Anderson Cooper Is Kelly Ripa’s Top Choice

    August 21, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Anderson Cooper is Kelly Ripa’s number one pick for the new “Live!” co-host, so of course rumors are now flying that he’ll be joining her in September when the new season begins. And while producers have announced that they’ll reveal Ripa’s newest partner in crime on the 4th, some are already predicting the silver fox will take the honors.

Cooper has a lot on his plate, however, as he’s dealing with rampant rumors that his longtime boyfriend, Ben Maisani, was busted kissing another man recently. Cooper has hinted that he wants to marry Maisani over Labor Day weekend, but hasn’t spoken publicly about the cheating scandal.

He also sat down for an interview with biggest and most beautiful star in the world Beyonce, who spoke about World Humanitarian Day and doing something that impacts the lives of others.

Cooper seems pretty busy with AC360–his CNN talk show–so it’s highly unlikely he’ll be pulling co-host duties with Ripa. They’re just BFFs, as is evidenced by the photo he tweeted of the two of them on vacation.


  • Mark Phillips

    Pretty sure it’s going to be Seth Meyers. Anderson is just too busy and it might be a conflict of interest with his own daily talk show and AC360. Josh Groban’s career relies on touring. Michael Strahan and Joel McHale are great replacement hosts, but won’t be in the picture. Meyers has all the criteria…NYC based with another successful gig, quick on his feet humor, great interviewing skills, and a chemistry with Kelly only surpassed by Cooper.

    • Matty M

      Ever heard of the NY Giants, I am pretty sure Strahan is more connected than Meyers. Sorry, winning rings and being beloved by a city is hard to beat.

  • BILL

    Don’t get too close Kelly, Anderson’s boyfriend might slap you…

    • Mona

      Why don’t we just all slap the fag

    • Mona

      are you waiting to jump out of the closet. Why don’t you all jump back in where you belong.

      • Will


  • Yvonne

    If he does join, the show will probably be watchable. And I can tune in again.

  • Mona


    • MEB

      Shame on you, Mona. Unfortunately, YOU are the idiot! Get yourself and your slobbering dogs back into that trailer!

    • CB

      Better than a C*NT like you, Mona. Look we can all call each other names.

    • http://WebProNews Linda

      Yeah Mona, & use your spellcheck.

    • davidjohng

      @Mona, You’re the idiot(and a bigot) and I mean that.( Go back to 1st grade and learn how to spell).

  • katie

    Please don’t do it, Anderson.

  • J Williams

    Anderson’s own daytime show is taking a different time, I think now it is going to be noon, so that does make him available for 9 a.m. I would watch more if it is Michael Strahan.

  • J Williams

    Wait I just thought of something else, I don’t think Anderson has co-hosted with her since Regis left, so maybe it is not him…..

  • Mel

    I occasionally watch Live and have felt all along that the selection of a right co-host was critical toward the show’s future success. There have been some recent co-host that I felt would work. Anderson Cooper was not one. Michael Strahan is good, but I’m not sure he would be totally accepted. Seth Meyers is also good. Kelly’s husband is a complete no-no.

  • http://N/A Ann

    Anderson, I love your daily talk show and 360 but please don’t join Kelly. Her show is becoming ‘Old Hat’.

  • Tbear62

    He was busy getting his new show up and running and I would guess since both shows are in syndication- they couldnt risk over lapping and actually competing with one another if they were slotted in the same market at the same time frame. I dont think it will be Anderson unless they have cancelled his daytime talk show. I dont think he would give up CNN either but if they axed his daytime show- he might make the transition to the chair with her. Im guessing if its not him- im thinking Nick Lachay or Chris ODonnell might be her choice. Someone roughly the same age frame- someone she can be the Sr part of the partnership ( highest paid of the two ) and someone who is a joiner. I personally am old school so Id like Martin SHort or Billy Crystal but thats cuz im getting old.

  • KJ

    Anderson is so cool, so well-informed. Seth my second choice.

