetting Hilary that they did not do their due diligence in finding out about this mans past.

    Do you really think that if it had been found out that W served on the board of directors of an organization with John Trochmann that gave money to an organization that promoted the downfall of America that people would be pushing it aside?

    There is too much hypocrisy in America today. Too much one sided journalism by both sides that it makes me sick. Fox News dominates the news landscape today because of the failures of the “mainstream media” to REPORT. Not report what furthers your personal agenda, but to report the news. Unbiased, facts first. Why do you think the editorial section in a newspaper exists?

  • Dem.#1

    god–richmans weapon

  • catinca

    Really, what is wrong with you people? Obama wouldn’t waste his time in this parasite. He was in bad health just look at his pictures. All the hate inside killed him.

  • John Halgran

    God bless you, Mr. Breitbart. You were a true hero who was unafraid to take on the Obama goon squad. A true American patriot.

  • http://OurVanishingAmerica.wordpress.com Thom Gorman

    Andrew’s death is indeed troubling, under any Democratic administration.
    LBJ took out Jack Kennedy over the welfare sysetm, Robert Kennedy in self-preservation and MLK, Jr. over his Vietnam crticism.
    The Democrats ties to organized crime and foreign socialist governments doesn’t help.

  • Ron

    Breithart specialized in smear jobs. Not sure if misspelling Obama’s first name twice was just because of carelessness on Stalker’s part or some sort of attempt at disrespect. In either case, not very impressive.

  • Deborah

    Millions will carry on the work that Breitbart started, that is to take down the Democrat media machine.
    Andrew Breitbart helped me to understand that I am not a rascist because I believe in the Constitution and family values.

  • Grant Devereaux

    It really was divine providence that Andrew Breitbart’s lying ass was taken so soon. He was a vile man.

  • Brian

    This is one asshole that I am glad to see gone!

  • Brian

    Breitbart is a big fat liar. He is delusional just like his pal Rush.

  • Brian

    Breibart is lucky hell is just a myth cause if it weren’t ,his ass would be on fire right now.

  • Brian

    When I’m in town near your tombstone, I’ll stop by to piss on it.

  • http://www.carmellestreasures.com Carmelle

    His death was not untimely…it was right on time…we all have a time…

  • Deborah

    The exposure on Hannity, most importantly the comment by Ogletree, that they purposefully withheld the video is the most telling for me.
    I feel that Breitbart’s mission was not so much to take down Baracka, but to expose the subterfuge of the Democrat Media Machine.
    Those of us who found out about Obama’s radical pro-abortion stance, hiding his records the first day he took office, etc., was not on LSM but on the internet.
    What really turned the tables for me was when I found out (on the internet) that Obama supported the Akaka bill (I was living in Hawaii at the time). A bill that was rascist and would have created apartheid in Hawaii. It would have pitted race against race, families against each other and destroyed an already fragile Hawaiian economy.
    Pretty much was Obama is all about.
    I am Andrew Breitbart. WAR

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