    • deanna henley


  • lilly


  • julie

    I hope she gets someone soon, I’ve quit watching the show, with her in Regis’s seat – it’s too much Kelly

  • DNA

    get rid of Kelly and give the show to Anderson. Sorry I do not like Kelly Ropa!

    She is like a high school cheerleader that never stops talking!

  • http://Yahoo judie

    Nick L would be my pick but I think Neil Patrick harris gave it away with a slip of the tongue and he suddenly bought an apartment in NY,has dinner all the time with Kelly and her family

  • edward

    Who cares who the new cohost is. I quit watching when Regis left. Kelly Rippa is obnoxious and has a mouth that doesn’t stop. She put Regis down and made so much fun of him that I thought she should have been canned. Of course, I blame Gelman for not taking a stand and changing the show so keep it close to the Regis format. Kelly always has to be the big showoff, and that has made the show a bust.

    • Arlene Sediqzad

      ON SPOT a real _itch.

    • Yva

      BRAVO for your comment…..exactly my feeling.
      I can’t stand Ripa, Poor Regis, he had a lot to endure !
      I don’t watch the show anymore & won’t the new one….

    • http://WebProNews Linda

      @ Edward, couldn’t disagree with you more. I was pleased to see how well Kelly was able to carry the show on her own. And I thought she was always great with Regis…carried him if he forgot a name or something like that & thought she was very sweet with him.

  • Deanna Roberts

    Michael Strahan would be the BEST well-versed, easy going, relaxing fit for Kelly. He keeps the conversation rolling and is a great sport (no pon intended). Hopefully, they go with Michael.

  • Gay Jokl

    I think Kelly is great and anyone who joins her will make a great fit for the program. Both Anderson and Michael are good personalities to join the program.

    Good Luck to who ever it is, great program!

  • Audrey James


  • Marc Anthony Real

    My first choice would be Andy Cohen but I think he’s way too busy. Now I would love it to be the very funny Joel McHale, but he’s already in two shows. So, I don’t know…I still love Kelly though and watch her all the time.

  • Arlene Sediqzad


  • Richard

    hated the show when she was with Regis – Anderson could have done better – but $$$$ talk I guess

  • http://camino oldgal

    Anderson is great on news programs. He is too up tight for Kelly’s type of show. Good luck to him. Hope he can get out of the contract if he doesn’t make it,

  • Joan

    I think Anderson Cooper would be GREAT. Before I read this, I was telling my husband that it would be great if Anderson was Kelly’s co-host.

  • Edward

    A lot of people didn’t like Kathy Lee, but I loved her. Beautiful and classy and her relationship with Regis was much sweeter. She talked, but she was a great listener. Very self-aware and self-derpricating. Unlike Kelly, who needs to be the center of attention at all times that she will blabber about anything: dirt, styrofoam, tree bark, etc., as long as she’s doing the talking.

  • connie

    I love Anderson but I dont think he will be Kellys Cohost.He has his own show, I hope who ever is picked will do well. There are a few I did like as well as some I didnt.We will see on Sept 4

  • connie

    I love Anderson but I dont think he will be Kellys Cohost.He has his own show, I hope who ever is picked will do well. There are a few I did like as well as some I didnt.We will see on Sept 4

  • connie

    I love Anderson but I dont think he will be Kellys Cohost.He has his own show, I hope who ever is picked will do well. There are a few I did like as well as some I didnt.We will see on Sept 4

  • Heyhey

    Kelly gets paid to TALK and she does a good job at it. She will always have the jelous one’s knocking her for whatever reason because she is beautiful, blond and petite. The haters need to back off. Kelly and Anderson are a great pair!

    • NYGramma

      But she clearly should not go out the door without makeup. Good Lord!

  • nita colclasure

    Why would a respected journalist like Anderson even want to be a show with this bimbo????? Talk about career suicide! With Regis out the lights should go out to on the show. Goodbye Kell, it’s been not swell. Anderson keep your day job and don’t go to comedy.

  • W.Langner

    If you took away every time she says OH MY GOD or OH MY GOODNESS then there would be no talk show..I gave her a chance after Regis Left but dont watch anymore..Her whole Hawaii show was Im in Hawaii and YOU re not>

  • Walter Stoneham

    I think the kel ly ripa cohost sezlection is a no brainer, it should of course be Michael Strahan.

    • Dixie

      I agree with you Walter. I think Michael Strahan should be the co-host. I actually tape everyday in case someone is one I want to see. I skip through the rest unless Michael is on. He is very funny. Kelly actually gets on my nerves.

  • http://N/A Ann

    Happy to hear Anderson is not going with Kelly. That show is ‘old hat’ they should think about replacing Kelly.

    • Beau

      Hi Ann: are you there? Read the story again dear, and then let us know what you think…again.

  • Mary Richardson

    Anderson Cooper has always been my choice to replace Regis. He suits well with older folk who I might say are the age bracket that get to watch the show plus he is smart. To put an unknown person in that seat may mean that the show will loose viewers. Maybe Anderson could be persuaded to give up his CNN talk show to come to this show. I am not alone in wanting Anderson Cooper as Kelli’s co-host.

  • Martha

    I suppose Anderson would be my second choice after her hunky hubby. Only I got so bored with her mundane program after Regis left I stopped watching. It’s sad because I never missed an airing before.

  • Gina

    I used to watch Regis and Kathy Lee while raising a baby. After working and then a lay off I tried to watch Kelly and Regis then Kelly and ??? Regis made the show. He’s got class, charm, whit, talent,and brains. Kelly is a cute blonde who is marginally talented and mediocre in the humor and intellect department. Not exactly an endangered species in Hollywood. She thinks she funny, talks insensibly, makes the interview about her and rudely interrupts co-hosts and guests. Anderson is finally out of the closet even though he accidentally gave away his secret by introducing the phrase tea bagging to a naive audience.

  • Redbird

    I like Kelly Ripa but the only way I would watch the show is if Anderson Cooper is the co-host. I love his persona.

  • Mike

    If they hire that fag I’ll never watch the show again

    • Skee

      And this should concern us, why? Do you suppose anyone actually cares whether you watch or not?

    • Beau

      WOW, someone has issues. They say those who protest the loudest are often doing so to hide their own insecurities. Come on out, even if your ugly. And I hear the Integration Committee has authorized IPADS for new recruits!
      No one cares so just go to the hills and screw your cousin for all we care!

  • Diane Howe

    It was the reason I tuned in on Sept.11 to see the Regis and Kelly show. There has to be someone who can do a an interview, seriously. Dave Letterman can bridge the spectrum. It can be done.

  • June Sawyer

    Gelman needs to have Kelly’s mike off during interviews. She definately isn’t a Barbara Walters and she cannot keep her eyes off the monitors – checking herself out. I think Cooper or Strahan would be the best co-host choice. Wake up Gelman and smell the coffee. I’m sure viewer ratings are sliding and you are very close to losing others viewers (including me) if this co-host chair isn’t filled soon. Congrats to Regis on winning the Emmy. He deserves it – not Kelly.

  • http://yahoo susan nielson

    Michael Strahan has already been chosen as Kellys’ co-host. Anderson Cooper is out and was a lousy choice to begin with. And besides Kelly doesn’t need a co-host she does just fine as she is now. I was as I can, but with Anderson Cooperwould never watch again.

  • http://KellyRipa Hazel

    I will not be watching anymore if Michael gets the job. Anderson would be my first choice but he is awful busy…

  • http://KellyRipa Hazel

    Will not watch the show if Michael gets the job. He is so big he makes her look like a midget, just not a god fit in any way. Anderson would be my choice,they look good together and have great chemistry.

  • Janet

    I have been a viewer of the show with Regis and Kathy and stayed a short time with Regis and Kelly. I could watch it again with Anderson, but not Kelly.